WMD Response

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WMD Reaction. LCDR Thomas A. Olenchock CG-1134. "WMD Direction". COMDINST 3400.3B All operational faculty aside from NSF Expeditionary missions under OPCON of Warrior Officer Incorporates Aux Direct Backing of Operations. WMD Arrangement.

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WMD Response LCDR Thomas A. Olenchock CG-1134

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"WMD Instruction" COMDINST 3400.3B All operational staff aside from NSF Expeditionary missions under OPCON of Combatant Commander Includes Aux Direct Support of Operations

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WMD Policy If faculty suspects or decides WMD or HAZMAT discharge they should at the same time : Leave the range of suspected tainting Notify Operational Commander Ensure NRC is advised Implement self-assurance measures

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WMD Policy CG Personnel won't lead any operations in a zone of suspected pollution Until the FOSC issues the "safe to react" They May Exercise charge and control through UC Coordinate and uphold constrained get to regions Provide bolster asked for by different organizations Pre-arrange field reaction resources

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"Safe to Respond" FOSC will survey and decide utilizing different assets as essential Use site portrayal techniques Level "D" reaction is feasible For instance: working uniform with expansion of coveralls, gloves security boots, wellbeing glasses, or potentially hard caps.

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PPE & discovery prepare Intended to upgrade escape from tainted situations with accentuation on TICs/TIMs MOPP outfit – expeditionary just Area dissemination arranges

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Training Operational and Command Center Staff Emergency reaction preparing (HAZWOPER) CO's will guarantee Annual preparing where all faculty work on wearing issued PPE Review hardware operations Pre-mission examination Emphasis to termination dates, and material condition

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Risk and Hazard Analysis Pre-mission brief Utilize ORM Stress the main CORRECT reaction to WMD episode is escape Shall incorporate Hazards expected Control techniques Paths of escape Inspection of PPE Shelter set up systems

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Early cautioning signs Large # of sicknesses (individuals or creature) Lack of creepy crawly life Signs and indications Unusual requests or tastes Mists or fogs Low flying airplane (trim dusters)

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Self assurance Reduce Time Increase remove Shelter set up Stay upwind Egress opposite to wind when conceivable

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Types of WMD Chemical Biological Nuclear or Radiological

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Chemical Nerve Liquids Colorless to golden Fruity scent (G-specialists), unscented (VX) Choking Gasses Colorless at low focuses Distinctive/strange smells yet Very harmful Blood Gasses Colorless Garlic (arsine), sharp almonds (cyanide)

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Chemical Blister Agents Liquids Colorless to golden Garlic or horseradish TICs/TIMs Many fighting operators have modern utilize Cyanide, Phosgene, Chlorine & Arsine Many mechanical chemicals are poisonous Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide & Hydrofluoric corrosive Many pesticides are to a great degree lethal Chemically like nerve specialists Similar toxicological impacts

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Biological Bacteria Viruses Toxins

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Bacteria Unicellular living beings Capable of living autonomously

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Viruses Intracellular parasites Can't do digestion Invade & kill have cells

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Toxins Produced by living life forms Often to a great degree dangerous Usually not unpredictable

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Nuke/Rad 4 Types of Radiation Alpha Beta Neutron Gamma

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Health Effects of Radiation General Health Effects Cellular harm Skin copies Cancer Mutagen/teratogen

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Nuke/Rad Time Distance Shielding

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Reference http://cgweb.tcpet.uscg.mil/wmd

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Equipment Gas Detection Smart Strips Radiation EEBD APR Tyvek sort F

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Gas Detection Gas Alert Clip O2 or H2S Weekly adjustment 2 year sensor life 1 year timeframe of realistic usability 0 upkeep

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Gas Detection Gas Alert Micro O2, Explosive, H2S, CO Quarterly Calibration Weekly "knock test" 2 year sensor life GAMicro Clip Single Button Operation

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Gas Detection Gas Alert Micro 5 (future) O2, Explosive, H2S, CO, PID

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Just in!

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WMD Detection

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Smart Strips HazMat Smart-Strip nerve, cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, acids/caustics, fluoride, oxidizers, and chlorine. 12 hour operational time allotment 2 year timeframe of realistic usability

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EEBD Ocenco M20.2B 15 year time span of usability 10 minute escape 0 upkeep

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WMD packs 3M 6000 DIN APR Tyvek sort F suit Boots Gloves Tape

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APR 3M 600 DIN Full face respirator Command Center and Operational Forces Fit testing iaw 6260.2D SEHO Quantitative or Qualitative Unit Safety Coordinator Qualitative

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Decontamination Gross Decontamination Should band together with nearby offices to create disinfecting arrangement Critical to limiting the impacts of WMD or HAZMAT Medical Monitoring