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Apply before the due date (June 19, 2009) for Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship thought ... to McMaster, which give grant and bursary subsidizing to ...

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Welcome to the McMaster University Financial Aid & Scholarship Overview Revised: May 5, 2009

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Overview of Presentation Government Assistance OSAP, Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarships, Ontario Textbook & Technology Grant McMaster Scholarships Entrance Awards McMaster Financial Aid Bursaries, Work Programs External Scholarships & Bursaries To help understudies recognize subsidizing alternatives for post-auxiliary training Questions will be tended to toward the end of the presentation For more data contact: Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships McMaster University (905) 525-9140 ext. 24319 Email awards@mcmaster.ca or visit http://sfas.mcmaster.ca

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Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships We put resources into understudy accomplishment through the conveyance of government and University money related guide and grant programs. Understudy credits (e.g. OSAP), bursaries, scholarly allows and work programs help understudies who exhibit monetary need. Grants are conceded in acknowledgment of an understudy's scholastic accomplishment. We're your one-stop look for: Federal & Provincial Student Aid Programs Scholarship Programs University Bursary Programs Work Programs Confidential Counseling Budgeting Strategies & Tips

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OSAP Purpose/Process What is OSAP?* The Ontario Student Assistance Program Allows understudies, who meet Ontario residency necessities, to get to coordinated Federal and Provincial understudy help Assists understudies in meeting the expenses of post-optional instruction * OSAP data in this presentation is exact at time of production and subject to change. Understudies ought to allude to the OSAP site for affirmation as well as illumination of any data.

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OSAP Purpose/Process How do understudies apply? Online at http://osap.gov.on.ca (It's FREE!) PDF document from http://osap.gov.on.ca ($10.00 to prepare) For more data, visit the OSAP Access Window at http://accesswindow.osap.gov.on.ca

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OSAP Purpose/Process Deadlines for 2009-2010? By June 19, 2009 for Queen Elizabeth II ("Aiming for the Top") thought By July 15, 2009 if the understudy expects to utilize OSAP to cover McMaster educational cost and charges No later than 90 days before the end of the study time frame if enlisting full-time in the fall/winter session (* subsidizing is diminished the later in the study time frame that the understudy applies )

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OSAP Purpose/Process Who is qualified to apply? Canadian nationals, Permanent occupants and Protected people in Canada who meet Ontario residency necessities Students who plan to go to full-time in 2009-2010 (60% course stack/40% for understudies with perpetual inabilities) We suggest every single qualified understudy apply!

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OSAP Purpose/Process How much may understudies hope to get? OSAP considers program costs, essential living costs, parental pay and understudy salary Other variables: Number of dependants in family Number of dependants at a post-auxiliary organization Student's benefits 2008-2009 most extreme OSAP qualification was $350 every week of study

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OSAP Purpose/Process Application blunders? Extra data required? It is the STUDENT'S obligation to: Check application status on the OSAP site Verify application is sans mistake Submit signature pages and all supporting documentation demands Funding is not discharged until all supporting documentation is gotten and handled by the Financial Aid Office

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OSAP Purpose/Process How do understudies see privilege? Understudies may see their privilege online at http://osap.gov.on.ca How do McMaster understudies get financing? Face to face with recognizable proof noted underneath; points of interest are posted late summer on Student Financial Aid & Scholarships site at http://sfas.mcmaster.ca Proof of Social Insurance Number (SIN card – photocopy is adequate, or a bit of Government of Canada authority documentation, for example, Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment, a Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions or a Confirmation of Social Insurance Number from Service Canada) Validated understudy ID card, legitimate government personal ID (i.e. driver's permit, photograph wellbeing card, Canadian international ID and so forth.) and individual managing an account data/void check The surname and given name on the understudy's confirmation of SIN must be the surname and given name gave on the OSAP application. All distinguishing proof exhibited must be in these names Students will be required to sign an "affirmation of enrolment" to confirm pay, address and program of study data

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OSAP Purpose/Process Can understudies offer their OSAP evaluation/qualification? Bids give included adaptability gave by the MTCU to permit understudies to be considered for OSAP or to expand qualification Must meet states of particular sorts of advances and supporting documentation prerequisites Students ought to visit their Financial Aid Offices to examine requests

