Utilizing Technology to Enhance Classroom Learning

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Motivation. Understanding our studentsTechnology

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Utilizing Technology to Enhance Classroom Learning Facilitated by Dr. Sophia Scott

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Agenda Understanding our understudies Technology & Learning Tips & Techniques for utilizing PowerPoint innovation to upgrade learning in the classroom Tips & Techniques for utilizing Website innovation to improve learning in the classroom

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Understanding Our Students

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Pop Quiz What does this mean? ROTFL Pneumonic for recollecting the 5 plant cell sorts Reserve Officers Training Florida Record of True Foreign Languages Rolling On The Floor Laughing

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Pop Quiz What do these talk acronyms remain for? LOL POS GNSTDLTBBB CUL8R

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Pop Quiz What do these emoticons mean? ;- ) >:- (  ^5 (((((name))))  (::()::) @[_]~~ 

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Pop Quiz Web website examinations Which of each combine of Web locales is intended for more youthful learners, which is intended for "us"?

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OURS http://www.sciencemag.org http://www.yahoo.com http://www.ask.com http://www.hgtv.com http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com THEIRS http://www.brainpop.com http://yahooligans.yahoo.com http://www.ajkids.com http://www.nick.com http://www.sikids.com Website examinations

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Who are our Students? Children of post war America TV era Typewriters Memos Gen X Video amusements Computers E-mail Net Gen The Web Mobile gadgets Instant courier Online people group

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By age 21, The normal individual will have spent… . 10,000 hours computer games 20,000 messages 20,000 hours TV 10,000 hours on a mobile phone Under 5,000 hours perusing Prensky, 2003

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Children are presented to innovation for play and learning at an extremely youthful age

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Neuroplasticity The cerebrum revamps itself through life Stimulation Developmental encounters Their brains are truly "wired" in an unexpected way

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The Net Generation… Born in or after 1982 Gravitate toward gathering action 8 out of 10 say "it's cool to be savvy" Focused on evaluations and execution Busy with extracurricular exercises Identify with guardians' qualities; feel near guardians Respectful of social traditions and establishments Fascination for new advances Racially and ethnically different Howe & Strauss, 2003

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Teen utilization of Web 100% utilize it to scan for data on schools, vocations & employments 74% utilize texting as a noteworthy correspondence vehicle 54% of understudies (7-12 review) know more IM screen names than home telephone numbers

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Teen utilization of Web for Communication 81% email companions & relatives 70% text 56% favor the Internet via phone

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Why do youngsters go the Web? Find new & energizing data Learn all the more/better For people group Show others what they can do Be listened

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The Net Gen is Self-educating – What does that mean for the classroom?

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Teens & Multi-entrusting Online

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Technology & Learning

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Today's Learners… Digitally educated Mobile Always on Experiential Social (remain associated) Oblinger, 2004

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Hypertext minds: Qualities Crave intelligence Read visual pictures Visual-spatial abilities Parallel handling Inductive revelation Fast reaction time Prensky, 2001

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Concerns… Short capacity to focus Choose NOT to focus Lack reflection Lack content proficiency Lack recognizable proof of source quality

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NetGen learning inclinations Teams, distributed Structure Engagement & encounter Visual & kinesthetic Things that matter Oblinger, 2004

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Students versus Personnel Students Faculty Multitasking Single or constrained errands Pictures, sound, video Text Random get to Linear, intelligent, successive Interactive & arranged Independent & individual Engaging Disciplined Spontaneous Deliberate

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Generational Comparisons Ctrl+Alt+Del is as essential as ABC They don't comprehend the "arrival" enter Computers fit into knapsacks They have dependably had an individual recognizable proof number Photos are handled in less than a hour Gas has dependably been unleaded Rogaine is accessible for the follicularly tested

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Multiple Media Literacy 2 million kids have an individual site (ages 6-17) 6 million will have one before the year's over

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It is not about AGE… We live in a mechanically improved condition

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Compare yourself Are you happy with forming reports longhand? Have you turned "recollecting" over to an innovation? Is it accurate to say that you are associated? (Web, mobile phone) Do you take part in more than one movement at any given moment? Do you play PC or computer games?

