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GREENER: GREEn Nanotechnology for Earth Cordial Shades from Reasonable Assets. V. Marchante, F. Mart

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GREENER: GREEn Nanotechnology for Environmentally Friendly Pigments from Sustainable Resources V. Marchante, F. Martínez-Verdú , L. Lin University of Alicante University of Leeds CREATE gathering Gjøvik 2010 shading in craftsmanship, science, outline, protection, examine, printmaking, advanced advances, materials. Gjovik University College, Gjovik, Norway 8 th - 11 th June 2010

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OUTLINE GREENER Concept Participants Technical Objectives Progress past the best in class Impact Conclusion References

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CONCEPT GREENER Improve, create and actualize maintainable and ecologically well disposed nanopigments , in view of nanoclays and colorants (common, thermochromic , photochromic , electroluminiscence )

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TECHNICAL OBJECTIVES GREENER Create advances empowering the generation of nano-shades : Environmentally inviting ways Sustainable crude materials Objectives Preparation of nano-shades in view of nano-muds and colors (normal or manufactured) Surface treatment advances for nano-dirts to enhanced color obsession Surface treatment innovations for nano-shades to enhance light-quickness, climate resistance, weariness cycle and dispersibility. Pertinence of the GREENER nano-colors in printing inks, paints and coatings. Relevance of the GREENER nano-shades in photovoltaic gadgets. Assessment of the natural effects of the GREENER nano-colors. Business abuse and spread of GREENER nano-shades

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PROGRESS BEYOND THE STATE-OF-THE-ART GREENER Current State-of-the-workmanship Progress State-of-the-craftsmanship Nano-colors in light of normal colors Wide shading gammut Functionalised nanopigments (photochromic, thermochromic, electrochromic) Surface treatment advances for nanopigments Environmental effects of nanopigments and nanoclays Application of nanopigments in photovoltaic gadgets, inks, paints, coatings. Nanopigment (Planocolors®): great bearer for colors Challenges: Strong holding Lower dependability contrasted with natural shades Lack of uncommon functionalization Lack of modern application Few reports about ecological effects Not examine in photovoltaic gadgets

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IMPACT GREENER Strategic effect Improve innovations Application of nanotechnologies Strengthening EU's driving position actualizing nanotechnologies Enhancement of natural maintainability of assembling procedure Promote markets for "green nanotechnology " Replace risky substances and diminish non-eco squander material.

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CONCLUSION GREENER Challenging helpful work Great assortment of fields and modern applications: material, polymers, printing inks, and so forth. Change of life quality Highly aggressive naturally amicable European industry Enhance and lift European foundations in nanoscience and nanotechnology

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GREENER THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION !! Contact email: veronica.marchante@ua.es