What part can culture play?

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Ethnic or financial contrasts. Center Group Findings Girls Health Enrichment ... Relate hairdos and dress to

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CCEB What part can culture play? Shiriki Kumanyika, Ph.D., M.P.H. College of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

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Three Themes Body Image Ethnic Minority Populations Cultural Change

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Body Image Concern about dietary problems Stigmatization of corpulent individuals Ethnic or financial contrasts

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Focus Group Findings – Girls Health Enrichment Multisite Studies (GEMS), Memphis, TN Dual significance of "sound" Relate hairdos and apparel to "looking great"; not measure Changing your body is a bit much – "Make the best of what you have" Source: Beech B et al, introduced at the American Public Health Association

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Ethnic Minority Populations Highest hazard aggregates in the U.S. for youth stoutness incorporate ethnic minority populaces African Americans Hispanic or Latino Americans Native Americans Pacific Islanders Increasing % of populace

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Overweight Children: Boys 6-11 Percent of populace *BMI at or over the sex and age-particular 95th percentile BMI cutoff focuses **age-balanced Source: Health United States, 1998 and Ogden JAMA Oct 9 2002

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Overweight kids Girls 6-11

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Ethnic contrasts in variables that advance overabundance weight pick up amid youngsters? Mother's weight status and pregnancy weight pick up Breastfeeding Infant sustaining rehearses Foods at home and child rearing style Eating while sitting in front of the TV Community standards

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Cultural Changes

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Cultural Change Definition of a solid eating routine Media Communication examples Women's parts Parenting styles Population differences Globalization of business sectors

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If culture is a piece of the issue, then it should likewise be a piece of the arrangement

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Culturally positive stoutness aversion methodologies Do not concentrate on corpulence accordingly Increase consciousness of changes while they are occurring Demand more advantageous blend of sustenances Leverage assorted qualities in nourishment societies Create positive, mentally and socially important encounters with sound sustenances Empower guardians

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National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, NIH