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What does the learning condition resemble?

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Environments for adapting Every understudies adapts all the time Learning is in & out of classroom Every setting can be a learning situation Direct experience shapes singular comprehension Individuals learn by building up & modifying designs, connections & associations Change is empowering

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The Big Question… How can educators empower understudies to be fruitful in training?

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What understudies need in a learning situation… Teacher to have an inside and out information in their field Faculty capacity to utilize innovation Effectively Don't abuse the innovation

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Interaction Students gain from considering… supposing is locked in by action Junassen, 2003

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Balance Action Reflection Visual Text Social Individual Process Content Speed Deliberation Peer-to-peer Peer Review

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Engaging Learning Experiences Real Project Games Debate Emotional Engaging Voting Problem Solving Case Study Facilitated Discussion Q & A Lecture Passive Active

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Tips & Techniques for utilizing PowerPoint innovation to upgrade learning in the classroom

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Preparing Presentations Use a plan format so you can concentrate on substance Use PowerPoint intelligently Outline the address utilizing PowerPoint Use message sparingly The "Delight of Six" – max of six focuses & six words for every point

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How to Design Effective PowerPoint Presentations

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Know Your Audience

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Organize the Content

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Font Styles Garamond Ariel Comic Sans Bookman Old Style Courier New CG Times New Roman

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Present in a Variety of Ways Use: Tables Charts Shapes Graphics Stair steps Don't abuse Bullets

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Say it With Graphics

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Which slide imparts the clearest visual message?

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 Non-Verbals  Attire  7 Seconds  Organization  Eye Contact  Movement  Entry  Demeanor Your Visual Image

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Your Visual Image Non-Verbals 7 Seconds Eye Contact Entry Attire Organization Movement Demeanor

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Use Animation When Appropriate

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Editing PowerPoint Presentations Use the instruments gave FOCUS on substance & not introduction Read & Edit before appearing

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The Purpose of a PowerPoint is … to offer Power to a Point

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What do you think about the Following Slides?

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Great Graphics

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Keep it Real First Year Success At Southeast, you'll learn two sorts of aptitudes and knowledge:  those especially focused for a particular vocation or calling (your major), and those that will serve you paying little respect to your picked calling (University Studies).  In your real, you'll learn driving edge data that will permit you to be effective in your first job.  In University Studies , you'll learn abilities and information that will go past occupation particular abilities.  These are the abilities that will make you a significant worker and an esteemed partner. Exhorting : At Southeast, you are urged to consider numerous scholastic and profession interests. Our scholarly consultants can help by giving direction identified with course determination and enrollment. On the off chance that you haven't chosen a noteworthy, the University Studies consultant can give you help. Initial STEP Orientation : Sign up for our uniquely composed Southeast introduction program. This basic program interfaces understudies and guardians with workforce, staff and other Southeast understudies and guardians. Amid the day you not exclusively will meet with a guide and understand that exceedingly essential class plan additionally you will get your authority I.D. card, get guidance about scholastic majors and conceivable vocations, find out about social exercises and discover where those basic workplaces and administrations you will need are found. To start with Year Seminar : Check out our broadly perceived and required First Year Seminar, where you'll be acquainted with the University Studies program and the estimation of a liberal training while tending to one of an assortment of subjects. Kent Library : Southeast's Kent Library is your accomplice in discovering data for finishing research papers and class assignments. Library experts can work with you face to face, by telephone or email. Online assets convey the library to wherever you are, 24 hours a day, seven days seven days.

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I like Color Do you like this shading? Do you like this shading? Do you like this shading? Do you like this shading? Do you like this shading? Do you like this shading? Do you like this shading?

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Animation and sound too far… This is point one This is point two This is point three This is point four

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Preparing Materials Use notes Prepare gifts Can utilize PowerPoint for straightforwardness presents

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PowerPoint in the Classroom Make it intelligent Use message sparingly Print slides ahead of time Put on site Use as a framework Leave out data – to be filled in class

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PowerPoint in the Classroom Remember the "Delight of Six" Minimize vivified content, sound and moves Black