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Georges-Pierre Seurat. Conceived December 2, 1859 in Paris, FranceFounder of NeoimpressionismDeveloped a style that utilized little spots of unadulterated colorBelieved feelings could be passed on through shading. . Display. Vincent van Gogh. Conceived March 30, 1853, NetherlandsPioneer of ExpressionismLife was tormented by passionate instabilityDuring his stay in a mental doctor's facility, he made one of his best known compositions,

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Well known Artists Van Gogh Seurat Picasso Monet Rembrandt Da Vinci

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Georges-Pierre Seurat Born December 2, 1859 in Paris, France Founder of Neoimpressionism Developed a style that utilized little spots of unadulterated shading Believed feelings could be passed on through shading Gallery

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Vincent van Gogh Born March 30, 1853, Netherlands Pioneer of Expressionism Life was tormented by passionate flimsiness During his stay in a mental healing facility, he made one of his best known compositions, The Starry Night Gallery

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Pablo Picasso Born October 25, 1881, Spain Work was frequently ordered into periods: Blue, Rose, and African Influenced periods Co-Founder of Cubism Produced more than 13, 500 artworks Gallery

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Claude Monet Born November 14, 1840,Paris, France Fond of painting controlled nature: Landscapes and seascapes Due to waterfalls, a large number of his depictions contain red tones, which is basic of waterfall casualties Gallery

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Rembrandt Born July 15, 1606, Netherlands Utilized chiaroscuro in his specialty Produced more than 600 sketches, 300 etchings, and 200 drawings Themes in his canvases were for the most part religious and metaphorical Gallery

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Leonardo da Vinci Born April 15, 1452, Italy Known for being a creator, painter, anatomist, and designer His acclaimed depictions incorporate Mona Lisa and The Last Supper Kept journals with his thoughts written in reverse Gallery

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Vocabulary Chiaroscuro (Italian for lightdark) is characterized as a strong differentiation amongst light and dull. Impressionism was a nineteenth century craftsmanship development that started as a free relationship of Paris-based specialists who started openly showing their specialty in the 1860s. The name of the development is gotten from Claude Monet's Impression, Sunrise (Impression, soleil levant). Cubism is a more present day craftsmanship development in which structures are disconnected by utilizing a scientific way to deal with the question and painting the essential geometric strong of the subject.

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Vocabulary Abstract Expressionism is a style of painting in which the painter demonstrates his identity through spontaneity.  Most theoretical expressionist workmanship is not a composition of a protest or picture, but rather a study in shading and brush stroke.  Fauvism is a brief painting style in mid twentieth century France, which included striking, conflicting, self-assertive hues - hues inconsequential to the presence of structures in the characteristic world. Henri Matisse was its best-known expert. The word fauve signifies "wild monster."


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