World Learning Improvement Utilizing Devices of Precisiated Common Dialect Yu Sun (PAMIR) Managers Prof. F. Karray Prof.

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World Knowledge Enhancement. Utilizing Tools of. Precisiated Natural ... Present a novel methodology bestowing human learning into factual methodology; ...

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World Knowledge Enhancement Using Tools of Precisiated Natural Language Yu Sun (PAMIR) Supervisors Prof. F. Karray Prof. O. Basir Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Previous Works on Term Related Unified Semantic Tree (TRUST) Previous work on TRUST depends on unadulterated factual approach Disadvantages: Huge measurements prompt to many-sided quality Estimated parameters depend on deficient information and thusly loose Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Previous Works (cont) Questions left: How to give human Knowledge into the factual approach How to utilize such human Knowledge to tune the TRUST Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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How to Tackle the Issues The novel approach is actualized through: Epistemic Lexicon (EL) Precisiated Natural Language (PNL) Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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A lexine utilizes granule fluffy system to characterize a term and its properties, its relations to other lexine terms. Epistemic Lexicon (EL) r ij lexine j lexine i Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Examples of EL is a static representation of information Buyer: establishment (organization, bank) /extremely conceivable , administration staff /conceivable, government /not exceptionally conceivable Seller: foundation (organization, bank) /extremely conceivable , administration staff /conceivable, government /not extremely conceivable, Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Precisiated Natural Language ( PNL ) EL is a static word reference . There need sum up imperatives to repay the inadequacy. PNL is a sub-dialect of precisiable suggestions in NL which is outfitted with a lexicon (EL) characterized by space specialists and Generalized Constraint (standards of conclusion) GC progressively applies EL on NLU Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Examples of GC Generalized Constraint in PNL is utilized to upgrade the static EL through principles Any lexine in EL (word) is bi-sense-coordinated : has a place with one of two headings: in/out or up/down reliant on its unique situation; One lexine may have a place with multi ideas (classes) [ Self ]; If Positive( + ,, for example, concur , professional ) meets Negative( - ,, for example, against , con ), the outcome is Negative(- ) [ blend ] ; Lexine " s relationship can be acquired by its characteristics. For example, Institute has the accompanying characteristics: administration staff , execution , legitimate , embarrassment (which are characterized by the first EL). On the off chance that activity Against (Institute), then Against ( , Institute.performance, , Institute. embarrassment ) . What's more, the other way around [ Inheritance ]. Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Example of GC Enhancing NLU This illustration demonstrates how GC improves the framework to effectively comprehend NL: "Beech-Nut Corp. harm d it s picture over the offer of squeezed apple that ended up being water " EL: Performance-up(sale) [ default ]; Against(damage); Company(image, deal) GC: Against(damage) Against(company.image) Against(company)Against( Against(Performance-up(sale)) Performance-down(sale) [ derived ] Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Experiment Pre-handling (manual explanation) 5 records from WSJ with extraordinary subject: "organization takeover" Epistemic Lexicon: including 35 concepts(classes, for example, activity in, execution up, purchaser, vender, and so on. Summed up Constraints: rules representing combinational operations of ideas. Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Results of Applying PNL Experimental results demonstrated the tuned TRUST much nearer to human sound judgment Enlarged and Adjusted EL in the wake of tuning TRUST Buyer: activity in /exceptionally conceivable , agree /extremely conceivable, administration staff /not exceptionally conceivable legitimate /not exceptionally conceivable Seller: activity out /exceptionally conceivable , lawful /conceivable administration staff /conceivable deal /difficult to tell Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Possible Applications To distinguish the semantic importance of a given term ( word sense disambiguation ): " The juice embarrassment constrained Beech-Nut to pay a $ 2.2 million fine and $ 7.5 million to settle a claim " Problem: Beech-Nut might be purchaser or merchant Analysis: Against(scandal)  nearer to Seller; Against(fine)  nearer to Seller; Legal(lawsuit)  nearer to Seller; Solution: Beech-Nut is a Seller Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Future Possible Applications Work as a colleague to a semantic parser: For example: First Pennsylvania had consented to be obtained by Marine Midland in a few month prior… . Midland chooses to venture out the obtaining and it begins a claim. (claim is nearer to dealer than to purchaser) Work as an associate to a syntactic parser: For example: Ralston Co. consented to purchase Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp . with a most loved offer. anaphor determination pp connection Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Conclusions Present a novel approach conferring human information into measurable approach; The preparatory examination indicates PNL and EL enhance the factual approach; The test utilizes one of a kind subject reports and as a part of future, research work will extend to more mind boggling archives. Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Publications Submitted to Journal of Fuzzy Sets and Systems Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Overview of Architecture Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Comparing Procedure of Untuned TRUST and Tuned TRUST Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Yu Sun (PAMIR)

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Yu Sun (PAMIR)