What administrative worldview for IP-empowered NGNs

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What administrative worldview for IP-empowered NGNs? Jaroslaw K. Contemplate Strategy and Policy Unit International Telecommunication Union The 1 st Southeastern Europe Broadband 2006 Conference & Expo ( http://seebb2006.tninternational.com/) 10-12 April 2006, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro Note: The perspectives communicated in this presentation are those of the creator and don't really reflect t he suppositions of the ITU. Jaroslaw K. Consider can be reached at Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Agenda TeleCommunications in Transition What are IP-empowered NGNs? Diverse Visions - Common Goals National, Regional and International Proceedings New and Emerging Markets Interconnection in IP Environment Open Character and Reality Next Generation Universal Service Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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TeleCommunications in Transition We all form the Information Society together ! Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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TeleCommunication Sector in Transition FMC? Relocation to the IP-environment Fixed media communications Incumbents: British Telecom, DT AG, KPN Newcomers: Dialog, Metropolitan Networks Wireless interchanges Mobile broadcast communications: from 2G to 4G WiFi, MiMax Cable TV Broadcasting Service and substance suppliers Strengthened procedure of union Technology Market Services Institutional Multi-office rivalry Service compet. Administrative Implications Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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TeleCommunication Sector in Transition Meaning and character of correspondences Voice, Video, Data, SoD New offer and costs procedures originating from IP-empowered adaptability on operational level NGS: N-play administrations Falling costs of correspondence administrations and get to Traditional administrations lose key significance Personalization and customization Regulation Less direction/obscured limits Migration from vertical to flat approach Technological lack of bias gets to be important Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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NGNs as a worldwide issue Technical viewpoints ITU-T SG 13: Rec. Y.2001 A NGN is a bundle based system ready to give media transmission administrations and ready to make utilization of various broadband , QoS-empowered transport innovations and in which benefit related capacities are free from basic transport-related advances . It empowers free access for clients to systems and to contending administration suppliers as well as administrations of their decision. It underpins summed up portability which will permit predictable and omnipresent arrangement of administrations to clients. Challenges Multimedia Generalized versatility Convergence Integrity Multi-layer introduction Open character Europe Africa ITU NGN America Asia FG NGN Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int SG: 11, 13, 19, 2, 12, 16, 17

