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Wellbeing and Consumers Directorate-General (DG SANCO) Unit D1, Animal Health and Standing Committees HOWARD BATHO HEAD OF THE IMPORT AND OIE SECTOR

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Imports of creatures and creature items from third nations into the EU – VETERINARY SERVICES AND BIPS

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The EU is the biggest merchant of horticultural items on the planet!

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The European Union: 27 Member States 500 million buyers

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Institutional Triangle: Decision Makers Council of the EU European Parliament Financial control Interpretation of law European Court of Auditors European Commission European Court of Justice Advisory Committees Economic & Social Committee of the Regions

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01/12/2007 Principal Adviser Director General Robert Madelin 01 Audit and assessment 03 Science & Stakeholder relations SANCO structure 02 Strategy and examination Deputy Director General with exceptional duty regarding Directorates D, E, F and Scientific Matters P. Testori Coggi 04 Veterinary control programs C Public Health & Risk evaluation A General Affairs B Consumer Affairs Principal Adviser D Animal Health & Welfare E Safety of the Food Chain F Food & Veterinary Office D1 E1 F1 Biotechnology and Plant wellbeing Country profiles, coordination of follow-up Co-appointment & institutional relations Policy examination & improvement; relations with buyer associations; worldwide relations Program administration Animal Health and Standing Committees Health Information D2 E2 F2 Hygiene & Control measures Food of creature source: warm blooded animals Legal undertakings Animal Welfare and Feed Unfair business rehearses & other shopper insurance enactment Health dangers F3 Food of creature starting point: winged creatures and fish Financial assets and controls Product and administration wellbeing D3 E3 Chemicals, contaminants, pesticides International inquiries (multilateral) Health determinants F4 Food of plant cause Information: frameworks and distributions Protection of legitimate, monetary and other customer interests D4 E4 Food Law, nourishment and naming International inquiries (reciprocal) Health methodology F5 Animal sustenance import controls, deposits Human assets Enforcement and purchaser review Health measures F6 Quality, arranging and advancement Administrative Affairs Grange Risk appraisal

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Objective of EU wellbeing enactment To guarantee an abnormal state of security in connection to open, creature and plant wellbeing in the EU To guarantee that exchange and imports in creatures and their items can occur in safe conditions

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Conditions identifying with imports are proportionate to those for household makers Food must fit in with our norms, regardless of its roots

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The universal setting of EU enactment It takes after WTO guidelines and its SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary) Agreement which takes after OIE & CODEX models It is deductively based: the European Food Safety Authority (in Parma, Italy) gives logical counsel to the Commission and to Member States

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Yes, we do have high sustenance security benchmarks Need them to avoid presentation of creature and plant illnesses Serious shopper worry about sustenance wellbeing issues Enable exchange inside the EU and with Third Countries Result – elevated requirements yet identical for inward exchange and imports

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General rule Animal items or live creatures ought to just be approved for passage into the Community if there is no potential hazard to creature or general wellbeing identifying with: birthplace item creature

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Risk evaluation Origin Country Establishment Product Type: hamburger offal, sheep meat… Treatment: temperature, pH, deboned… Purpose: human utilization, bolster … Animal Species Disease

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Implementing enactment - Import necessities Origin Animal wellbeing status Animal wellbeing enactment Structure and powers of veterinary administrations Product Certificate Animal (transport, clinical exam, butcher… ) Treatment (temperature, deboned… ) Animal Certificate Quarantine Testing

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Controls at EU outskirt keeping in mind the end goal to enter the EU, live creatures and results of creature beginning must be subjected on entry to veterinary checks at the outside wildernesses of the Community at fringe investigation posts (BIPs) BIPs must be affirmed and recorded by Commission administrations for various wares, including creatures Advance cautioning of the import must be given to the powers in charge of the BIP Dedicated line for creatures Documentary, personality, physical look at are conveyed in the BIP (Commission Decision 94/360/EC) TRACES

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The control chain Import enactment : Origin Product Enforcement Third nation BIP European Community Controls on intracommunity exchange creature ID creature by-items and waste expansive measures and controls infection counteractive action bio-security On-homestead measures and controls

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The authoritative system Animal Health Directive 2002/99/EC Public wellbeing Regulations (EC) No 852/2004, 853/2004 and 854/2004 (Hygiene bundle) Legal premise Implementing Legislation Import prerequisites (rundown of third nations/testaments/and so on) Veterinary checks: Directives 97/78/EC and 91/496/EEC and authority controls: Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 (Feed and Food) Enforcement enactment

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COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2002/99/EC setting out the creature wellbeing rules overseeing the generation, handling, dissemination and presentation of results of creature inception for human utilization (OJ No. L 18, 23.1.2003, p. 11)

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COMMISSION DECISION (2005/93/EC) as respects transitional arrangements concerning the presentation and the capacity time frame for dispatches of specific results of creature source in traditions stockrooms in the Community

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COMMISSION DECISION 2005/92/EC as respects creature wellbeing conditions, affirmation and transitional arrangements concerning the presentation and capacity period for transfers of specific results of creature inception in free zones, free distribution centers and premises of administrators providing cross fringe method for ocean transport in the Community

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Personal and unlawful imports Council Regulation (EC) No 745/2004 Lays down perpetual tenets counteracting individual relegations of meat and drain from entering the EU Awareness to Passengers Enforcement Information on the aftereffects of the implementation of this control must be sent by MSs to the Commission each year (prior to 1 March).

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INTERNATIONAL CATERING WASTE What transpires? Burned or profound covered Are you certain? Check it!! ONE OF THE KEY CRITICAL POINTS

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Conclusion EU enactment is not a deterrent to exchange, it is vital to exchange Follows WTO/SPS worldwide aides No reason for having great conditions for imports if no veterinary control at BIP. Impractical to have a zero hazard! Keep in mind providing food squander NOT for pig sustain.

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Thank you for your consideration

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Find out more Visit our site http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/health_consumer/index_en.htm

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