Where Science Means Business The instance of Yissum The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Renee Ben-Israel, Vice-President

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Rundown. IntroductionPatent strategyPatents and UniversitiesIsrael\'s innovation and InnovationIsraeli universitiesYissumFood for thought. Licenses use. Patent system might be:Defensive - no goal of adding to the innovation, primary enthusiasm: keeping others from doing as such. Ruling - plan to utilize the innovation, the procedures portrayed in their licenses and sue encroaching gatherings. Permitting pu

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Where Science Means Business The instance of Yissum – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Renee Ben-Israel , Vice-President – Intellectual Property WIPO: Information Meeting on Intellectual Property Financing Geneva – 10 March 2009

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Summary Introduction Patent system Patents and Universities Israel's innovation and Innovation Israeli colleges Yissum Food for thought

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Patents utilize Patent procedure might be: Defensive - no expectation of building up the development, fundamental enthusiasm: keeping others from doing as such . Ruling - plan to utilize the innovation, the procedures depicted in their licenses and sue encroaching gatherings. Permitting purposes (in/out/cross)- people/organizations that don't expect to fabricate the innovation themselves, exchange the rights for improvement and generation to an outsider Other purposes (benefit focuses, aggregators, "trolls")

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Universities licenses procedure? Not by any stretch of the imagination Depends on the innovation! Stage (empowering) innovations Niche/correlative creations Use innovations Conceptual innovations University licenses are implied for innovation exchange

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University licenses University traditional mission: Teaching, looking into and unveiling the learning Universities' licenses: Embryonic – practicality/showcase obscure Development requires high hazard venture by industry Intellectual property security can be utilized as an impetus to make high hazard speculation propelling the "main mover" by ensuring against later contenders (system!)

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Purposes of University Technology Transfer Participate in advancement prepare Facilitate the commercialization of research results for the general population great Retain and enlist scientists Create nearer binds to industry Generate wage for further research and instruction Promote monetary development Social obligation

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Purposes of University Technology Transfer Research => Invention (and IP)=> Development => Innovation New items and drugs Bring new innovation into industry for financial aggressiveness Encourage business for neighborhood and national monetary improvement (source: Lita Nelsen – MIT)

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The Tech Transfer Bargain University inquire about prompts to patent—yet innovation is problematic and high hazard University will allow selective patent permit to Company who will focus on the danger of building up the innovation If advancement succeeds, the patent shields the Company from contenders University profits by item being produced and from sovereignties (imparted to designer) University likewise has the open door in the permit to guarantee that licenses are utilized "in the general population enthusiasm"— requiring certain cost or topographical concessions for creating nations, if suitable (source: Lita Nelsen – MIT)

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Patent assurance is especially basic for advancement of pharmaceuticals Development of another restorative or immunization item is an especially high hazard action Time edges are long Financial speculation is high Clinical trials are exceptionally troublesome Probability of disappointment is high Patent insurance of the last item is fundamental before organizations (or biotech speculators) will go out on a limb and make the speculation (source: Lita Nelsen – MIT)

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Israel: information Area  - Total  1 2 0,770/22,072 km2  ( 151st ) 8,019/8,522  sq mi   -  Water  ( % )~2% Population  - 2008 estimate 7,282,0002 [3]  ( 96th ) - 1995 census 5,548,523  -  Density 324/km2 ( 34th ) 839/sq mi GDP  ( PPP )2007 estimate - Total$188.936 billion [4]  ( 52nd ) -  Per capita $27,146 [4]  ( 32nd ) GDP (nominal)2007 estimate - Total$164.103 billion [4]   -  Per capita $23,578 [4]

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Israel, actualities & figures Technology exchange pioneer Brain control + require => utilization of science to survive, beat circumstances Highest % of R&D designation from GDP (4.7% - 2007)

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R&D consumption National use on regular citizen R&D in 2007 was 4.7% of the GDP. Significant increment in R&D organizations.

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Israel, truths & figures 1901-TEVA " s establishment 1924-The Technion (Polytechnic Institute) 1925-The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Population with high logical level, solid slant to building and natural/therapeutic sciences Research units in healing facilities – numerous trial units Access to …

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Israel, certainties & figures – licenses OECD: Israel has the most astounding rate of licenses in the area: Israel is positioned 6 internationally for licenses for each GDP and eighth for licenses per capita

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Israel: Supporting Infrastructure The Technological Incubators program, the Tnufa program, the Noffar subsidize, the R&D finance. State activities coordinated with private intrigue intended to cultivate early stage ventures.

