Worldwide Social Work Practice: Reflective Practice for Justice and Peace

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. . FacultyLoyola: Professor Katherine TysonVMU: Professor Violeta Ivanauskiene. . . Bunch Presentation Assignment. Envision: You are a group of worldwide social specialists counseling with the United NationsChoose a social issue anyplace on the planet and: portray the nature and degree of the issue andwhat social laborers could do, on the off chance that they had the subsidizing from the UN, to cure itWhen all the presenta

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Worldwide Social Work Practice: Reflective Practice for Justice and Peace Collaborative Course: Loyola University of Chicago School of Social Work and Vytautas Magnus University School of Social Work Spring, 2009

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Faculty Loyola: Professor Katherine Tyson VMU: Professor Violeta Ivanauskiene

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Group Presentation Assignment Imagine: You are a group of worldwide social laborers counseling with the United Nations Choose a social issue anyplace on the planet and: depict the nature and degree of the issue and what social specialists could do, on the off chance that they had the subsidizing from the UN, to cure it When every one of the introductions are finished we will reexamine our meanings of Global Social Work Practice and check whether we have to reconsider it

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The Singing Revolutions In Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, 1989-1990 The Baltic Way

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Vytautas the Great (politeness of Wikipedia)

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Trakkai Castle Lithuania

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Church of Vytautas the Great, Kaunas, Lithuania

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Resurrection Church Kaunas, Lithuania

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TV Tower Vilnius, LT

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About Vytautas Magnus University " The beginnings of advanced education in Lithuania backpedal to the sixteenth century when, in 1579, the school established by Jesuits in Vilnius turned into a higher institute of instruction, the University of Vilnius. In 1832, Czar Nicholas I shut the college. After the autonomy of Lithuania was announced, in 1918, the State Council chose to re-set up the University of Vilnius. Since Vilnius was involved and the Lithuanian government exchanged to Kaunas, this choice was not put into impact. In 1920, Higher Courses of Study were started in Kaunas, establishing the framework for the foundation of a college. In February 1922, the Lithuanian Government of Ministers chose to set up the University of Lithuania in Kaunas. The formal opening of the college occurred on February 16, 1922. On June 7, 1930, the college was named Vytautas Magnus University. It was shut amid the Soviet occupation. The demonstration of re-building up Vytautas Magnus University was announced on April 28, 1989. "

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Woodcarver at Baltica 2005 Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Professors Ivanauskiene and Liobikiene Marijampole, LT

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Professors Ivanauskiene and Tyson Marijampole, LT 2005

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Globalization and Social Work What is globalization? (Bunny, p. 408) Economic Ecological Social Role of worldwide social laborer: Promote social improvement by means of Direct administrations (miniaturized scale and meso level) Participating in universal strategy making or arranging associations Knowledge base Socially-built: what is that? Hypothesis Evidence-based Indigenous (Hare p. 415)

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Human rights introduction of this course: Social administrations that concentrate on: Facilitating recuperating of social and familial injury Advancing social equity inside and between nations Fostering multifaceted and transnational comprehension and participation Advancing self-assurance, peace and opportunity

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What are social work parts in your nation? How are they comparative and not quite the same as worldwide social work hone? Advocate Program designer and administrator Practitioner with people, families, bunches School social laborer/social teacher Researcher Social strategy arranging Consultant and manager Educator More?

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Characteristics of worldwide social work (Ahmadi) Consolidation of majority rules system Remedying neediness Global solidarity, strife anticipation, peace-continuing Transcending country states (20) Creation of arrangements in view of local needs past national outskirts (21) Involving new social performing artists to edge basic arrangements

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Questions about Global Social Work (Gray and Fook) Definition p. 628, 630-631 Four open deliberations (p. 627) Efforts towards indigenisation of sw in view of articulating social practices, p. 634-5 How recognize nearby from worldwide at this point? 635 Universalizing suggestions 637-638 SW is instrument of government? SW is talk about it, or practice? Who overwhelms talk and why? Estimation of general gauges for social work (p. 629) however how to screen? Last suggestions p. 639

