Workshop on Transparency and Fighting Corruption

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Workshop on Transparency and Fighting Corruption FAIFE – Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression

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Morning (3-3 ½ hours) Introduction Presentation on straightforwardness and against debasement Coffee break Localisation and legitimization structures Lunch (1 ½ hours) Afternoon (3 hours) Group dialog: Corruption in libraries Coffee break Group work: Building on existing custodian rehearse Final session: Campaigning - resolutions or potentially activity arranges Schedule (7 ½ - 8 hours)

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IFLA/FAIFE was established in Copenhagen in 1998 as an activity inside IFLA (International Federation of Library Association and Institutions) to safeguard and advance the essential human rights characterized in Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. IFLA/FAIFE facilitates free access to data and flexibility of expression in all angles, specifically or in a roundabout way, identified with libraries and librarianship. IFLA/FAIFE screens the condition of scholarly flexibility inside the library group around the world, underpins IFLA approach advancement and co-operation with other universal human rights associations, and reacts to infringement of free access to data and opportunity of expression. More data at About FAIFE

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FAIFE works in the soul of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right " Everyone has the privilege to opportunity of expression; this privilege incorporates flexibility to hold assessments without impedance and to look for, get and confer data and thoughts through any media paying little respect to the wildernesses." FAIFE's particular mission is to elevate access to data and thoughts through libraries About FAIFE's work

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Corruption: Threatens great administration, supportable advancement, law based process, and reasonable business rehearses. What corrupts signify: "prompting to wrong by inappropriate or unlawful means (as gift) , impedance of honesty, excellence, or good standard". Merriam-Webster's word reference "Straightforwardness is the premise of good administration and the initial phase in battling defilement. It gives an all inclusive justification to the arrangement of good records administration frameworks, documents, and budgetary administrative and observing frameworks. It is straightforwardly connected to the act of socially dependable origin and news coverage, the work of editors, the distributing and the dispersion of data through all media." IFLA Manifesto on Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption What is defilement, hostile to debasement and straightforwardness

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Q. Why ought to the data callings be worried with debasement? A. Every single moral calling ought to worry about matters of value and good direct Librarians and other data experts are no exemption to this rule It can be contended that libraries assume an uncommon part Corruption and the data calling

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What are your encounters with debasement? Do you know what number of individuals in your work environment are influenced by defilement? What are your organization's/organization's strategies with respect to defilement? What is your own view on debasement? What is your experience of facing debasement? Your own stories...

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An introduction on defilement What is debasement What is the degree of defilement How to battle it

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An operational meaning of defilement "The abuse of depended power for private increase." Two sorts of debasement "as per control" - influence is paid to get particular treatment for something that the pay off recipient is required to do by law. Pay off as inspiration to complete things. "against the rule" - pay off paid to acquire administrations the reward beneficiary is restricted from giving. Pay off to look the other way. Attributes

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Political Public workplaces and organizations lose their authenticity when they are abused for private favorable position. Particularly destructive to rising majority rule governments Economic Depletion of national riches. Directing of rare open assets to uneconomic activities. A hindrance to speculation Social Undermines individuals' trust. Disappointment and general lack of concern among a frustrated open outcome in a feeble common society. Ecological Careless misuse of regular assets. Incapable control. The four overlay impact of defilement

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Can the cost of debasement be evaluated? No. Influences are not recorded – and don't generally take type of financial esteem: favors, endowments, and so on. Social cost are even less quantifiable: The cost of disappoint... Will defilement be measured?

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How does debasement influence individuals' lives? In the most pessimistic scenario defilement costs lives. In innumerable different cases, it costs their opportunity, wellbeing or cash. Cases of debasement: Dutch open controllers got endowments to choose not to see on wellbeing Excessive, uncontrolled signing on Borneo undermines the Penan individuals Examples of defilement

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Corruption flourishes... Where enticement coincides with leniency Where institutional keeps an eye on influence are missing Where basic leadership stays darken Where common society is thin on the ground Where incredible disparities in the dissemination of riches sentence individuals to live in destitution Conditions for debasement

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An introduction on defilement What is defilement What is the degree of defilement How to battle it

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Developed by Transparency International The CPI positions 180 nations by their apparent levels of defilement, as controlled by master appraisals and assessment reviews. The top : Denmark, New Zealand and Sweden share the most astounding score at 9.3, took after quickly by Singapore at 9.2. The base: Somalia at 1.0, somewhat trailing Iraq and Myanmar at 1.3 and Haiti at 1.4 The debasement recognition file

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An introduction on defilement What is debasement What is the degree of defilement How to battle it

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The openness of movement in both open and private divisions of society to open investigation It is expected to be a component for engaging residents to work for: A powerful majority rule handle A reasonable and debasement free open organization A legitimate and open energetic business condition Transparency

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Anti-defilement programs overall incorporate different components: Administrative and institutional change Legal approvals and energitic policing Creation of administrative frameworks These depend on straightforwardness to be compelling They are supplemented by the ethical impacts of straightforwardness "Daylight is the best disinfectant" Judge Louis D. Brandeis How to battle debasement

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Exposing the exercises of both open and private divisions to general examination will confine defilement – yet who will isn't that right? Equitably chose delegates Regulatory bodies NGOs, for example, Transparency International Other data organizations, for example, libraries Implementing straightforwardness

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United Nations Development Program Anti-defilement and great administration are focal components in accomplishing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Investment banks (embed local data) World bank, Asian Development Bank Transparency International [Insert neighborhood or local institutions] Important foundations

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A worldwide system including: +90 privately settled national sections and parts in-arrangement; Their main goal is to unite significant players from government, common society, business and the media to advance straightforwardness in decisions, in broad daylight organization, in obtainment and in business. Every year the CPI is distributed Transparency International

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Freedom of data enactment (otherwise known as open records, daylight laws) Set standards on access to data or records held by government bodies. More than 70 nations around the globe have actualized some type of such enactment . An essential standard behind most opportunity of data enactment is that the weight of confirmation falls on the body requested data, not the individual requesting it. The requester does not for the most part need to give a clarification for their demand, however in the event that the data is not unveiled a legitimate reason must be given. Flexibility of data

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A free press, investigative news coverage and autonomous creators Records administration to guarantee conservation of documentation Ethical Information and Communication Technology Healthy level headed discussion on individual security, official and mechanical mystery Libraries that battle oversight and elevate and ensure access to data Professional ramifications of straightforwardness

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... reality or dream? Libraries and transparency:... Libraries are potential straightforwardness establishments Particularly national and open libraries can possibly be critical donors to straightforwardness However there are issues associated with the possibility of libraries as straightforwardness organizations