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Building Healthy Communities Adele Keys Belfast City - Good for Health: Good for Regeneration

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Background to the Local Action Plan Health and wellbeing value in all neighborhood strategies center objective of WHO European Healthy Cities in Phase V (2009-2013) Aim to incorporate wellbeing contemplations into recovery strategy and practice Lack of pointers applicable to recovery and wellbeing Lack of proper nearby level information Potential of HIA way to deal with fortify arrangement making Capacity on HIA created in Belfast Concerns about included weight for arrangement producers EU extend concentrated on utilizing HIA approach Strategic Regeneration Frameworks solid open door Interest in wellbeing impacts in East Belfast and Belfast Regeneration Office Project accomplices: Belfast City Council, Belfast Healthy Cities, Belfast HSC Trust, Public Health Agency, NI Housing Executive, Belfast Area Partnerships, DETI, and DOE – Planning.

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Milestones Conduct quick HIA on East Belfast Strategic Regeneration Framework Workshop with key partners in June 2009 Health determinants and effects organized Utilize HIA to create marker structure HIA workshop reason for recognizing pointer areas HIA approach used to guarantee markers prove based Collaboration over the City Initial pointer system created with East Belfast Partnership All Area Partnerships welcomed to incorporate system with citywide pointer set for recovery and wellbeing Novel process made joint possession and bolstered enthusiasm] Use of HIA pro advisor

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Indicator Model Flexible pointer show Rationale in light of different nature of recovery ventures Allows fitting inside reliable structure Emphasis on wellbeing value through blending pointers Headline and column approach Key pointers from every space signed up for feature Four areas center of structure Wide standard distinguished to bolster concentrate on nearby issues Information holes recognized Validated pointers drawn from wide confirmation base Key plan to recognize crucial pointers right now not accessible in Northern Ireland

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Indicator Framework

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Actions Next Steps Draft Indicators and direction to distribute mid 2011 21 st October 2010 – Presented to Stakeholders Data mapping Process and filling crevices Checklist Pilots 3 proposition Area Partnerships upheld to utilize demonstrate Training Toolkit

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Contact subtle elements: Project supervisor: Adele Keys Belfast City Council

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