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WORLD CLASS through individuals, innovation and devotion. WORLD CLASS through individuals, ... NASA: Aqua, Terra, Icesat, Aura (2004), Landsat-7 , EO-1, QSCAT, ...

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WORLD CLASS – through individuals, innovation and devotion WORLD CLASS – through individuals, innovation and commitment

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Kongsberg (parent organization) Established in 1814 as the Royal King's weapon provider 4200 workers 2003 working income of MNOK 6800 (MUS$ 970) Norway's driving cutting edge venture WORLD CLASS... through individuals, tecnology and commitment

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KSAT Locations SvalSat Tromsø Station

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Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace Norwegian Space Center 100 % 50 % 50 % Kongsberg Spacetec Kongsberg Satellite Services (from mid-2002) Kongsberg Satellite Services Norwegian Space Center Property Tromsø Satellite Station Tromsø Station (TSS) Svalbard Station (SvalSat) Ground Station Services Earth Observation KSAT proprietor structure

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The Company Established in 1967 Operates two Ground Stations Tromsø - at 69° 39` N, 18° 56` E SvalSat - at 78 ° 15` N, 15° 80` E Public organization 1995 - 2002: NSC (half), SSC (half), 2002 - present: NSC (half), KDA (half) Staff altogether: 52

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Annual Turnover (million EURO)

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KSAT – Missions Supported Current Missions: NASA: Aqua, Terra, Icesat, Aura (2004) , Landsat-7 , EO-1, QSCAT, Champ ESA Missions: Envisat, ERS-2 CNES: Spot-1 CSA/RSI: Radarsat-1 Other: Noaa, SAC-C, Radarsat, Grace-1, Grace-2, Gravity Probe B, Acrimsat Upcoming Missions Noaa/IPO: NPP, NPOESS, Coriolis ESA: Solar-B Eumetsat : Metop-1, Metop-2, Metop-3 DLR: SAR Lupe KARI: KOMPSAT-2 CSA/RSI: Radarsat-2

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Platåberget (SvalSat)

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The Svalbard Station, September 2002

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Why Svalbard 14 of 14 circles Located near Longyearbyen Infrastructure and get to Excellent Telecommunication arrangement (fiber optics)

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Station covers

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Fiber Communication 20 Gbit Fiber Cable amongst Svalbard and Norway territory Operational: January 2004 Initial Links 2004: 155 Mbit connection to NASA and IPO. 155 Mbit connection to Tromsø 34 Mbit connection to ESA

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Tromsø Satellite Station Located in Tromsø at 69° 39`N, 18° 56`E 10 of 14 polar circles Staff: 3 9 Activities Data taking care of Network Operations Center KSAT head office Near ongoing conveyance

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ESA/ESRIN ESA/ESOC NOAA/IPO CNES NASA DLR Digital Globe Tromsø & Svalbard Antenna Configuration and Users Tromsø Station Svalsat Station Earth Observation Meteorology Digital G. SG1 SG2 SG3 SG4 EUM-1 EUM-2 TG1 TG2 Tromsø Network Operations Center (Scheduling, reinforcement, struggle determination) Operational Ongoing Installation EUMETSAT

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KSAT Pole to Pole idea Norwegian Polar Institute look into station update New satellite station is being moved toward NPI site in Antarctica Implementation of foundation and correspondence 2004/05 S/X band here and there connection recieving wire 2005/06 Can be utilized for TT&C and payload information procurement/preparing Up to 8Mbs satellitecommunication

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Global conceivable outcomes Global administrations for: Oil Spill location Ship identification Data dissemination Can dump over Tromsø/Svalbard on each circle Data from Svalbard sent to Tromsø for handling, investigation, circulation Data conveyance inside 3 hours (2)

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More data? If you don't mind visit us at

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WORLD CLASS – through individuals, innovation and commitment WORLD CLASS – through individuals, innovation and devotion