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International Federation of Social Workers " The International Federation of Social Workers perceives that social work begins differently from helpful, religious and majority rule goals and theories; and that it has all inclusive application to address human issues emerging from individual societal collaborations, and to create human potential.Professional social specialists are devoted to benefit for the welfare and self-satisfaction of individuals; to the advancement and trained utilization of logical learning with respect to human conduct and society; to the improvement of assets to meet individual, gathering, national and worldwide needs and yearnings; to the upgrade and change of the personal satisfaction of individuals; and to the accomplishment of social equity. "

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What is your conclusion of this meaning of Global Social Work? The social work calling advances social change, critical thinking in human connections and the strengthening and freedom of individuals to improve prosperity. Using speculations of human conduct and social frameworks, social work mediates at the focuses where individuals cooperate with their surroundings. Standards of human rights and social equity are central to social work. By: International Federation of Social Workers, 2000

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Tackling Global Poverty (Seipel) Define neediness: 1) Income, 2) Human Poverty Index Important realities: Decline in destitution rate; yet hole amongst rich and poor nations is developing (p. 198) 1.3 billion out surprisingly in creating nations live underneath the worldwide neediness rate of $1 every day Great salary differences inside areas and between districts Growth of outer obligation among creating nations "Duty to instruction is not unmistakable in many parts of the world" (198) and in a few locales has really diminished since the 1980s

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Poverty decrease (Seipel) A successful hostile to destitution approach must have numerous establishments and be practical (199) Economic development with value (200) Support small scale undertaking Create occupations through expense strategies and enactment, w/preparing, reserve funds, wellbeing administrations International collaboration Support reasonable exchange Reduce unmanageable outside obligations Improve remote guide Social speculation Inhibit political debasement Develop human capital, wellbeing & value Educate all individuals Facilitate solidarity among needy individuals to propel their political use

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Amartya Sen Development as Freedom(1999) Five particular sorts of flexibility, all of which concentrate on human decision: "1) political opportunities, 2) financial offices, 3) social open doors, 4) straightforwardness certifications, and 5) defensive security" (1999, p. 10). Definitions: Transparency ensures: the requirement for openness that individuals can expect: the opportunity to manage each other under certifications of revelation and clarity. At the point when that trust is genuinely damaged, the lives of many individuals – both direct gatherings and outsiders – might be unfavorably influenced by the absence of openness… These assurances have a reasonable instrumental part in forestalling debasement, money related flippancy and underhand dealings" (1999, p. 40). "Defensive security" nationals' requirement for social, monetary, and medicinal wellbeing nets, which are required in numerous nations and also in numerous groups in the United States. Unfreedom incorporates the acknowledgment that dangers to human sustenance are physically unsafe and mentally shackling.

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Amartya Sen: Possibility of social decision Task: create utilizing efficient examination, extensively material and sensible sayings about critical parts of social decision Questions in creating social decision hypothesis p. 188. Illustration: how to characterize destitution? 194 how is neediness shared and conveyed? What is near hardship? 197 Distinguish adjustment and capacity to discover satisfaction in life from genuine social decision

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Freedom and Self-Determination Respecting the customer's entitlement to self-assurance is a longstanding estimation of social work One's picked qualities, insight, and expectations have huge administrative effect on subjective experience and even on parts of cerebrum capacity Self-assurance is a limit in every individual, henceforth a standard with which to assess a customer's formative advance; it incorporates: Multicultural meanings of selfhood (Ewalt) Freedom as to parts of life that one's decisions can coordinate (Sen 1999) Inner opportunity from drivenness by aims procured to adapt to damaging encounters - Reflective consciousness of claim aims and objectives and ability to openly pick between them

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Self-Determination Is the inheritance of each individual Is showed in: An ability to perceive truth in self as well as other people (honesty in Stephen Carter's[1996] utilization of the term) A steady view of and activity to propel equity (reasonable, impartial treatment of all) The capacity to contemplate oneself and one's reality (a free personality) The capacity to advocate for reasonable treatment of oneself Competence in one's picked work An ability to encounter the delights of closeness (sentimental and caregiving closeness)

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Practice Implications of Cultural Variations in Self-Determination How mandate ought to social laborer be (Gray & Fook, p. 636-637)? How individualized is the idea of 'self'? What amount of flexibility of decision does the individual trust s/he has in that society? What amount does s/he really have?

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Discussion Questions a) How does the idea of self-assurance that Patricia Ewalt depicts fit with your social meanings of self-assurance? This incorporates both the idea of self, and the idea of opportunity of cho