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Cases of Robots from Many Areas What are robots useful for?

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POLICE ROBOT A trial robot gets a reenacted pipe bomb amid a show for the media at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., Tuesday, July 3, 2001. New innovation created at Sandia National Laboratories is making bomb transfer simpler and more secure for police bomb squads. Phil Bennett, extend pioneer at Sandia, says the arm joints of the new robot are more planned than the old-line robots. (AP Photo/Jake Schoellkopf)

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Example: NOMAD ROBOT This undated photograph from Carnegie Mellon Uniuversity demonstrates the Nomad robot amid its performance drive on a cold Antartic plain. The robot, a result of the college's Robotics Institute, started testing its wheels in January after it was taken by helicopter to an unforgiving locale known as Elephant Moraine where it was left to investigate shakes and search for shooting stars. (AP Photo/Carnegie Mellon U.)

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What are robots useful for? Gofer robots Carnegie Mellon's Nomad

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ROBOTIC SURGERY Dr. William Franckle watches a video screen as he helps with an annoy bladder operation utilizing an automated surgery machine called da Vinci Surgical System, left, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J., Thursday, Feb. 8, 2001. Franckle assited Dr. Andrew Boyarsky who was controlling little mechanical instruments, one is seen on screen, while taking a gander at a three-dimensional picture of the patient's stomach area from a work station around 10 feet far from the patient. (AP Photo/Mike Derer)

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HURRICANE SEASON ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS OF MAY 19-20 - An Aerosonde flying machine is seen from its dispatch vehicle in this 2000 document photograph taken in Australia. Aerosonde Ltd., an Australian organization, is looking for consent to fly pilotless mechanical planes into the 2001 sea tempest storms. The Aerosonde dispatches from an auto's rooftop rack and can convey a 4 1/2-pound payload of innovative measuring gear. Maurice Gonella, Aerosonde's chief specialist, says the $100,000 automatons can be put on autopilot and will continually hand-off data. They additionally take photos as they go. (AP Photo/Aerosonde Robotic Aircraft)

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ROBOT LAWN MOWER Scott Jantz, a building understudy at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla., watches a robot yard trimmer Wednesday, Aug. 6, 1997, that cuts grass without anyone else's input while staying away from impediments, for example, trees, toys and even kids and pets. Named the LawnNibbler, the trimmer was composed and worked by Kevin Hakala for his building expert's proposition. The battery-fueled cutter, created at UF's Machine Intelligence Laboratory, utilizes covered radio wires, sonar and infrared emitters and locators to discover its way without human help. (AP Photo/University of Florida)

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SANDIA ROBOTICS Sandia National Laboratories analyst Tom Weber holds a minor robot named MARV, for Mobile Autonomous Wheeled Vehicle, on Oct. 28, 1996 in Albuquerque, N.M. Weber says MARV is a learning apparatus to start to comprehend the issues of building reasonable little robots for use in military applications.(AP Photo/Jake Schoellkopf)

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Robots in the World Installations Stock

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Robots in the Real World A robot drills 550 gaps in the vertical tail balances of a F-16 warrior in 3 hours in General Dynamics. It used to take 24 laborer hours to carry out the employment physically. Welding Painting Assembly Laboratory Manufacturers By 1985, there were 180,000 robots on generation lines on the planet with the US, France and Japan representing 80% of them

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Industrial Manipulators Puma 500 RRC Dexterous Manipulator

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Industrial Manipulators Adept One XL Adept Six 300

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Cartesian robot

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BATTLEBOTS CHAMPIONSHIP Robot "T-Minus", right, worked by Reason Bradley of Sausalito, Calif., flips adversary robot "Halo", worked by Brian Scearce of Fremont, Calif., Thursday, May 24, 2001, amid the preparatory end rounds of the Battlebots Robot Combat Championship on Treasure Island, in San Francisco. Battlebots is the game of remote controlled automated battle, where a go head to head of manifestations made by Hollywood enhancements specialists, scientific geniuses, programming fashioners, and carport tinkerers meet in the boxing field. The titles will gone through the Memorial Day weekend, and end on Monday, May 28. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

