What do Americans Know about Politics

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Balanced Ignorance. Anthony DownsBenefit I > Cost I Where

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What do Americans Know about Politics? 74% can name the VP 70% can name their leader 58% realize that lawfulness is chosen by the Supreme Court 55% can name no less than one Senator 40% can name their congressional agent 34% can name the Secretary of State 25% can name the Speaker of the House 8% can name the Chief Justice of the U.S.

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Rational Ignorance Anthony Downs Benefit I > Cost I Where "I" is assembling and learning political data

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Levels of Conceptualization Ideologues – Rely on dynamic ideological ideas to make judgments about political items. Close Ideologues – Use ideological phrasing, however don't generally utilize it effectively Group Interest – Evaluate political items concerning their treatment of specific gatherings Nature of the Times – Evaluations of competitors and gatherings are attached to general discernments about how things are going. No Issue Content – Focus on identities or family customs with no proof of political considering.

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Converse's 1964 Study of Belief Systems Constraint Attitudes are connected to each other One demeanor can be anticipated from another The Studies Asked suppositions of the day Asked different preferences about gatherings and competitors Survey of possibility for Congress - 1958

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Looking for Evidence of Political Ideology Active utilization of ideological ideas in different preferences of applicants and gatherings Issue dispositions that are reliably liberal or preservationist Attitudes that are steady after some time

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Converse's Findings with respect to Constraint

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Ideological Evaluation of Parties 1952-1972

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Ideological Evaluation of Candidates 1952-1972

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Changing Levels of Educational Attainment

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Levels of Conceptualization by Education