Wellbeing Health Program

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What Kind of Safety Programs Do You Use?. Representative MeetingsCrew Leader AccountabilityEmployee Safety IncentivesSafety Posters. Obvious, Active Senior Management Leadership. approving the vital assets talking about wellbeing procedures and enhancements considering administration responsible for mischance counteractive action exercises and procedures every year evaluating the accomplishment of the security proce

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´╗┐Wellbeing & Health Program

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What Kind of Safety Programs Do You Use? Representative Meetings Crew Leader Accountability Employee Safety Incentives Safety Posters

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Visible, Active Senior Management Leadership approving the essential resources talking about security procedures and upgrades considering administration responsible for mischance counteractive action exercises and procedures every year surveying the achievement of the wellbeing procedure empowering worker contribution.

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Employee Involvement & Recognition Safety groups Conduct mishap examinations w/representatives Conduct wellbeing and wellbeing reviews w/workers Establish program to perceive workers Positive safe conduct fortification

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Medical Treatment & Return-to-Work Practices Procedure for getting therapeutic help to harmed specialists Contact with lost time harmed laborers Return to Work/Transitional Work strategy Cost investment funds on WC premiums Good will toward workers

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Communication Written and additionally verbal criticism to all workers Upward and descending correspondence frameworks Bottom-up correspondence an absolute necessity Employees share thoughts and concerns Input in critical thinking Use suitable dialects Open, genuine and trusting specialized Tools for Communication (reminders, publications, signs)

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Timely Notification of Claims Internal detailing External announcing Benefits of early revealing

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Employee Orientation How is introduction material investigated? Who is included? What amount of time is spent on wellbeing? What sort of follow up is done after introduction is finished? What security points are canvassed in introduction?

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Employee Orientation Topics to be secured: PPE Haz Com Heat/Cold Stress Material Handling Housekeeping Equipment Operation & Safety Food Safety

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Written Safety Programs OSHA Requirements Drug Free Workplace Place Employee Handbook Safety Manual Workplace Violence Procedure Contact your BWC Office to plan a Safety Consultant visit for help.