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Themes. Discipline ProgramClass RewardsClassroom StandardsClassroom RulesClassroom ProceduresHomework. Classroom Standards. Be situated before the chime rings (be prepared to begin when class starts). You have the initial two minutes of class to duplicate the agenda.Be arranged for class (have work, books, and gear needed).Be aware of others ( use deferential dialect and conduct..

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Welcome To Mr. Schammann's Class Computers and Advanced Computers

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Topics Discipline Program Class Rewards Classroom Standards Classroom Rules Classroom Procedures Homework

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Classroom Standards Be situated before the chime rings (be prepared to begin when class starts). You have the initial two minutes of class to duplicate the motivation. Be set up for class (have work, books, and gear required). Be conscious of others ( utilize aware dialect and conduct.

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Complete all assignments. Take after Directions. Tune in to the educator when he is tending to the class.

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Classroom Rules The three essential components we requirement for making an awesome classroom condition are: Safety Courtesy Respect

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Classroom Procedures Bathroom Breaks Pencil Sharpening Speaking Out in Class Calling on Students Whole Group Responses Transitions Classroom Dismissal Teacher Instructions

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Bathroom Breaks Only to be taken in crises. On the off chance that the benefit is manhandled then it will be taken away. The school does not allow extra time in the restrooms. A ticket must be given to utilize the lavatory. Try not to compose on any tickets until the pool.

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Pencil Sharpening Raise your hand to utilize the sharpener. Don't over hone your pencils. This is a misuse of classroom materials. In the event that you neglect to bring a pencil you can get one for a classroom ticket. Should be possible amid individual or gathering work exercises.

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Speaking Out in Class Raise your hand to stand up or make a remark in class. No talking while another understudy or the educator is talking. We as a whole should go ahead.

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Calling on Students The instructor will approach the understudy that is sitting unobtrusively with their hand up holding up to be called. No hollering to attempt to stand out enough to be noticed.

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Whole Group Responses Students will react as of now with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Kindly don't get out right now.

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Transitions Students have one moment to talk between exercises. Utilize this opportunity to get where you should be.

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Classroom Dismissal The educator rejects the class not the chime. Understudies will be rejected by column. You should tidy up around your work territory before you take off. Leave the room securely after you have been expelled.

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Teacher Instruction Never intrude on the instructor while he is talking. The educator will stand out enough to be noticed by utilizing a chime. On the off chance that the class does not react promptly to the ringer the class will lose class focuses.

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Homework Students will be reviewed on: Group Projects Individual Work

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Paper Format First, Last name in the upper left hand corner. Date Period Class Name

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A point framework will be utilized to review work: Group Projects = 50 focuses Activities = 5 focuses

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Discipline Program Teacher pulls a classroom ticket. At the point when tickets have been depleted then the understudy proceeds onward to step 2. Detainment Parent Contact Office Referral Conference

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For real offenses understudies may endure loss of investment in understudy occasions or suspension.

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Rewards System Class Rewards Individual Rewards

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Class Rewards The class is granted 10 focuses toward the start of every week. Focuses are additionally granted for consummation of assignments, classroom conduct, class soul and participation. Class focuses are posted on the week initially.

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50 focuses = film 75 focuses = diversion day 100 focuses = Ice Cream party Voting for these occasions happen each Friday. The occasions themselves happen on Friday.

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Raffle A wager will be hung on the last Friday of the month. As of now tickets will be passed out to the class. Five tickets will be given to every individual in the class. Just place your name on the tickets when you are handing them over for the wager.

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Materials You Will Need 2 Glue Sticks Box of Pencils 2 Red Pens 2 Black Pens Scotch Tape Pencil Sharpener With Cover Scissors Color Pens or Pencils 3 Ring Binder White Lined Paper Flash drive and Floppy with case

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What is a Flash Drive and why do I require it? Before we answer that we should investigate distinctive sorts of compact memory.

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Floppy Disk This kind of memory conveys 3 uber chomps of memory that can be put away on this little plate. It can be effectively harmed which implies that work you have finished can be lost. Very little can be put away on this particularly "Control Point" introductions. These plates can be acquired for 20 for five dollars.

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Flash Drive These can be connected to any drive and are nearly break verification. The standard is around 128 super nibbles. It will store everything including your photos and music and does not require a burner. They go in cost from $20-$75 dollars. This type of compact memory is exceedingly prescribed over alternate recommendations.

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To Answer the question why do I require a blaze drive… … . Streak drives will be utilized to store "Control Point" Presentations and all other electronic records. Every single oral introduction will be on "Power Point". Every single back task will be put away on circle just in the event that you lose them.

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School Internet Site If you miss an address, all the "Control Point" addresses are posted on the Johnson Middle School site. You can visit it at: www.jms.warriors.com Click on educator's corner to discover Mr. Schammann's class.

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Mr. Schammann's Email pschammann@wsd.k12.ca.us All educator messages can be found on the school site at: www.jmswarriors.com