Wellbeing Safety of Truckers inside of the United States

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´╗┐MaryAnn Garrahan, OSHA NAFTA Land Transport Conference San Antonio, Texas May 31, 2002 Health & Safety of Truckers inside the United States

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Today's Presentation OSHA's part in laborer assurance Common trucker wounds and OSHA infringement Federal OSHA guidelines & programs that ensure truckers Sources for OSHA data

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OSH Act Enacted in 1970 Defines the motivation behind OSHA directions Defines what OSHA can do Contains the General Duty Clause Addresses OSHA ward

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OSHA Standards Found in Title 29 CFR Apply if business has at least one representatives Most apply to the work operation, not only the business Most are execution situated

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Special Programs Ergonomics Hispanic Worker Outreach

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OSHA & DOT Jurisdiction DOT covers Commercial engine vehicles Safe outline of trucks Physical prerequisites of drivers OSHA covers Safety & wellbeing dangers at terminals & stockrooms HAZMAT reactions

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OSHA & State Plans Federal OSHA: 34 States & domains Federal OSHA norms State Plans: 23 States & regions State Plan models or utilize Federal OSHA principles Must give equivalent or more prominent insurance

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Common Trucker Injuries Strains & sprains (half) Bruises Fractures Cuts & gashes Soreness/torment Multiple traumatic wounds

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Events or Exposures Leading to Trucker Injury Overexertion Contact with items or gear Being struck by a question Falling (on a similar level) Transportation mischances

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Serious Violations Cited 1997-2001 Improper guarding of pounding apparatus Lack of eyewashes & showers Unsafe forklifts Grounding of electrical hardware Lack of individual defensive gear No guardrails on stages or loading docks

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How OSHA Addresses Trucker Hazards Standards Ergonomics Program Complaint Handling Outreach

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OSHA Standards Address... Stacking & emptying Vehicle support Other terminal & stockroom exercises Emergency reaction

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Ergonomics Program Offers... Ergonomics reports from OSHA reviews in trucking industry Frequently-made inquiries & OSHA answers

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Complaint Program Offers... Simple approaches to record dissensions OSHA site OSHA 800 number Letter Confidentiality of complainant Policies & methodology in OSHA Instruction CPL 2.115 (OSHA site)

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OSHA Outreach Includes... Preparing materials Publications materials in Spanish Consultation program

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Sources of Information OSHA site www.osha.gov OSHA workplaces Organized by Regions & Area Offices OSHA without toll hotline 1-800-321-OSHA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration www.fmcsa.dot.gov 1-800-DOT-SAFT

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Conclusions OSHA concentrates on safe & refreshing working conditions Employers must conform to models Special Ergonomics Program addresses scratch wellspring of wounds There are various wellsprings of data & help

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The End

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