VISION 2020: The Privilege to Sight

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VISION 2020: The Right to Sight – global joint effort to battle avoidable visual deficiency. Presentation to understudies: MSc in Community Eye Health. The Future?. Anticipated patterns in Global Blindness because of demographic changes to 2020. 45 to 76 million (73% expansion) . 2000. 2010.

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VISION 2020: The Right to Sight – global cooperation to battle avoidable visual impairment Presentation to understudies: MSc in Community Eye Health

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The Future?

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Projected patterns in Global Blindness because of demographic changes to 2020 45 to 76 million (73% expansion) 2000 2010 2020

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VISION 2020 Priorities Cataract Refractive Errors and Low Vision AMD and different illnesses Trachoma Vit A Def Oncho'ciasis Diabetic Retinopathy Glaucoma FOCAL DISEASES MORE DIFFICULT TREAT-ABLE ?

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Without V2020 100 m individuals With V2020 2005 2010 2015 2020

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1999 A Global Initiative to Eliminate Avoidable Blindness W.H.O. what's more, I.A.P.B.

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IAPB – Organizational STRUCTURE 7 locales: Africa, N.America, S.America, SE Asia, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Pacific National Bodies

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IAPB - MEMBERSHIP Group A: 15 organizations $35Kpa Group B: 12 organizations $10Kpa Group C: 49 organizations $1Kpa Founding Members: 2 organizations WBU and IFOS Corporate/Foundation Members: Patrons: 5 B&L, Zeiss, SCB, Merck, Champalimaud Foundation Sponsors: 1 Alcon

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IAPB – STRATEGIC PRIORITIES Advocacy Resource Mobilization Communications Program Facilitation

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IAPB-ADVOCACY WHO Medium Term Strategic Plan Implementation of WHA Resolution Inclusion in national and WHO nation wellbeing arrangements and spending plans Contribution to MDGs

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RESOURCE Mobilization Foundations and Trusts Corporates OGS Eye Fund

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Optometry Giving Sight IAPB WCO ICEE Optometrists Patients Optical Companies National Committees V2020 Refractive Error Programs

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The Eye Fund Financial Institutions (Deutche Bank) IAPB Sustainable Eye Care Programs

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IAPB - COMMUNICATIONS World Sight Day Member correspondences; bulletins Website Publications Press/Media Industry and expert gatherings

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IAPB-Program FACILITATION National Plans Selected Country Focus Regional Priorities Disease center Manpower improvement Infrastructure advancement

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V2020 Model for District Level Eye Care Team Equipment Supplies (£) PATIENTS

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The Gambia Survey 1986 Blind individuals for every million populace

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The Gambia 1985 1 ophthal-mologist One unit with 7 beds Little people group work Result: 300 waterfall operations for every year restricted trachoma/vit. A def control

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The Gambia 1995 2 ophthal-mologists + 2 waterfall specialists Three units each with eye beds Health Education Community Health Work Result: 1800 waterfall operations for every year Active trachoma/vit. A def control

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The Gambia Survey 1986 & 1996 Overall 40% diminishing in the commonness of visual impairment Blind individuals per million populace

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The Gambia National Program 1986-1996 Changes TRAINED STAFF Trained 4 waterfall specialists. Prepared eye medical caretakers & group wellbeing laborers. Foundation One eye unit got to be 4 COMMUNITY Public mindfulness through radio. Expanded waterfall operations from 200 to 1800/yr .

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Trends in Causes of Blindness 11 to 4 million

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Trends in Causes of Blindness