Wellbeing Is Everybodys Business

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Security Is Everyone's Business. Roger Campbell, MS, CSP Asst. Official, MOSH. Wellbeing and Wellbeing Include Esteem

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Wellbeing Is Everybody's Business Roger Campbell, MS, CSP Asst. Chief, MOSH

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Safety & Health Add Value… . To Your… . Business Workplace Life

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Safety & Health Add Value to Your Business : Reduce damage/disease costs by 20% to 40% "We can't make a quality item with a dangerous procedure." Ken Lindgren, DACO, Incorporated

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Safety & Health Add Value to Your Workplace : Fewer Injuries Rated as better work environment More fulfilled, more profitable representatives "It bodes well to run a viable wellbeing and wellbeing program in light of the fact that your kin merit it, your clients request it, and your business practices and future won't be there without it." Dan Fergus, Genesee Stampings

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Safety & Health Add Value to Your Life : Every harm averted is a man kept entire Every life spared is a family safeguarded in propriety Promotes sound laborers whose occupation turn into a vehicle for making an existence not only a living "I need to see and hear my grandchildren, and due to the security program at Curtis Lumber, will have the capacity to." John Meier, Curtis Lumber

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Why Worry about Safety? Why do you should be worried about security? Misfortune WC Pain! EPA $$$$ DOL Lost time Hurt

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Why Worry: Common Reasons Getting hurt isn't entertaining!!! Not All Pain is Gain Nobody likes getting hurt Healthy workers are more profitable representatives

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Why Worry: Common Reasons Getting hurt isn't enjoyable!!! Cost of Accidents

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TOTAL COST OF LOST TIME INJURIES AND OCCUPATIONAL DEATHS Total Costs USA = $121,000,000,000 Source: National Safety Council, 1996

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Cost of Accidents: Total Cost of Injuries Direct costs Indirect costs Cost run Up to $4 backhanded for each $1 coordinate © 2003 Texas Mutual Insurance Co.

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Titanic Hidden Cost of Accidents $1 $4 or more

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Hidden Cost of Accidents Indirect Costs: at least 4 times coordinate cost Not regularly secured by protection Deducted from organization overall revenue $1 Titanic $4 or more

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To pay for a mishap with an aggregate cost of $500 A soda bottler would need to container and offer more than 61,000 jars of pop A sustenance packer would need to can and offer more than 235,000 jars of corn A pastry kitchen would need to heat and offer more than 235,000 doughnuts A temporary worker would need to pour and complete 3,000 square feet of cement A prepared blend organization would need to convey 20 truckloads of cement A clearing contractual worker must lay 900 feet of two-path black-top street

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True Cost of Accidents Accident Description An ironworker was coordinating the situation of a rebar package emptied from a flatbed in the laydown yard. While going down, the laborer stumbled in a little gap as the package was being brought down to the ground. The specialist bent his lower leg and seriously wounded his foot. The crane administrator could lift the heap rapidly off his foot while a couple of different specialists in the zone came to help him. The crane administrator and 3 different laborers halted movement to help convey the harmed specialist to the foreman's truck for transport to the center. The damage required an underlying visit to the center for x-beams and treatment, and 2 follow-up visits preceding the specialist being discharged with no work limitations. He lost 2 days of work.

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Direct (Insured) Accident Costs Medical Treatment $250 No Lost-Time Benefits $0 Temporary Income Benefits-TIBs

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Indirect (Hidden) Accident Costs

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Indirect (Hidden) Accident Costs

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Indirect (Hidden) Accident Costs Total Hours Spent For Accident 68 Hours Total Indirect Costs $1,412 About 5.5 circumstances the DIRECT COSTS!

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More cost of mishaps

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Why Worry: Common Reasons Getting hurt isn't entertaining!!! Cost of Accidents Legal Issues and Liability

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Legal Issues and Liability subsequently of security infringement: You can be named in a claim Criminal allegations might be recorded against You can be refered to by an authorization office You can be fined by a requirement organization Your working environment can be closed around an implementation office

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Legal Issues and Liability Because of individual obligation, and you can be named as a litigant in a claim

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Legal Issues and Liability You can have criminal accusations documented against you. Careless directors and managers have been accused of murder

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Legal Issues and Liability You can be refered to by an authorization organization Your State Department of Labor (DOL) EPA/MDE Federal/State OSHA has specialist to get included

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Legal Issues and Liability You can be fined by a requirement office Federal/State OSHA will issue references first There is present enactment to expand punishments EPA will demand fines… These get genuine costly

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Legal Issues and Liability Cease and halt requests: if the infringement are not kidding enough, offices, for example, DOL, OSHA, and the EPA can (and will) close down the occupation site until the issues are revised.

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So how would you secure yourself? ????????

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Understanding Accident Causes Accidents are brought about by: Unsafe conditions Unsafe acts

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Accident Causes Unsafe Conditions Easiest to adjust (and exceptionally financially savvy) Easiest to avoid Safety reviews Safety investigations Maintenance plans for hardware Encouraging representative revealing Good housekeeping

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Accident Causes Unsafe Acts Most hard to address Changing conduct isn't simple Best forestalled by building up a "wellbeing society"

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Safety Cultures Establish responsibility for security Define security duties

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Establishing Accountability: Performance Evaluations Employees ought to be assessed on their security execution Doing a task accurately incorporates doing it securely Company set of working responsibilities modifications may incorporate bland sets of responsibilities with: "Must take after all broad and security arrangements and techniques as set up by the office, school/division, and college."

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Establishing Accountability Charge back frameworks Safety objectives Accident costs Equipment harm Lost time Accident rates First guide #s Workers comp #s Loss proportions (counting car rates) Safety Activities Safety gatherings, examinations, utilizing PPE

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Defining Accountability Written Work Rules (Safety & Health Program) Effectively Communicated (Training Program) Progressively Enforced

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Hurt at Work You've painstakingly thoroughly considered every one of the points. You've done it a thousand circumstances. It falls into place without any issues for you. You realize what you're doing, its what you've been prepared to do your entire life. Nothing could turn out badly, right ?

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Think Again!

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No beavers were really harmed amid the era of this PowerPoint introduction!

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Thank You are the most critical security gadget in your organization. Drive Safely!