Utilizing the Webinar as a Substitute for In-Class Security Training

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Motivation. What is a webinarProducing a webinar-the ITSC experienceUsing the webinar in a preparation programFinal musings. What is a Webinar. Synchronous Internet trainingGeographically scattered member learn together without leaving homeVisual data by means of the workstation browserVoice data by means of video chat or voice over IP.

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Utilizing the Webinar as a Substitute for In-Class Security Training FISSEA 2004 March 11, 2004 E. Jane Powanda

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Agenda What is an online class Producing an online class the ITSC encounter Using the online course in a preparation program Final contemplations

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What is a Webinar An online introduction including a specialist in a specific field utilizing an electronic cooperative apparatus. (ASTD – American Society for Training and Development) Synchronous Internet preparing Geographically scattered member learn together without leaving home Visual data by means of the workstation program Voice data through video chat or voice over IP

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Developing and Delivering a Webinar - The ITSC Experience -

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US Department of Labor Grant Steering Committee Representatives from states and USDOL Information Technology Support Center State of Maryland Contracting Office Mitretek Systems – Prime Contractor Program administration Systems building Systems Prototype and Pilot Development Laboratories ACS Commercial Solutions Software improvement Mainframe encounter Systems Integration University of Maryland Training What is the ITSC

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Prototyping Clearinghouse Testbed Operation I T S C SWA OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGIES S u p o r t Design Review Strategic Planning U I ES Training LMI Labor Exchange Cost/Benefit Analysis Training Modeling Applying IT to State Workforce Agencies Internet Call Centers One-Stop Offices Client/Server EDI Voice Response Units Geographic Information Systems Decision Support Imaging Telecommunications Process Workflow Security

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Webinar Feasibility Project Determine the plausibility of conveying ITSC preparing by means of online course Determine acknowledgment of preparing technique by state members Gain involvement in building up a viable online course utilizing the Mshow online course conveyance apparatus Limited to a solitary online class generation Scope

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Organization of the ITSC Study Briefing Basic prerequisites State accomplice cooperation Participant assessment comes about Planning the online course Developing the online course Delivering the online course Webinar Costs Lessons learned Recommendations

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Basic Requirements for a Webinar 1 2 3 4 Web Conferencing Teleconferencing Important message all around arranged Creative Instructor

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Features of Webinar Delivery Tools Application sharing Guided Internet visits Display PowerPoint introductions Audience surveying Chat include for understudy/educator association Question highlight Presenters talk from various areas Record session for playback at future time Participant enrollment highlights No uncommon programming required of member

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Aspen Virtual Classroom Server 2.0 (Click2Learn) Centra Symposium (Centra Software) Communicast Event Center (Communicast) (Communispace) ePath Learning LIVE (ePath Learning Inc.) First Virtual (CUseeMe Networks Inc.) Gradepoint Live (Gradepoint Inc.) HorizonLive.com's HorizonLiv (HorizonLive) Hewlett-Packard's Virtual Classroom (Hewlett-Packard) iLearning's iLive (iLearning Inc.) iLinc (EDT Learning) Interwise Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP) (Interwise) Isoph Blue (Isoph Corporation) LearnerHall (Maxit) Lotus LearningSpace Collaboration Module (Lotus Software) Macromedia Breeze Live (Macromedia) MeritScholar Live (iictechnologies) Meeting Center (Genesys) Meetingplace (Latitude) Microsoft Office Live Meeting (Microsoft) (once in the past Placeware) mShow (INtercall) One Touch Front Row (One Touch Knowledge Systems) PictureTalk (Pixion) iPresentation Podium (Presenter Inc.) Raindance Web Conferencing Pro (Raindance Communications) ROCKET Webclass (Eedo Knowledgeware) Siebel Distance Learning (Siebel Systems) (Sykaro Inc.) vClass (Elluminate Inc.) Web Crossing's Campus Crossing (Web Crossing Inc.) WebEx Meeting Center with Live Training Extensions (WebEx Communications Inc.) Videum Conference Pro (NTSC and PAL) (Winnov L.P.) VS Webcasting (Virage Inc.) Webinar Delivery Tools – Some Examples

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A View of a classroom – (WebEx device)

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ITSC State Partner Participation Provided contribution on great and terrible elements of online courses they went to in the past Provided proposals for online class points Voiced inclination for online class length Attended ITSC online course and evaluated viability

