VMware Overview What s New and Virtual Infrastructure Performance, Capacity Planning, and Monitoring

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Why Virtualization? (Past, Present, Future). 1970s. 1980-90s. 2009. IT Market Penetration. Centralized servers. Adaptable, availableExpensive, just for a couple of basic applications. Appropriated

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VMware Overview – (What's New) and Virtual Infrastructure Performance, Capacity Planning, and Monitoring Jonathan McCormick Feb 12, 2008

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Why Virtualization? (Past, Present, Future) Utility Computing by means of Virtualization Distributed & Tiered Computing IT Market Penetration Mainframes 1970s 1980-90s 2009 Simple, adaptable Economical adaptability, accessibility Scalable, accessible Expensive, just for a couple of basic applications Affordable, IT wherever Sacrificed straightforwardness, adaptability

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Virtualization: Industry-Standard Way of Computing Early Adoption Mainstreaming Standardization Infrastructure Management High Availability Test & Development Server Consolidation Management & Automation Virtual Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Hypervisor 1 st era 1998 – 2002 2 nd era 2003 - 2005 3 rd era 2006-2008

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Isolation Partitioning Run various virtual machines at the same time on a solitary server Each virtual machine is disengaged from other virtual machines. Equipment Independence Encapsulation Entire virtual machine is spared in documents and can be moved and replicated by moving and duplicating records Run a virtual machine on any server without alteration REVIEW: Key Features of Virtualization

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Key Benefits of ESX Hypervisor Other Solutions (Hosted) VMware ESX (Hypervisor) Performance (20~30%) expansion over Hosted Scalability (2x) Memory over membership Resource Control Direct equipment control

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Centralized Management with VirtualCenter Provision and boot virtual machines Monitor framework accessibility and execution Automated notices and email alarming Integrate SDK with existing administration apparatuses Secure the earth with hearty get to control

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Physical to Virtual Migration Seamlessly change physical frameworks into Virtual Machines with VMware Converter

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Strong Storage Foundation: VMFS Production demonstrated Clustered abilities accessible since 2003 Over 20,000 creation clients Included in cost of VI3 Standard & Enterprise Benefits Transparent capacity group administration High execution, improved for VM access Far more than record stockpiling Provides locking conventions vital for powerful accessibility highlights VMotion, DRS (+ support mode) HA VCB

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VMotion™ Technology Changes The Game VMotion gives you a chance to move live, running VM's starting with one ESX Host then onto the next while keeping up ceaseless OS and application benefit accessibility. Streamline Utilization every minute of every day HW Maintenance Better Availability Uses shared capacity Needs comparative CPUs

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Resource enhancement with VMware DRS Dynamic and astute portion of equipment assets to guarantee ideal arrangement amongst business and IT What is it? Dynamic adjusting of figuring assets crosswise over asset pools Intelligent asset assignment in view of pre-characterized rules Business Impact Align IT assets with business needs Operational straightforwardness; significantly increment framework director efficiency Business Demand Resource Pool

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Ensure High accessibility with VMware HA What is it? Programmed restart of virtual machines if there should be an occurrence of server disappointment Customer Impact Cost successful high accessibility for all applications No requirement for devoted remain by equipment None of the cost and multifaceted nature of grouping VMware HA empowers savvy high accessibility for all applications X Resource Pool

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VMWARE CONSOLIDATED BACKUP VMware Consolidated BACKUP Centralized VM Back-up's 20-40% better asset usage Pre-coordinated with 3 rd party reinforcement items

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New Enablers for More Effective Management Œ Guided Consolidation (in VirtualCenter) Virtual Desktop Manager Virtualization Platform  DRS with Distributed Power Mgmt Virtual Infrastructure  ESX Server 3i Management & Automation Guided server union Integrated virtual desktop administration Energy productive asset administration for a green datacenter Next era thin hypervisor incorporated into server equipment for quick arrangement

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ESX Server 3i Compact, 32MB impression Only engineering with no dependence on a broadly useful OS Integration in equipment dispenses with establishment Intuitive wizard driven start up experience drastically diminishes organization time Standards-based administration of the basic equipment Server boot to running virtual machines in minutes Simplified administration Increased security and unwavering quality

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Power on server and boot into hypervisor Configure Admin Password (discretionary) Modify arrange setup Connect VI Client to IP Address Or make do with VirtualCenter  3i    From Server Boot to Running VMs in Minutes

