Voice correspondences Crisis phone framework Satellite interchanges Information authentic and capacity PC insurance Appl

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Blackberry Devices. Satellite Phones and Service. Number. Name. Administration ... Building generators consolidated with battery reinforcement give a steady power source ...

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Data Services Voice interchanges Emergency phone framework Satellite correspondences Data recorded and capacity PC assurance Application frameworks Message One: Email Failover

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VOICE COMMUNICATIONS Have a question about phone catastrophe readiness arranging? Contact IS Voice Services: Service Name Number Telephone System & Equip. Crisis Telephone System Voicemail, ACD Pagers and Cell Phones Blackberry Devices Satellite Phones & Service Barry Rexford Ivan Howard Marie Leal Janelle Murphy Janelle Murphy Barry Rexford 772-0900 772-0900 772-0900 772-3385 772-3385 772-0900

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VOICE COMMUNICATIONS How the Phone System Works UTMB Telephone System & Network UTMB Telephone System Remote Sites System Survivability Dual Service Pathways from UTMB Campus and Remote Sites to Galveston Central Office. Building generators joined with battery reinforcement give a steady power source to UTMB Telephone Systems.

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VOICE COMMUNICATIONS What to expect – Voice Services Long Distance Calls (Limited on Emergency Telephone System) Local Calls (Limited on Emergency Telephone System) Campus Calls (Emergency Telephone System Activated) Voicemail (Not on Emergency Telephone System) ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)(Not on Emergency Telephone System) Paging Long Range Paging (Will chip away at Emergency Telephone System) In-House 177 Paging (Will take a shot at Emergency Telephone System) Overhead Paging (Only primary doctor's facility on Emergency Telephone System) Message Net Paging (Function of Campus Network) Fax Lines & Machines

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VOICE COMMUNICATIONS Emergency (Orange) Telephones Most are orange and divider mounted An excess reinforcement to our general telephone framework Not all elements accessible (restricted long separation, no voice message, transcription, call circulation, and so on.) DOES bolster paging The Emergency Phone Directory is accessible: Online - http://www.utmb.edu/emergency_plan/Hardcopy – contact irhoward@utmb.edu

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DATA ARCHIVAL & STORAGE Have a question about going down your information and putting away it offsite? All IS bolstered stockpiling is went down and put away offsite IS utilizations Iron Mountain for offsite stockpiling Plan ahead for reinforcement and offsite stockpiling needs Service Name Number Offsite Storage Storage Services Backup Services Other IS Services Robert Rodriguez Andy Fisher Andy Fisher Help Desk 747-4205 747-8896 747-8896 772-5200

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PC PROTECTION Have a question about how to ensure your PC? Try not to pack machines that are turned on and running Bag PC's & move them far from windows & off the floor Have sacks prepared and accessible Service Name Number Desktop Services Other IS Services Emma Ramos Chris Perry Help Desk 747-9559 747-9549 772-5200

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APPLICATION SYSTEMS Have a question about basic data framework accessibility? Frameworks will be accessible to the extent that this would be possible Decisions to close down frameworks will be situational Priorities: Communication, Patient Care, Administrative Message One: Email Failover Service Name Number Todd Leach Mike King Steve Hollaway Bill Fuqua 772-3811 747-4426 747-3808 747-4458 Email Enterprise Systems Clinical Information Systems Administrative Systems

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INFORMATION SECURITY Even in a crisis circumstance : regardless we have an obligation to ensure tolerant wellbeing data and other delicate information.

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NEW SERVICES FOR 2008 ARDC (Arlington Regional Data Center) Located in Arlington, TX Message One