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Partner Comments on Webinars Attended in the Past was Helpful Characteristics of a decent online course Good specialized quality Moderator kept online course on track Question & answer session took care of well Wrap up was great Characteristics of an awful online course Poor substance or not what expected Bad speakers or speakers not efficient Too much promoting Delays amongst screen and talked part Boring illustrations

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Participants were Geographically Dispersed

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Participant Evaluation Results Would prescribe it to their partners Felt alright with the conveyance strategy Easy to interface with the online course utilizing directions gave Enough chance to take part in the class Material was valuable and attractive The teachers were efficient Pace was great Length of introduction was great Some worries with voice quality

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Participant Approval Ratings (would you go to another online class? ) Key: Approval evaluations from 8 to 40 8 – All emphatically differ 40 – All unequivocally concur Eight people gave input

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Comments from Participants I had arranged just to take note of the introduction procedure however was pulled in by the introduction and am extremely amped up for this innovation! The moderators were efficient (possibly excessively) and it creates the impression that you had practiced a large portion of this. It permitted me access to a workshop/preparing condition without the travel and cost of that travel. The sound was great and it permitted a lot of chance to take an interest. Its brisk, quick and I'm at my work area. There was static in the sound It runs over better on the off chance that it sounds conversational, instead of clearly being perused from content. It was greatly improved than only a phone call. It appears like a significant apparatus now that tight spending plans have diminished travel spending plans for eye to eye gatherings I am a visual learner and experienced some difficulty remaining concentrated on an immaterial voice. It improved as we went on, yet I couldn't have kept going more than 1 hr!

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The ITSC Trial Webinar The Lobby The Tools Polling the Audience Evaluation frame

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The Lobby Welcome . . .to the ITSC's Inaugural Webinar on Speech Recognition in the State UI Agency Environment. Have: Jane Powanda Presenters: Tim Meier Ron Mains

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The Lobby The show will begin in the blink of an eye

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Tools - Engaging the Attendees is Key!!

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Yes No Results Polling the Audience Are you as of now utilizing IVR for the principal bit of your Initial Claims script?

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The Evaluation Form

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Planning the Webinar Work with state accomplices Select a point Determine length of online course Organize the ITSC online course group Select online class conveyance device Research online course methods to decide how to create a decent online class

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Send Invitations Resolve Technical Issues Prepare Content Take 15 Prepare Evaluation Form Review and Rehearse Learn to Use the Tools Developing the Webinar

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Preparing the Content Topic picked in light of premiums and necessities of target group Goals for substance Relevant, Interesting Timely and valuable Goals for introduction 45 minutes long 15 minutes for presentation and Q & A session Multiple moderators Design slides Write script for introduction

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Learn to utilize the apparatuses Web preparing gave by Mshow Help from Mshow technical support Downloading modules for gathering information Creating surveying slides How to tell when surveying is finished Navigating slide introduction Controlling movement Using the comment devices Self experimentation with the device At minimum five sessions with Mshow specialized bolster people to determine specialized issues

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Delivering the Webinar Leaders on-line no less than one half hour before online class Greet participants as they join the online course Start on time Welcome and give guidelines for specialized help amid the online course Instruct participants on utilization of devices and plan for whatever remains of the online class Pass control between pioneers Conduct Q&A Log off and gather assessment shapes

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Webinar Production Costs Webinar advancement One time cost for online class improvement PowerPoint slide introduction advancement Script advancement Rehearsals with aggregate cast Delivery Cost are brought about each time the online class is conveyed These expenses are per singular Costs are acquired for both mentors and understudies

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Estimated Costs – Webinar Development One time cost for each online course hour created $15,000 PowerPoint slide introduction advancement (40 hours) Script improvement (40 hours) Other (40 hours) Rehearsal Review Problem determination Evaluation frame Training for people creating or driving an online course ( 20 hours) $2500 Total settled cost $17,500 per online class hour

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Webinar Delivery Costs Staff time for coaches Two staff hours for every mentor for one hour online course conveyance Assuming 3 mentors, cost is $750 per online class hour Cost for Web conferencing and remotely coordinating administrations $.38/minute per individual associated – Mshow association $.21/minute per individual associated – video chat Approximately $36/hour per individual for online course association Note: The figures given for online course conveyance expenses depend on "retail" cost. It is conceivable to arrange better rates for online class benefits or even to pay a level rate for boundless month to month benefit. This would altogether decrease the conveyance cost per understudy hour. .:tslid