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Israel: Supporting Infrastructure The Magnet, the Mini-Magnet, the non specific R&D intended to bolster joint industry & scholastic establishments collaborations

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Israeli Universities Tech Transfer since 1959 (much before the Bayh-Dole act in the US!) At all 7 colleges & many research organizations, doctor's facilities Yeda: one of the wealthiest on the planet Yissum: 15 th on the planet

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Success stories – a specimen Yeda: Bio-Hep B ®, recombinant hepatitis B immunization Copaxone®, 1 st . Inventive medication in Israel, MS immunomodulator Dunaliella®, β carotene wellbeing nourishment frame alga NDS Ltd., Encryption Algorithm, TV set-best box savvy cards Erbitux ®, Antibody treatment with synergism with chemotherapy Technion: Azilect®, Parkinsons Disease And numerous others

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4 Campuses 320 Researchers in Applied Sciences 4,420 Research Projects >100 Research Centers 5 Affiliated Hospitals 24,000 Students The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1,600 Post-Graduate Students in Biotechnology 1,000 Researchers (Staff Members) Over 1/3 of all scholastic logical research In Israel 43% of Israel's biotechnology look into >1/3 of PhD understudies in Israel

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A Nobel Heritage 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics Daniel Kahneman, Princeton 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics David J. Net, UC Santa Barbara 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Avram Hershko, Technion Aaron Ciechanover, Technion 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics Robert J. Aumann, Hebrew University 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Roger Kornberg, Stanford

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Top 20 Most Frequently Cited Papers Stem Cells 1998-2004

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Where Science Means Business Board of Directors Business pioneers Yissum Business-arranged association Founded 1964 The Hebrew University Non-benefit association 23

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University Strategy Created a positive air at the University Established great and clear approaches as an impetus to specialists Budget motivating forces New open doors Awards/prizes for accomplishments

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Yissum's Mission To advance the exchange of Hebrew University innovation for the advantage of society, while boosting comes back to bolster research, training and logical perfection Yissum = Hebrew for "application"

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It's not that basic! Scholarly world Business world (Industry, VCs, Start-ups) (to say nothing in regards to market hazards… ) Intellectual Property lawful world Contracts – legitimate/business world The guidelines of the diversions are distinctive.

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Yissum's procedure Identifies the correct circumstances - coordinating requirements & openings Identifies the key components – to advance the venture Flexibility Professionalism With no impedance in the scholastic opportunity!

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Current Snapshot Over $1 Billion yearly offers of Hebrew University-based items 5,500 licenses 1,600 creations 480 licenses 65 turn offs Raised over $165 mil in 2007 from driving VCs and private financial specialists

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A Record of Achievement 2007 incomes $51mil $36 mil sovereignties and authorizing $4.3mil portfolio organizations $10mil supported research & administrations HU inquire about spending plan $107mil Ranked in main 15 around the world (AUTM) Leading US TTO incomes FY2007 MIT $61mil Research spending plan: $1.2 Billion Stanford $50mil Research spending plan: $1 Billion

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Intellectual Property 2007 Snapshot 121 new innovations 93 new patent applications 64 new licenses conceded Intellectual Property at HU Yissum claims all IP created at HU Researchers get 40-60% of incomes 2007 New Inventions

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2008 statistics: Disclosures: 128 New applications documented: 112 PCTs: 44 National Phases: 41/159 (~4 nations) Examination: ~250 Renewals: 500-550 Budget: ~$3M 31

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PCT IPER NP Patent Grant Prosecution First Filing (Total: 20 years) Months Patents are a costly diversion

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Global Reach

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Yissum's Spin-offs Rav-Galai

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Success Stories - Tomatoes Long Shelf Life & Cherry Tomatoes The world's most well known mixed drink mixtures for nursery generation Prof. Nachum Kedar Prof. Haim Rabinowich Department of Field Crops, Vegetables and Genetics: Faculty of Agriculture, Food And Environmental Sciences The Hebrew University Rehovot Campus 2007 deals $73 million

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Success Stories - DOXIL ® Doxorubicin HCI liposome infusion Alza's Lead Product for Oncology Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz Department of Biochemistry Faculty of Medicine The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem 2007 deals $417 million

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Success Stories - Exelon For Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Prof. Marta Weinstock - Rosin Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem 2007 deals $632 million

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Food for thought Will accentuation on tech exchange change nature of research from "disclosure" to "connected"? Should work together with