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Enabling the 'Attachment and-Play' Datacenter Plug : Power on another server with ESX Server 3i. The new server joins a DRS group. Play : All VMs in the bunch are naturally rebalanced taking in thought the recently accessible assets. On-request limit Easy versatility

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Traditional ESX Server 98% 2% Agent RPM … RHEL3-based Service Console Helpers VMM VMkernel Storage Networking Resource Management HAL and Device Drivers 2 GB Disk Footprint: Disk Footprint: 32 MB half Percent of Patches

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ESX Server 3i: Thin Virtualization ! 98% 2% Agent RPM … RHEL3-based Service Console Helpers VMM VMkernel Storage Networking Resource Management HAL and Device Drivers 2 GB Disk Footprint: Disk Footprint: 32 MB half Percent of Patches

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Distributed Power Management Consolidates workloads onto less servers when the bunch needs less assets Places unneeded servers in standby mode Brings servers back online as workload needs increment Resource Pool Minimizes control utilization while ensuring administration levels No interruption or downtime to virtual machines Physical Servers

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DPM Savings ascertained for a datacenter with 100 physical servers $80,300 $63,093 16,800 hrs 13,200 hrs Assumptions: 50 out of 100 servers can be shut down for 8 hrs/day on weekdays and 16 hrs/day on ends of the week. Add up to power utilization per server ( working force + cooling power) = 1130.625 watts/hr Cost of vitality = $ 0.0813 for every kWH (source: Energy Information Administration) Distributed Power Management TCO Savings

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OFFLINE VMware Update Manager Automates fix administration for ESX Server has and select Microsoft and RHEL virtual machines Scans and cures online and also disconnected virtual machines* and online ESX Server has Snapshots virtual machines preceding fixing and permits rollback to preview Eliminates manual following of fix levels of ESX Server has and virtual machines Automates implementation of fix principles Reduces chance through depictions and disconnected virtual machine fixing Update Manager Host Server * Note: RHEL visitors must be filtered, not remediated

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Update Manager patches whole DRS bunches Each host in the group enters DRS upkeep mode, each one in turn VMs are moved off, host is fixed & rebooted if required VMs are relocated back on Next host is chosen Non-troublesome ESX Server Patching with Update Manager and DRS Update Manager VMotion Resource Pool Automates fixing of expansive number of hosts with zero downtime to virtual machines

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Guided Consolidation DISCOVER Automatically finds physical servers Analyzes use and use designs Converts physical servers to VMs set insightfully in view of client reaction ANALYZE Lowers preparing prerequisites for new virtualization clients Steers clients through the whole solidification handle CONVERT

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VDI – Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) VMware VDM Centralized Virtual Desktops Enterprise-class, versatile association agent Central organization and arrangement authorization Automatic desktop provisioning with discretionary "shrewd pooling" Desktop determination and secure burrowing alternatives Microsoft AD incorporation and discretionary 2-figure verification by means of RSA SecurID® Clients End-to-end venture class desktop control and sensibility Familiar end client encounter Tightly coordinated with VMware's demonstrated virtualization stage (VI3) Scalability, security and accessibility appropriate for associations of all sizes

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Manage All Types of Downtime

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Storage VMotion Storage free relocation of virtual machine circles Zero downtime to virtual machines LUN autonomous Supported for Fiber Channel SANs Minimizes arranged downtime because of capacity Complete arranged downtime administration arrangement crosswise over servers and capacity with VMotion and Storage VMotion

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LUN A1 LUN A2 Array An (off rent) Storage VMotion for Storage Array Migration Non problematically: Refresh to new clusters Migrate to various class of capacity VM granularity, LUN Independent LUN B1 LUN B2 Array B ( NEW )

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Storage VMotion for Storage I/O Optimization Non-problematically: Eliminate virtual machine stockpiling I/O bottlenecks Move individual virtual machines to best performing LUNs Bottleneck Eliminated I/O Bottleneck LUN 1 Optimized Set LUN 2 LUN 2

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Introducing VMware Site Recovery Manager Site Recovery Manager influences VMware Infrastructure to change calamity recuperation Simplifies and computerizes fiasco recuperation work processes: Setup, testing, failover, failback Provides focal administration of recuperation arrangements from VirtualCenter Turns manual recuperation forms into robotized recuperation arranges Simplifies joining with 3 rd - party stockpiling replication Makes catastrophe recuperation fast, dependable, reasonable, moderate

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Array Replication VMware Site Recovery Manager At A Glance X Protected Site Recovery Site Recovery Manager Site Recovery Manager VirtualCenter Datastore Groups Datastore Groups

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Summary of Benefits Site