Visual Inspection of Self-Pierce Riveting Systems for the Automotive Industry

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Visual Inspection of Self-Pierce Riveting Systems for the Automotive Industry By Paul Johnson ( Supervisors: Dr Francis Lilley, Professor David Burton.

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Self-Pierce Riveting Why SPR? SPR Problems Current Technology Problems Project Objectives Project Status Conclusions & Future Work An issue to tackle… (this implies you!) Overview

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Mechanical joining process/aluminum Handheld, platform or robotized High speed, single operation, no prep Fully penetrate best materials & somewhat puncture base material Self-Pierce Riveting Joint creation prepare.

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Self-Pierce Riveting A cross segment of an effective SPR joint. A semi-tubular bolt joining three sheets of aluminum . Enlivened Joint creation prepare. C-outline which suits the tooling.

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Self-Pierce Riveting Doidge Type 120 Riveting Machine affect riveting machine semi-tubular, tubular, bifurcated steel, metal, copper, aluminum and light composite semi-tubular steel bolts 3.1mm distance across/7.4mm length aluminum review 1200 (BS1470: 1987) Doidge Type 120 Riveting Machine

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Why SPR? lessen discharges lighter vehicles littler motors EU emanations regs order 70/220/EEC classification M 1 traveler vehicles 8 situate max EU Emissions Directive 70/220/EEC.

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Why SPR? Conventional joining/steel body new light weight vehicles (partner) RSW is unfeasible for aluminum bring down resistance than steel expends more vitality because of warmth misfortune SPR is a feasible arrangement bring down influence utilization makes an air/water tight joint rapid no inclusion opening and material arrangement puncture and secure in one operation Spot weld machine. Test spot weld.

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SPR Problems Poor joint get to/double get to C-outline, pass on, punch Quality control of the joint Predominantly dangerous (etching, pulling) Handheld ultrasonic test Physical Teardown One auto, ~5000 joints, two men, 30 days Time, cash, deferred quality control

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Current Technology Driven by… expanded mechanization unique materials Decline of gifted/modest work constrain HENROB Ltd Industry pioneer for SPR frameworks BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo, Chrysler, Mercedes, Freightliner and Hyundai.

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Project Status (Rivet Status) Applying camera to sense about bolt status : bespoke programming distinguishes light force obliges alignment to surrounding lighting pre-prepare investigation point power values choice Intensity profile of a missing bolt. Power profile of a solitary bolt. Power profile of a twofold bolt.

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Project Status (Mat. Profundity) Applying camera and laser to distinguish material profundity physical channels picture handling recognizes laser stripe thickness in mm and px pre-prepare requires joint alignment focal point remove from material surrounding lighting/limit A 6mm pile of sheet aluminum. As above, with impartial thickness and red channels. Screenshot of the procedure checking programming. As above, with edge and laser line recognizable proof.

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