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The Robot Revolution While a PC performs mental assignments, a robot is a PC controlled machine intended to do manual errands

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Mobile Autonomous Robots Khepera CWRU Hexapod 1

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Robots in Research Mobile robots require brains Navigation is troublesome And conceivably hazardous

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Service robots: Cleaning robot

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Service robots: Building dividers

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Service robots : Gas station

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Pattern Recognition: Making Sense of the World Pattern acknowledgment includes distinguishing repeating designs in information with the objective of comprehension or arranging that information Image Analysis: recognizing items and shapes

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What are the robots useful for? Assembling and materials taking care of

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What are the robots useful for? Gofer robots Bell & Howell Mailmobile

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What are robots useful for? Dangerous situations Lunokhod Moon Robot

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What are robots useful for? Unsafe situations Dante II Frame Walking Robot

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What are robots useful for? Telepresence and virtual reality The Wheelbarrow, a bomb transfer robot

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What are robots useful for? Telepresence and virtual reality Advanced Tethered Vehicle (ATV)

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Telepresence and virtual reality What are robots useful for? Propelled Robot and Telemanipulator System for Minimal Invasive Surgery (ARTEMIS)

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What are robots useful for? Enlargement of human capacities Sigourney Weaver in the film Aliens

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Daihen Almega GO1S

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PCB 기판을 조립하는 Quad 로보트

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Kuka Robotics KL1500

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Automated Cells and Equipment 사의 RoboCell

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Fanuc LR Mate 드릴 로보트

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SONY 사에서 개발한 장난감 개, Aibo

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Yaskawa Help Mate

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수중탐사용 로보트 NASA 의 RMS

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What are robots made of?

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What are robots made of? Effectors: Tools for Action Locomotion Manipulation Sensors: Tools for observation Proprioception Force Sensing Tactile Sensing Sonar Camera Data

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What are robots made of? Effectors: Locomotion Carnegie Mellon's Ambler

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What are robots made of? Effectors: Locomotion MIT's 3D Hopper

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What are robots made of? Sensors: Proprioception MIT's Spring Flamingo

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What are robots made of? Sensors: Force Sensing MIT's Phantom

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What are robots made of? Sensors: Tactile Sensing MIT's Planar Grasper

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What are robots made of? Sensors: Sonar ActivMedia's Peoplebot

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What are robots made of? Sensors: Camera Data The Johns Hopkins Beast

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What are robots made of? Sensors: Camera Data MIT's Fast Eye Gimbals

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Why Robotics? In perspective of the sharp rivalry worldwide in car producing innovation, the part of robot is unavoidable with its present best in class. With a squeezing requirement for expanded efficiency and the conveyance of the finished results of uniform quality, industry is turning increasingly toward PC based machine instruments for the "light-footed" mechanical production system

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Why Robotics? Current PC design and sensors give insight to the robot. "Knowledge association from discernment to activity " The new message is: robots are going to leave plant and enter our consistently life. In Japan, ~70,000 robots are introduced each year. Organizations there are taking full preferred standpoint of the gainful force of mechanical autonomy. It is not a mischance that Japan is such a solid rivalry in such a large number of assembling businesses Their organizations will make long haul duty to mechanical technology and propelled mechanization

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The Basic Components of an Industrial Robotic System

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The application regions of Industrial Robots are:

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Robotics: Emulation of Human Endeavors

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The Modern Technologies add the Qualities to the Robots:

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What would you be able to anticipate from this address Applications of Artificial Intelligence strategies in apply autonomy and smart frameworks I will probably develop your creative energy what should be possible utilizing automated and savvy frameworks!!

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Main Components of Lectures: We repay your everything costs Robot remains at PSU If you need, you can copy it next

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Assignments 1. In the Robotics Laboratory you can discover numerous tapes about robots from top colleges. Watch them. This will help you in the venture. 2. Attempt to discover on Internet or in nearby shops more recordings about robots and impart them to the class. 3. In the lab and in the storage space attempt to discover segments that might be helpful for your ventures. If not, look to Tektronix Country Store, Wacky Willy or comparable shops for segments.

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