Versatile Registering Program at Rensselaer Portable workstation Study

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Versatile Computing Program at Rensselaer Laptop Survey – Spring 2003. Mark Miller Myra Williams segment/research organization/thinktank2003.ppt. Rensselaer Overview. Teaches the pioneers of tomorrow for innovatively based professions 5,100 Undergraduate/1,700 Graduate

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Portable Computing Program at Rensselaer Laptop Survey – Spring 2003 Mark Miller Myra Williams segment/research organization/thinktank2003.ppt

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Rensselaer Overview Educates the pioneers of tomorrow for mechanically based vocations 5,100 Undergraduate/1,700 Graduate Programs – Architecture, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management and Technology, Science, Information Technology

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Mobile Computing Overview Laptop required for all college understudies Rensselaer offers a standard model including programming at a superb cost (new model every year) Students can buy, rent, or bring their own Laptops utilized inside and outside of class

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Laptop Requirement History 1995-1997 3-year deliberate experimental run program 1998 exceedingly prescribed - IBM ThinkPad 600 1999 required of all green beans – IBM ThinkPad 600E 2000 second year of necessity – IBM ThinkPad T20 2001 first invigorate with return of 1999 rented frameworks – IBM ThinkPad T22 2002 full sending – IBM ThinkPad T30

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Mobile Computing Program (MCP) Today Fourth year of Mobile Computer Program – increase finished All college understudies required to have a tablet About 5,500 tablets on grounds

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Classroom Utilization

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Laptop Models

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Issues Are portable workstations utilized for upper level classes? Is an innovation revive vital? What is the understudy point of view following 4 years? How is the Mobile Computing Program getting along? In what capacity would it be a good idea for us to change the MCP later on?

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Student Survey - Process Committee created questions WebCT on-line review given in first year recruits math classes Paper studies given in chose senior level classes Paper information physically entered utilizing Excel On-line and paper information joined 858 reactions returned Analyze information

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Student Profile 27% Female 73% Male

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Laptop Profile 93% buy or rent from Mobile Computing Program. More than 40% of 1999 understudies updated.

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Courses and Laptops

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Q18 - Laptop Performance

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Q17 – Desktop at RPI

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Q37 – Comments Number of spontaneous remarks out of 858 overviews ** - remarks like those from Spring 2000 study

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Q37 – Comments (cont) Number of spontaneous remarks out of 858 reviews ** - remarks like those from Spring 2000 study

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Student Comments Take Away Want tablet models custom-made for their area of expertise, both equipment and programming Want more decisions – IBM models, Macs, choices Laptops are a diversion in class Want more remote system scope Electronic Arts and Architecture understudies feel they require a desktop (memory, video, hard circle)

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Conclusions Laptop innovation upgrades learning, coordinated effort, and work environment abilities Students happy with the Mobile Computing Program yet need choices Laptops should be utilized more as a part of upper level classes Students from a few offices address estimation of portable PC versatility versus desktop power and cost

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Changes to Consider Multiple merchants, various models Expand and tailor programming offerings Standard programming preinstalled, understudies introduce office particular programming as they need it Make tablet invigorate programmed Increase remote system scope Increase portable PC utilization in upper level classes