What I realized at SQAS Trilinos Life Cycle Model Discussion TUG 2006

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What I realized at SQAS & Trilinos Life Cycle Model Discussion TUG 2006 Robert Heaphy November 9, 2006

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Department of Energy Quality Managers Software Quality Assurance Subcommittee SQAS is sanctioned by NNSA. (DOE is an invested individual) It incorporates all NWC offices (counting AWE in the U.K.) It meets twice every year, this was meeting #38 This time Sandia was the host for the 2.5 day meeting It appears to make "white papers" on points important to the product group inside the NWC for NNSA The meeting time is generally dynamic work on the present "assignments" and "working gatherings"

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My Concerns Sandia's dynamic delegates at SQAS are the very same people: playing out the ASC evaluations, heading the ASC "quality" preparing and councils, are individuals or consistent participants to the AQMC gatherings. Could the SQAS "white papers" get to be ASC "rules"? Another worry: When the NNSA delegate was solicited what NNSA needed from the SQAS/NWC, he expressed that the answer was single word – " consistence ." (Not great programming, on-time programming, and so forth.)

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3 of the 4 ebb and flow SQAS working gatherings Applying Agile Methods to Weapons/Weapons Related Software Should be finished by the following meeting Software Process Improvement for Research Codes Newly made working gathering (already an "assignment") Benchmarking for Value for Money Analysis Newly made working gathering (beforehand an "errand")

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Agile Methods Current content is a general portrayal of Agile techniques – for the most part taken from books and sites. Generally OK. New and last area is called "Hindrances to Using Agile … ." There was confirmation at the SQAS meeting that the delegates didn't generally comprehend Agile strategies or theory (Agile Manifesto) Sandia's agents were openly professional CMMI® and hostile to Agile. (One gladly declaring to be a "CMM® extremist".) Some obstructions were valid for any product strategy, (for example, programming designers need profound information of the NWC environment before they can program in it), yet being recorded in this report could trick the peruser into speculation this was another Agile issue. I went to both gatherings and my remarks were to some degree acknowledged

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Research Code Software I went to the initially meeting and they were exceptionally open to my remarks: I discussed the Trilinos 3 stage life-cycle show and specifically about its exploration stage. They are keen on how look into get advanced into the following stage They are occupied with how we select a subset of the ASC quality practices for research. Tragically, I missed the second meeting (they changed the calendar!) They are extremely inspired by down to earth data that we could give. They particularly inquired as to whether working gathering individuals could ask their ventures: "What is a perfect programming research environment?"

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Benchmarking I go to the benchmarking meeting and again this gathering was very ready to listen to our info. The leader of this working gathering (Mike Elliott from U.K.) imparted a fascinating paper to me. It demonstrated the monetary advantage (as R.O.I) of different strategies. CMM® scored low (in spite of the fact that CMMI® was better.) Economic advantage could be a decent system to demonstrating Agile strategies better than CMMI® techniques.

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SQAS Conclusion Dave Womble compassionate "sanctioned me" to go to SQAS by giving a venture & undertaking for it. I have not yet examined with him any advantages for the inside or ASC calculations program for proceeding with this exertion or going to future gatherings. I was asked by every one of the 3 working gathering seats to submit data and audit the draft archives before the following meeting (next spring in Los Alamos.) I will acknowledge any remarks about these issues and forward them to the suitable working gathering. Related note: I was welcome to address the following AQMC meeting to share the Zoltan/Trilinos/EPA examples of overcoming adversity. This can be an opportunity to "edify" ASC administration about successful, superb programming research & improvement.

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Immediate Trilinos Action I prescribe that Trilinos (and Zoltan) embrace the ANSI/ASQ Z1.13-1999 standard: Quality Guidelines for Research . This is a short standard (5 pages barring standard) for which we are as of now near entire consistence . I recommended a couple of minor articulations for Mike to include the fitting Trilinos level documentation. (For instance, an announcement about quality change objectives steady with §5.5.2.) I will make an agenda for substance in (or supplement to) the bundle's exploration proposition. (To evade phrasing issues.)

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Life Cycle Model Discussion This is the ideal opportunity for an open exchange of any issues/concerns/alterations to the Trilinos Life Cycle display.