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Go along with us next time for additional, up to the moment, late breaking news that stones your reality. ... Joma Roe, Physics Business Office. Jenny Siemers, Sponsored Programs ...

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Welcome to " Hot Topics" … earlier known as Refresher Training!

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Our Purpose Today Is to Highlight a Variety of Topics That Have Been Identified Through the Business Office and Cluster Meetings. Our Goal Is to Be To the Point While Making This Enjoyable. Much obliged For Attending!

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Each of our Correspondents will have a period for inquiries with respect to the subject they are reporting. Should you have particular inquiries with respect to an occurrence in your general vicinity, please hold those inquiries once we have deferred.

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And Now, It's Time For…

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WSPS NEWS Funded by America! Fueled by You!

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WSPS NEWS I'm your host, Skippy Ledbottom.

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Our Lead Story… Age Discrimination being referred to as a "More youthful" SPS Staff is viewed as With this lead story, here's Chief Hovde Correspondent, Mike Ludwig…

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Welcome to Hot Topics Training Continuous Learning is key to a flourishing association.

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Move Highlights SPS Staff are situated in both YONG and HOVDE Proposals still acknowledged at HOVDE – same day benefit if to HOVDE by 10:00 a.m. New Organizational Structures Open House for YONG

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Ready, AIMS, Fire! Our Chief Bureau Correspondent, Christy Sprinkles investigates focused on endeavors in getting AIMS up and out… CHRISTY.

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AIMS Website http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/SPS/aims_upgrade/login.html

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Sports with Matt "Distraught Dog" Clawson

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Sports with Matt "Frantic Dog" Clawson O.T.!! Who are the victors and who are the washouts? Distraught Dog?

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Business Procedures Manual Monthly http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/BPM/BPM/monthpy2.htm Bi-Weekly http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/BPM/BPM/biweek.htm CLASSIFICATION OF COST ITEMS - Governmental Blue Book http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/Costing/BPM/cost3.htm

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Subcontractors… contractual workers in submarines. Here's our Oceanography Correspondent, "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean" Taylor Bonnie!

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Charging Cost Tables To our Utilities Correspondent, Leslie Vogel. Leslie, I see you've incorporated a photograph of your better half. What's up with that?

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Unlike Circumstance: an example that requires unique clarification and avocation.

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"Identifications… we needn't bother with no stinkin' identifications!" Our Western Correspondent, Jenny Siemers. Uh, Skippy, that is spending plans, not identifications.

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Prior Approval Website http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/SPS/html/prior.html

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Web-errific Resources! With yet another shot of her better half, Leslie Vogel… Leslie!

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To the Travel Desk Our Travel Correspondent, reporting the distance from Istanbul, Turkey, Joma Roe… Joma.

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Important Websites: http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/SPS/html/travelspsfunds.html http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/Travel/spons1.htm#allowability

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Now, to the Garment District on the Upper East Side… And our Clothing Accounts master, Matt "Frantic Dog" Clawson with this story. Matt, being a games fellow, you're pulling twofold obligation?!

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Staying with Closing Accounts Our Gardening Expert, Joma Roe on Hugging Cucumbers. Joma! "That is Encumbrances, Skippy!"

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And at long last, news of a Family Feud… The Hatfields and McCoys… Purdue and IU. Every single honest to goodness fight. Yet, today's story is on 670 versus 671 Our Human Interest journalist, Jenny Siemers.

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WSPS News Thanks You for Making Research @ Purdue Thrive! Go along with us next time for additional, up to the moment, late breaking news that stones your reality. This is Skippy Ledbottom saying… Search and Research!

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That's All, Folks!

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WSPS News Correspondents

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WSPS News Correspondents Jeff Buchanan, Sponsored Programs Matt Clawson, Psych. & Foreign Lang. Transport. Ofc. Mike Ludwig, Sponsored Programs Joma Roe, Physics Business Office Jenny Siemers, Sponsored Programs Christy Sprinkles, Sponsored Programs Bonnie Taylor, Sponsored Programs Leslie Vogel, SPS/Discovery Park