Washington State County Road Administration Board

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Outline of Road Levy Diversion. Redirection Issue History. CRAB made by the Legislature in 1965Standards of Good Practice defined. Office Focus. Improve polished skill inside of County Road Departments all through the stateEnsure consistence by County Road Departments with received statutes and regulations.

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Washington State County Road Administration Board

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Overview of Road Levy Diversion

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Diversion Issue History CRAB made by the Legislature in 1965 Standards of Good Practice planned

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Agency Focus Enhance polished skill inside County Road Departments all through the state Ensure consistence by County Road Departments with received statutes and directions

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Duties of the CRABoard RCW 36.78.070 Standards of Good Practice Reporting necessities Determine consistence Advise regions Administer give programs

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Organization Nine part board Elected authorities and province engineers Distribution of participation Population Geographic Support staff Sixteen individuals

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Standards of Good Practice Standards for "the organization of region streets and the proficient development of individuals and products over area streets". RCW 36.78 WAC 136-12 through 136-70 Compliance confirmed through different reports and authority district visits

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Certificate of Good Practice Annual accreditation County Engineer and Legislative Authority must ensure consistence with Standards of Good Practice Forwarded to State Treasurer for payment of gas assessment income

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Grant Programs Rural Arterial Program (RAP) — 1983 Reconstruction of province rustic blood vessel framework County Arterial Preservation Program (CAPP) — 1990 Preservation of provincial and urban cleared arterials

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Road Levy (Property Tax) Authority: Over 33% of region street incomes are nearby property charges Senior Levy Limits: $1.80/$1,000 for current costs $2.25/$1,000 for streets Sum of tolls can't surpass $4.05/$1,000 Property Tax Levy – RCW 84.52.043 Road Fund Levy – RCW 36.82.040

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Road Fund Diversion RCW 36.82.020: "Any assets gathering to… the area street finance… might be exhausted for appropriate street purposes". Stores not consumed for "legitimate street reasons for existing" are said to be redirected" (Small "d" assortment).

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Road Fund Diversion "Preoccupation" or Big "D" alludes to street impose expected for street subsidize however not kept in light of the fact that they are reserved for different purposes. RCW 36.33.220: "… use any part of the district street property assess incomes for any support of be given in the unincorporated territory of the region… " RCW 36.82.040: "… incomes created… might be set in a different and identifiable record inside the region's present cost finance."

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Road Fund Diversion State Auditor's Office recommended strategies for taking care of redirected street exact: Funds occupied appeared as evaluated income Separated from normal property charges Receipted straightforwardly into current cost finance. (Must utilize BARS number and income represent "occupied province street charges") Develop bookkeeping techniques that redirected assets were utilized to give benefits in the unincorporated are of the county

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Traffic Law Enforcement Very little direction on breaking points or meanings of movement law authorization. Check RCW 36.79.140. Permissible "activity law authorization" things: Oversize/overweight vehicle requirement on district streets; Traffic law implementation (work zone speed limits, and so on.) Accident Investigations and related lawful work If gave non-movement law requirement administrations, attempt endeavors to substantiate the rate assignments. Great inner bookkeeping methodology to safeguard supportable cost information.

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Impacts of Diversion RCW 36.79.140: "Just those districts that amid the previous twelve months have spent all incomes gathered for street purposes just for such purposes, including movement law authorization, … are qualified to get stores from the rustic blood vessel confide in record… " Exempt provinces < 8,000 and regions with voter affirmed activity (RCW 84.55.050) Risk losing qualification for RAP reserves, notwithstanding whether a region is utilizing capital "D" redirection or little "d" preoccupation Loss of Certificate of Good practice and may imperil its gas charge incomes

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Certification of Road Levy CRABoard in charge of region qualification for Rural Arterial Program reserves Counties present a Road Levy Certification Form Rate and measure of the street impose Rate and sum for activity law implementation as per RCW 36.33.220 Rate and sum for some other purposes or administration to be given in the unincorporated region of the area (WAC 136-150-021) See RCW 36.79.140 for subtle elements

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Certification of Road Levy Expenditures Certification of Road Levy Expenditures shape must be submitted if: "Occupying" stores for movement law implementation Wants to stay qualified for RAP finances No uncommon bookkeeping prerequisites for consumptions Signed by region sheriff, region reviewer, and seat of the leading group of region chiefs or the region official

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WAC References WAC 136-150-020 Implementing the qualification necessities WAX 136-150-021 Ascertaining the street collect WAC 136-150-022 Ascertaining the uses for activity law authorization

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WAC References WAC 136-150-030 Identifying qualified regions WAC 136-150-040 Constraint of agreement execution WAC 136-150-050 Certification required