Video Murdered the Reference Work area

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It is sheltered to say the whole...Mentos fountain fever was a major a portion of ... YouTube logo: ideos-focused on ...

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Video Killed the Reference Desk Nyssa Walsh Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

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Libraries in viral recordings

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Libraries in viral recordings

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Libraries in viral recordings

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Viral showcasing

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According to the New York Times in 2007: "Mentos deals in the United States climbed almost 20 percent a year ago, their most elevated such increment ever. 'It is protected to say the entire… Mentos spring furor was a major part of the expansion,' said Pete Healy, the organization's VP for promoting ."

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What happens when your benefactors scan for you?

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YouTube and Vimeo as person to person communication: connect recordings to your library's Twitter account, Facebook status, RSS channel, LinkedIn…

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Title: Database Search Tutorial Author: Portland Public Library 020-(viral video) 040-DNLM/DLC|cDLC|dYDX|dBTCTA|dYDXCP|dNLM|dBWX|dOOJ 245-Database look instructional exercise. 260-Portland, OR :|Portland Public Library :| cc2009 300-1 minutes, 30 seconds 605-Libraries - Search Techniques - Database looking - Research control - Library preparing Use your recordings to give an asset to your benefactors

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Title: Librarians Sing the Blues Author: Portland Public Library Include your recordings in your OPAC as a major aspect of your gathering 020-(viral video) 040-DNLM/DLC|cDLC|dYDX|dBTCTA|dYDXCP|dNLM|dBWX|dOOJ 245-Librarians sing the blues. 260-Portland, OR :|Portland Public Library :| cc2010 300-3 minutes, 30 seconds 605-Libraries - Entertainment – Library Entertainment - Blues - Education - Outreach

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Videos for reference

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Addressing the requirements of all clients

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Videos as effort An opportunity to show clients what your library gives

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Be innovative! Utilize the gifts of your library Recruit your benefactors

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Will video execute the reference work area? … no.

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