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Queen Elizabeth II "Going for the Top" Scholarships Awarded on the premise of scholastic magnificence Value of grant in light of money related need $100 least to $3500 most extreme, not to surpass genuine educational cost/necessary charges Renewable up to 4 years, understudy must keep up a 80% (9.5 at McMaster) normal in an OSAP-characterized full-course stack Students apply to be considered through their OSAP application

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OSAP "How-To" Checklist 1. Apply on-line at http://osap.gov.on.ca Application opens mid to late May *Apply before the due date (June 19, 2009) for Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship thought 2. Forward all required mark pages and supporting documentation to the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships. Make certain that both you and your parent(s) have marked any pages that require a signature. Returned signature pages are required to finish the handling of your OSAP application. OSAP subsidizing is not issued until all required documentation is gotten. 3. Give agree to parent(s) to get to your record (in the event that you wish) 4. Check Your Application Status Return to the OSAP site regularly to track the status of your application.

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OSAP Application Status Overview Are You "OSAP-Eligible"? Confirm the measure of your financing on the OSAP site. Get subsidizing IN-PERSON . You MUST have legitimate confirmation of SIN, a substantial McMaster Student ID Card, substantial Government-issued Photo ID and a void check or potentially managing an account data. Discharge data can be found on our site http://sfas.mcmaster.ca . Coordinate OSAP to McMaster to cover educational cost and charges. Remaining sums are coordinated to your own ledger. Do you have "Remarkable Documentation"? Take after guidelines or contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships (SFAS) if additional data is required. Give back all supporting documentation to SFAS. Is it true that you are "Not OSAP-Eligible"? Visit the SFAS office to audit your document and talk about accessible claims.

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Textbook & Technology Grant Ontario's yearly Textbook and Technology Grant (TTG) helps junior college and college understudies pay for course readings and PC costs. It is accessible to full-time understudies who meet all requirements for OSAP help. Understudies apply for the give through their 2009-2010 OSAP application. The allow is esteemed at $150 per scholarly year. For more data, please visit the OSAP site at https://osap.gov.on.ca/eng/not_secure/ttg_12.htm

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McMaster Entrance Awards McMaster Entrance Awards are naturally allowed to Level 1 understudies, entering University specifically from a Canadian secondary school, who have a last affirmation normal of 80.00% or higher to their program of study The last confirmation normal for an Entrance Award is computed utilizing last characteristics of the requirements for the understudy's picked program of study in addition to the following best U or U/M courses to a sum of six last grades. Extra focuses for understudies in the International Baccalaureate program are incorporated into the computation of definite affirmation normal for grant purposes. ( See terms and conditions in the Undergraduate Calendar) There are four levels of McMaster Entrance Awards: 95% + $3,000 90% - 94.99% $2,000 85% - 89.99% $1,000 80% - 84.99% $ 750

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McMaster Financial Aid Programs Bursaries Student must present a bursary application Undergraduate bursary application is accessible September 15 every year Application handle & due dates at http://sfas.mcmaster.ca First need is to help OSAP beneficiaries

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McMaster Work Programs There are three Work Programs at McMaster: Ontario Work-Study Program Available from September to April McWork Program Available from May to August International Students' Work Program Available from September to April and May to August

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McMaster Work Programs Ontario Work-Study Program Government program under OSAP umbrella Needs-based Minimum 60% course stack, 40% for understudies with inabilities Average 10 hours for every week Applications accessible August 1 st of every scholastic year

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McMaster Work Programs McWork (Summer) Program McMaster-subsidized program Needs-based Students more likely than not been full-time, students, and be coming back to full-time scholastic studies the next September to finish their college degree to be viewed as Most employments are full-time No greatest on income Applications are accessible beginning March 1 st of every scholarly year

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McMaster Work Programs International Students' Work Program McMaster-supported program Needs-based Applications accessible internet starting March 1 st for summer work and August 1 st for fall/winter examine

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External Scholarships & Bursaries There are many associations, outer to McMaster, which give grant and bursary financing to understudies proceeding with the