Water Pollution

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Water ought to be one of our most valuable assets

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Water ought to be one of our most valuable assets… yet why? Our bodies are comprised of 66% water We should have water to survive We can live weeks without nourishment yet just a FEW DAYS WITHOUT WATER

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The Earth's Water 95% of the world's water is SALT WATER (seas) 5% of the world's water is FRESH WATER (waterways, lakes, streams) Only 1% of the FRESH WATER is accessible for our utilization

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How much water do you think one individual uses every day? One individual uses around 80-100 gallons of water each day! That is a considerable measure of H 2 O!

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drinking water watering blooms/grass dishwashers washing autos brushing teeth dishwashers showering/showering washing hands How Do We Use Water?

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Does this imply I contaminate? Water POLLUTION is placing things in the water that don't have a place. Water contamination starts in our homes. When we wash our hands, brush our teeth, or do clothing, we are dirtying the water. When all that toothpaste and cleanser you simply used to clean your teeth, hands, body and garments spirals down the deplete, it gets to be WASTEWATER.

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So, where does the wastewater go when it leaves our homes? The wastewater goes through channels called a sewer framework. The sewer framework conveys the wastewater from your home to the Sanitation District No. 1's Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Treatment Plant's occupation is to SANITIZE , or clean the wastewater that simply left your home. The wastewater experiences 3 phases of treatment: synthetic, natural, and physical.

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Step 1: Chemical Treatment Chlorine is the main compound that SD1 employments. It is added to the wastewater.

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Step Two: Physical Gravity pulls the strong waste to the base of the treatment tanks. These solids are called SLUDGE.

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Step Three: Biological In this stage, SD1 copies nature. Modest MICROORGANISMS that live off the oxygen in the water eat around 92% of the waste that is left after the initial two stages of treatment. At the point when the microorganisms are full, they sink to the base getting to be muck. The muck is scratched from the base of the tank and is isolated from the water.

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NOW READY FOR THE OHIO... The once wastewater has been through three stages of treatment and is currently protected to be come back to the Ohio River.

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As water goes through the water cycle, what poisons go along ? From individuals From boulevards From neighborhoods/groups From organizations/industrial facilities Any others

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Pollution inquiries to consider... What have you found in our general vicinity waterways, lakes, lakes and streams that don't have a place there? How could they arrive? Would we be able to ever come up short on crisp water? What would we be able to do to help with the issue of water contamination?