Water Quality Benchmarks

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2007 Western Region Pesticide Meeting May 17, 2007 Water Quality Benchmarks The What's and Why's of Their Application

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Water Quality Benchmarks Beginning this year, states accepting government FIFRA stores for water quality assurance (surface and groundwater) must assess 58 (Pesticides of Interest) to figure out whether any are to be viewed as (Pesticides of Concern).

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Water Quality Benchmarks 58 add up to pesticides on the rundown 27 of which have set up MCL's or HAL's

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Water Quality Benchmarks Pesticide(s) of Concern: Pesticide for which a human wellbeing or natural reference point* is probably going to be drawn closer or surpassed in limited territories of a State or Tribe. * MCL's and HAL's utilized as reference focuses

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Water Quality Benchmarks Example: Chlorpyrifos Federal HAL 2 ug/L 20% HAL .4 ug/L half HAL 1 ug/L 75% HAL 1.5 ug/L Various levels trigger heightening administration exercises

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Water Quality Benchmarks How are reference focuses figured out whether no MCL or HAL exists?

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Water Quality Benchmarks Health Based Screening Levels (HBSL) HBSL's are benchmark centralizations of contaminants in water that might be of potential sympathy toward human wellbeing, if surpassed.

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Water Quality Benchmarks HBSL's are non-enforceable benchmarks that were produced by the USGS and USEPA utilizing USEPA procedures for drinking-water rules and human-wellbeing lethality data.

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Water Quality Benchmarks HBSL's are computed in view of whether the pesticide is viewed as: 1) Carcinogen 2) Possible Carcinogen 3) Non-Carcinogen

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Water Quality Benchmarks Example: Azinphos-methyl No Federal MCL or HAL HBSL 10 ug/L 20% HBSL 2 ug/L half HBSL 5 ug/L 75% HBSL 7.5 ug/L Trigger levels now in view of uniform reference point

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Water Quality Benchmarks Aquatic Life Benchmarks Water quality benchmarks (ALB's) for amphibian life and fish-eating untamed life are evaluations of focuses above which pesticides may effectsly affect these objective gatherings.

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Water Quality Benchmarks Aquatic life benchmarks depend on an assortment of set up criteria for intense and incessant impacts to fish, spineless creatures, oceanic vascular and non-vascular plants

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Water Quality Benchmarks http://ca.water.usgs.gov/pnsp/bars/circ1291/supporting_info.php

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Water Quality Benchmarks notwithstanding application in assessing "Pesticides of Concern" HBSL's and ALB's will roughly twofold the "reference point" numbers accessible to states in deciding suitable reaction to pesticide events in ground and surface waters.

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Water Quality Benchmarks Use as support for activity under existing power, Health Agencies? In the event that legitimate… move towards selection in State (Water Quality or Drinking Water Standard) Additional direction (government) to states on benchmark utilize?

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Water Quality Benchmarks For more data contact: Kirk Cook, LG, LHG Natural Resource Assessment Section Washington Department of Agriculture (360) 902-1936 kcook@agr.wa.gov