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Brilliant screen channel. Cross site scripting(XSS) channel. Space ... A resizable web-hunt enclose the toolbar which uses Google on the Mac and either Google ...

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´╗┐WEB BROWSERS Ceren Bakkaloglu

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Internet Explorer 7 Tabbed perusing Tab bunches Streamlined Interface Advanced printing Instant inquiry box RSS channels Page zoom Active-X pick ins Security status bar Phishing channel Cross space boundaries Delete perusing history Address bar assurance Protected mode & parental control Platform similarity

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Internet Explorer 8 ACCELERATORS

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Internet Explorer 8 ENHANCED NAVIGATION and INCREASED PERFORMANCE Compatibility see Enhanced selected perusing Better find on page Smarter address bar Improved zoom Better back catch Redesigned tab page Browse with InPrivate Reopen shut tabs Reopen last perusing session

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Internet Explorer 8 IMPROVED FAVORITES AND HISTORY MANAGEMENT Enhanced Favorites Bar One Click Favorites RSS channels on Favorites bar History sorting&searching

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Internet Explorer 8 INSTANT SEARCH and WEB SLICES Search proposals Visual pursuit

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Internet Explorer 8 SAFE AND SECURE In private perusing and sifting Enhanced erase perusing history Tab confinement Crash recuperation Anti-phishing Smart screen channel Cross webpage scripting(XSS) channel Domain highlighting

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Mozilla Fireworks 3 PERSONAL Library Tags Smart Location Bar On-snap bookmarking Smart bookmark organizers

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Mozilla Fireworks 3 SECURITY Instant site ID Anti malware Parental controls Anti-infection programming Add-ons Password supervisor Anti-phishing Clear pivate information Customized Security Settings Automated overhaul Pop-up blocker

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Mozilla Fireworks 3 CUSTOMIZATION & PRODUCTIVITY Add-ons administrator Customization Platform-Native Look & Feel Feed Reader Download Manager Spell Checking Session Restore Full Zoom Image Loading

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Mozilla Fireworks 3 SEARCH & TABS Smart Keywords Search recommendations Integrated web seek Many web indexes Find Tabs Reopen shut tabs Drag and reorder tabs Save on leave Smooth looking over

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Mozilla Fireworks 3 UNIVERSAL ACCESS & PERFORMANCE Universal Customization The Language of Firefox Emphasis on Accessibility Improved Text Rendering Smaller Memory Footprint Faster Page Load Graphics Engine Improvements Offline Browsing Tips&shortcuts

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Google Chrome One box for everything New tab page Application shortcts Dynamic tabs Crash control Safe perusing Instant bookmarks Importing settings Simpler downloads Features video

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Opera 9.6 Opera connect Quick discover Feed review Opera mail New program motor Quick and adaptable Web seek Trash can Speed Dial Mouse signal Customize your program

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Safari FEATURES Bookmark Management A resizable web-look enclose the toolbar which utilizes Google on the Mac and either Google or Yahoo! on Windows Pop-up advertisement blocking History and bookmark look Text seek , Spell-checkin g Expandable content boxes Automatic filling in of web structures Built-in secret word administration by means of Keychain Subscribing to and perusing web bolsters Inline PDF seeing Integration with iPhoto photograph administration Mail coordination Surf securely,128 bit encryption Parental control - Safari is a web program created by Apple Inc. - It turned into Apple's default browser(since Mac OS v10.3,OS X Panther) - Apple additionally made Safari local program for iPhone.

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Netscape Navigator 9 Netscape Navigator 9 is the latest and last arrival of the Netscape arrangement of programs created by the Netscape Communications division of parent . On December , 2007 Netscape designers reported that AOL would stop their web program . Netscape reconsidered this date to March , 2008 and offered bolster for relocation to Mozilla Firefox .

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Maxthon China-based freeware web program for W indows , "Enjoyable to explore" FEATURES Tabbed perusing Mouse motions Smart Accelerator Magic fill Feed peruser URL Alias Utilities Ad Hunter Web sniffer Anti stop Super drag&drop Undo list Online Favorites Service Super intermediary Web bar URL Key Screen catch Securiy overhauls Trusted site check Clean private information Plugins,skins,filter pack Multi dialect

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WEB BROWSER STATISTICS USAGE SHARE : in web program measurements, is the rate of guests to a gathering of sites that utilization a specific program. For instance, when it is said that Internet Explorer has 67% use share, it implies Internet Explorer is utilized by 67% of guests that visit a given arrangement of locales. Ordinarily, the client operator string is utilized to distinguish which program a guest is utilizing. The idea of program rates for the Web group of onlookers by and large is now and again called program entrance.

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WEB BROWSER STATISTICS http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser-ww-day by day 20080701-20090413-bar

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WEB BROWSER STATISTICS http://www.onestat.com/html/public statement worldwide program piece of the overall industry april-2009.html http://www.onestat.com/html/aboutus_pressbox.html

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FutureMark Peacekeeper http://service.futuremark.com/peacekeeper/index.action Peacekeeper the program benchmark will run an extensive variety of tests that will quantify the execution of your program. Once total, Peacekeeper will show the outcomes in a straightforward chart alongside the execution subtle elements of different programs on different frameworks. By running Peacekeeper on an assortment of various programs you will have the capacity to discover which program works best for your framework.