Vitality and Infrastructure Working Group FY2010 EFCOG Semi-Annual Meeting

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Vitality and Base Working Gathering FY2010 EFCOG Semi-Yearly Meeting. Lynnwood Dukes Sandia National Research facilities December 8, 2009. FY09 Key Accomplishments. Joined Base Administration Working Gathering and Vitality Effectiveness Working Gathering at solicitation of patrons (April)

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´╗┐Vitality and Infrastructure Working Group FY2010 EFCOG Semi-Annual Meeting Lynnwood Dukes Sandia National Laboratories December 8, 2009

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FY09 Key Achievements Combined Infrastructure Management Working Group and Energy Efficiency Working Group at demand of backers (April) Consolidated five subgroups into three to center assets (Energy Efficiency, Maintenance, Facilities Management), moved Work Planning to ISM&QA Working Group Issued a whitepaper on Sustainment Modeling at the demand of patrons of Maintenance Subgroup Provided support to HS on amendment to Order 433.1 Provided help to FEMP on new Executable Plan Guidance Excluded Buildings Guidance created and posted on EFCOG site Acquisition, advancement and presenting of vitality rules on EFCOG site (renewable vitality, water, reviews)

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FY 10 Key Achievements To Date Developing an approach and philosophy for meeting vitality proficiency objectives of new Executive Order 13514 with TEAM Working Group Developed a whitepaper proposition on classifying offices with Energy Use Intensity ranges for targets Developed a whitepaper proposition to solidify all vitality objectives into a solitary set and arrange subsidizing for a few objectives. Submitted through the TEAM Working Group as a community oriented exertion Developing draft whitepaper on space administration best practices, benchmarks, and focuses (in audit)

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FY10 Forecast of Activities Energy Subgroup will play out a quad outline examination of potential vitality reserve funds extends and order ventures from simple/huge come back to hard/low come back to impart to individuals Energy Subgroup will build up a whitepaper direction record for destinations to utilize while deciding the following best venture to execute in light of quad diagram investigation Facility Management Subgroup will play out a study of space administration practices to decide how expenses are recuperated crosswise over space, "what" if any guidelines are set up for office space, and what measures are utilized to successfully oversee space use. EIWG will survey its individuals for outstanding practices, lessons educated, and basic issues to be tended to. EIWG will audit financing alternatives, (for example, the utilization of ESPC, DSM, Line Item, Central Funding and so on.) for accomplishing vitality objectives and research the potential advancement of a whitepaper examining these choices, upsides and downsides, and proposals from the gathering.

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Collaboration with different WGs Energy Subgroup is incorporated with the Environmental Subgroup and both go to the yearly Federal Environmental Symposium Working with the Engineering Practices Working Group to decide future situation of the Fire Protection Subgroup

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