Virtual Field trek to Ireland

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Virtual Field trek to Ireland Mrs. Ashby's 4 th Grade Liverpool Elementary

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New York State Standards/Themes and Objectives Social Studies Standards 2, 3, 4 & 5 Themes incorporate Culture and People, Places, and Environment Objectives include: Identify where Ireland is found Describe a portion of the hardships and victories experienced in Irish history Describe the geology, culture, and customs of Ireland

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You're headed… You as of late chose to inquire about your family history. You followed your family back to Ireland. Be that as it may, you don't know anything about the way of life or history and have never been there. You choose to go look at it and live there for a couple of months. Following a six hour flight from New York you watch out of the plane window and see only green fields and blue sea!

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Geography: Where on the planet would you say you are? Do you know where Ireland is found?

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History: Is Ireland its own nation? Ireland picked up its freedom from the British in 1922 How did Ireland pick up its autonomy?

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History: The Irish Potato Famine You have known about something many refer to as the "Incomparable Famine" in history class back at home however you choose to get some information about it. What did you discover?

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Language Gaelic is unavoidably perceived as the primary authority dialect of the Republic of Ireland. Be that as it may, English is the prevailing dialect in many territories of Ireland Can you say anything in Gaelic?

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Weather Rain is exceptionally regular in Ireland. It is said that you can encounter every one of the four seasons in only one day! How is the temperature?

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Traditions You observe St. Patrick's Day at home yet do you know why we praise it? You have additionally observed your mom wearing a Claddaugh ring; what does it mean? There are just such a large number of Irish conventions and images! What do they all remain for?

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A Day in the Life of Ireland! You are overpowered with how much there is to do and find in this wonderful nation! The lanes and shops are loaded with individuals, particularly in Irelands state house city of Dublin! There are such a large number of manors and a lot of wonderful trails for climbing! What might you do first? Look at these strongholds!

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Follow-up Activity! Imagine you have been living in Ireland as a traveler for one month. You have adapted such a great amount about the history, culture and topography of the nation. You need to impart the experience to another person. Send a bundle home to a companion appearing and portraying all that you have learned! Make sure to include: A letter portraying your experience in this way (the climate, encompassing terrains, how you arrived, what you have a ton of fun, what you found out about Ireland's history) Pictures of some of their national images with clarifications on the back (You can draw them!) Words written in Gaelic with their significance on the back Any essential dates, fun Irish truths, pictures or maps of Ireland! Don't hesitate to draw the same number of pictures as you need and make certain to incorporate your most loved part/actuality of Ireland! Be Creative!!

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Resources A Virtual Field Trip to Dublin, Ireland by Miss Collins A Virtual Field Trip to Ireland by Colleen Irving

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You making the most of your excursion to Ireland and you took in A LOT about its history, topography, culture, and customs! You can hardly wait to about-face yet until then… . ANY QUESTIONS???