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Regulatory contemplations Three foundation papers Rulling new and rising marekts Interconnection in an IP-empowered NGN Environment Universal Service in an IP-empowered NGN Environment Regulatory procedures National, Regional, International level IP-empowered NGNs A worldwide issue Europe Africa ITU NGN Americas Asia Tariff strategies, levy models and techniques for deciding the expenses of administrations on national media transmission systems, including cutting edge systems Regulatory effect of cutting edge organizes on interconnection http://www.itu.int/osg/spu/ngn/Study Group 1 Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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NGNs as a national issue Technical viewpoints Broad structure on interconnections and general administrative system United Kingdom: Interconnection and Developing India: Recommendations on Issues relating to Next Generation Networks USA: Hearing on system lack of bias Selected issues Germany: e.g. IP Interconnection Netherlands: e.g. Developing markets Advisory discussions Australia: Industry Forum to Advise on Convergence Issues Japan: Next Generation Network advancement gathering UK: NGN Industry Body India: Joint Consultative Committee & NGN Coordination Committee Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Needs for another administrative worldview under territorial and intl. examination ERG: 2006 Common Positions Principles for IP interconnection Regulatory standards for NGNs CEPT Consultations on interconnection demonstrate Many exercises identified with non-monetary control CITEL and APEC-TEL Convergence, NGN, VoIP OECD Studies on IP related issues WTO First contemplations on Agreement on Basic broadcast communications ITU Global exchange What administers on the IP-empowered NGNs? (Walk 2006) Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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New and Emerging markets SMP idea Fundamental administrative inquiries stood up to with long haul objectives of the financial and mechanical arrangement Discussion on ramifications of the administrative occasions Relevant markets Wholesale – New get to innovations do impact specifically broadband definitions Retail – all market might be reclassified New harmony between ex-risk controls and ex post cures Effectiveness of self rectifying strengths in a focused commercial center Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Interconnection in IP environment Distinctions in periods Transitional and develop Competition situated direction It is conceivable that in NGN environment the mediation in setting the interconnection assentions will be littler New model? Strife between innovation autonomy, cost based control, and huge market control. For the movement stage zero or low rate show for call end might be invaluable. In the long haul new model (see ECC 2005) with full partition of administrations arrangement and availability. Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Open character and reality Telco Model versus Internet Model Similar to the web NGN offers on a level plane coordinated model with isolated NGN administrations and NGN Transport layer Market structure Very extraordinary Who decides the openness Vertically incorporated administrations and system administrators together with administrative commitments Meaning of the contnet suppliers still thought little of in the talk Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Next Generation Universal Service Definition of the widespread administration and the extent of the administrations to be incorporated Inclusion of the broadband in Europe activated exceptionally troublesome verbal confrontation Possible change of approach Migration to the all inclusive get to approach Unified costs and reasonableness NGN is a great deal more proficient CAPEX and OPEX up to 40% lower More administrations on the system Universal administration stores Possible wellsprings of financing Customer assurance Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Customer premiums security Universal administration and get to Consumer crisis calls (E112/E911) Consumer insurance and protection (e.g. SPAM, SPIM) Quality of administrations Authenticated guest or sender distinguishing proof Disability help Data security and protection issues Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Conclusions We all form the Information Society together ! Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Conclusions NGN will bring critical changes for the administrative structure The progressions will be actualized rather in a method for common advancement then uncommon insurgency Competition is vital to the NGN; then again NGN cultivates rivalry new passage open doors for working organizations and additionally newcomers/NGN makes new markets and strengthen position of some market players New harmony between ex-bet directions and ex post cures Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Conclusions Effectiveness of self adjusting powers in a focused commercial center The beat of the NGN arrangement relies on upon the compelling control Regulatory continuing decide motivating forces to contribute for both new contestants and officeholders Regulatory strategy ought to consider the dynamic efficiencies to be accomplished in the ICT segment Balance between office based rivalry and administration based rivalry ought to be saved Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Implications for SEE NGNs may grow much speedier in nations with poor foundation Regulatory harmonization and professional dynamic interest in the civil argument on the future administrative paradigme is pivotal It decreases speculation chance that is high on the move economies at any rate Please don't hold up and give your voice to this level headed discussion! Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Thank you particularly for your consideration! Jaroslaw K. Contemplate International Telecommunication Union Strategy and Policy Unit E-mail: Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int http://www.itu.int/spu Tel: 00 41 22 730 60 65 We all form the worldwide learning based data society! Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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Resources Full form of this presentation and others concentrating on NGN: www.itu.int/osg/spu/presentations/NGN administrative and strategy assets: http://www.itu.int/osg/spu/ngn/ngn-arrangement administrative resources.html ITU exercises on NGN: www.itu.int/spu/ngn Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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International Telecommunication Union We all form the Information Society together ! Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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ITU - International Telecommunication Union The most established particular UN office with over 140 years of involvement in correspondence division Headquarters in Geneva in addition to provincial workplaces ITU staff: more than 750 from more than 80 nations 189 part states, more than 640 segment individuals ITU Agenda for Change Structure of the ITU-T – Telecom Standardization ITU-R – Radio-interchanges ITU-D – Development Bureau Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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ITU – International Telecommunication Union Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int

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ITU's Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU) http://www.itu.int/spu New Initiatives Program Digital Bridges (2005) Ubiquitous Network Societies (2005) Today's Networks Tomorrow (2005) What Rules for IP-empowered NGNs? (2006) Digital Transformations in the Information Society (2006) Regulatory Environment for Future Mobile Multimedia Services (2006) Many different exercises… Jaroslaw.Ponder@itu.int