Wiki Innovation and Pattern: Past, Now and Future

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Jon Silvers, Director of Online Marketing at Atlassian Software Systems ... what's more, JotSpot) Popularity of wikis. Google patterns: wiki, blog. Wiki, Blog Trends by Region ...

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´╗┐Wiki Technology & Trend: Past, Now and Future Panelists: Ben Elowitz, CEO at Jon Silvers, Director of Online Marketing at Atlassian Software Systems Dr. Jonas M Luster, Community Manager at Socialtext Scott Johnston, VP of Products at JotSpot Moderator: Peter Thoeny, Founder at & Co-author at StructuredWikis LLC Web SIG -, CA, 2006-10-25

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What, wikis? A brisk presentation Peter Thoeny

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What is a wiki? Wiki = writable web, each page can be altered by utilizing only a program wiki: Hawaiian for "speedy" Ward Cunningham actualized the first WikiWikiWeb in 1995 Inspired by HyperCard Automatic page connecting

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Blogs versus Wikis Blog (weblog): Media to express individual voice "Consecutive post media" (like email), more often than not with criticism and trackback Wiki: Media to express gathering voice, de-underscoring character of people "Make & refactor media", substance may change whenever

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How to get a wiki Open source/business wiki programming: Download and introduce Hosted wiki administrations: Sign up and begin rapidly Wiki machine: Wiki in a pre-arranged box

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Wikis at the work environment Shared note pad for groups Departmental joint effort device Intranet distributed instrument Content administration framework Knowledge base Platform to make wiki applications (with organized wikis, for example, TWiki and JotSpot)

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Popularity of wikis Google patterns: wiki , blog

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Wiki , Blog Trends by Region