VE Spring Enrollment

Ve spring recruitment
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Getting the Students you require. You are enlisting for a business, not only a classStart with your best Juniors, then

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VE Spring Recruitment

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Getting the Students you require You are enlisting for a business, not only a class Start with your best Juniors, then… You require only a couple of understudies with particular abilities to head up: Accounting, Web Design, Video, Graphics, Photo Imaging

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Accounting Web Design Video Graphics Photography Photoshop or Photo Imaging Writers or editors Speakers "A Few Good Men" or Women!

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Where to discover them… Accounting – 1 . classes at your school 2. Check work ed office for understudies in accounting work, (similar to Jiffy Lube, Ins. Co., and so on.) 3. VE gives accounting course work and spreadsheet Excel documents

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Getting The "Right Stuff" cont. Web Design – 1. Web club in your school? 2. Understudies who take a shot at your school site 3. Any courses in your school or R.O.P? * Video-1. Video School News Program in your school? 2. H.S. courses or R.O.P. ? 3. Specialists

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Recruits… Graphics – 1. Classes at school * Photography – 1. School classes, Photoshop, Imaging 2. School daily paper, yearbook

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Best Ever… Writers and Editors 1. English Teachers 2. Year Book and School Newspaper editors and authors Speakers and Booth Designers 1. Theater Arts and Stage Crew – I'm totally serious!

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"We should eat"

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Lunch Meetings (Students Run)

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VE Grad Presentation Party VE Students get their Certificates, Medallions, grants * See the Year end Presentations, video of all the fun we had Introduce them as one year from now's VE group, and they're snared! P.s. Welcome the new group's folks… Class filled.