Waterfront Community of Practice Information from the 16-17 May 2006 Meeting

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NAN New YorkFIMP Storm Damage Reduction Project Coastal Ecosystem RestorationNAE New EnglandBeach fill Nourishment and Cobble and GravelRSMPOH HawaiiNavigation alignmentRSMMilitary Shore ProtectionSPL Los AngelesCoastal Sediment Master Plan (RSM)Ecosystem RestorationStorm Damage ReductionDMMPNavigationSAJ JacksonvilleBreakwaters

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Beach front Community of Practice Information from the 16-17 May 2006 Meeting What sorts of Coastal Projects are the District's chipping away at? Synopsis of Issues Recommendations

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SAS Savannah Harbor Deepening/Expansion Beach Nourishment Ecosystem Restoration SPN San Francisco Ecosystem Restoration O&M digging BW Repair LTMS NAP Philadelphia Construction of seawalls Beach Nourishment Tidal Inlet Model NAB Baltimore Island Restoration Tidal Wetland Restoration DMMP Hurricane Evacuation POA Alaska Harbors Shore Protection Storm Damage Reduction – Barrow EIS Deep Draft Cook Inlet Modeling NAN New York FIMP Storm Damage Reduction Project Coastal Ecosystem Restoration NAE New England Beach fill Nourishment and Cobble and Gravel RSM POH Hawaii Navigation arrangement RSM Military Shore Protection SPL Los Angeles Coastal Sediment Master Plan (RSM) Ecosystem Restoration Storm Damage Reduction DMMP Navigation SAJ Jacksonville Breakwaters – Rehabilitation Beach Nourishment Sediment Transport FCCE PIR – tropical storm appraisal SAW/SAC Wilmington/Charleston Storm Damage Reduction Beach Nourishment - Wrightsville Monitoring Programs Harbor Monitoring – Sand Bypassing RSM PL99s Lighthouse Protection

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LRC Chicago Beaches Revetments O&M Beach and Dredging Sand Management at Inlets LRE Detroit Rehab harbors – O&M Aquatic environment Beneficial Use of Dredge material Dredging Wave Studies – Marinas LRB Buffalo Section 14s Beach Nourishment/Monitoring at Presque Isle Circulation and Thermal Plume Modeling in Western Lake Erie for Toledo Harbor HRU's Navigation Brochure for the Great Lake areas SWG Galveston Hurricane Evacuation MVN New Orleans LACPR NWS Seattle O&M Numerical and Physical Models LTMS – Channel Realignment Tribal Reservation Preservation Puget Sound Restoration Master Plan NMP Portland Mouth of Columbia River RSM – Pilot and Dredge Fate Monitoring Structures (11 ventures) SAM Mobile Savannah/Mobile Regional Planning Center Hurricane Recovery O&M Navigation Jetty Repair Section 14 Walton County NAO Norfolk Virginia Beach resort renourishment Sandbridge renourishment Willoughby Bay Storm Reduction Feasibility Study utilizing BeachFX Planning biological system reclamation ventures Initial periods of RSM

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Issues Field needs data on center R&D endeavors Framework and Direction of the Coastal CoP (Executive Committee makeup) How does the field get its R&D Issues Known? In what manner will the CoP get to be distinctly required in the advancement of refreshed plan criteria? No Coastal individual at HQ

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Recommendations Update RSM/SWWRP (System-Wide Water Resources Program) site page More coordination with the HH&C CoP Provide CERB waterfront activity actuality sheets (refreshed) to the field. Practice the Technical Excellence Network (TEN) to fit with the Coastal Community (crosswise over orders) Field Feedback re: controlling boards of trustees w/MSC HQ proponency, specialized executives – give rundown to field CIRP site More Project specialized introductions at the following CoP mtg with chances to talk about issues and difficulties More Interaction with CHL & EL