Utilizing Enterprise Architecture to Avoid Errors and Ensure Success: A Marine Corps Case Study

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2. 20Sep2004. TECHi2, MCSC. Building design. The craftsmanship

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Utilizing Enterprise Architecture to Avoid Errors and Ensure Success: A Marine Corps Case Study Dr. Geoffrey P Malafsky President, TECHi2 Ms. Elizabeth Sedlacek Director Information Systems & Infrastructure Marine Corps Systems Command

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Architecture The workmanship & exploration of outlining and raising structures. A style and technique for plan and development Orderly course of action of parts; structure: the design of the government organization; the engineering of a novel. Software engineering: The general plan or structure of a PC framework, including the equipment and the product required to run it, particularly the inside structure of the chip. TECHi2, MCSC

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When We Think of Architecture.. TECHi2, MCSC

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Form Materials Structure Esthetics Use designs Maintenance Construction Safety Architecture Includes … An engineering is "the structure of parts, their connections, and the standards and rules representing their outline and advancement after some time." (IEEE Std 610.12) TECHi2, MCSC

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Architecture for IT Network charts Software models Communication conventions Hardware associations TECHi2, MCSC

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Yes, But Also… How, who, when, why, where, what of configuration, subsidizing, basic leadership, improvement, operation and support Why these "delicate" issues Lessons Learned from numerous times of substantial scale IT programs Organizational issues can rule frameworks building Real achievement relies on upon single framework mixing individuals, handle, innovation TECHi2, MCSC

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Architecture Frameworks Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) Zachman structure The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Object Management Group (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF) TECHi2, MCSC

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Zachman Framework TECHi2, MCSC

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DODAF Defines 3 essential perspectives There is no single perspective of a design (business prepare, arrange, equipment, information administration, and so forth.) that portrays every single basic segment, information, and clients Use institutionalized items, terms, and definitions Operational View: assignments and exercises of concern and the data trades required Technical View: profile of an insignificant arrangement of time-staged benchmarks and tenets administering the execution, game plan, collaboration, and relationship of framework components. Framework View: frameworks of concern and the associations among those frameworks in setting with the operational design see. TECHi2, MCSC

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DODAF: Example Key Products ALL Views AV-1: Overview and Summary Information AV-2: Integrated Dictionary Operation Views OV-1: High-level Operational Concept Graphic OV-2: Operational Node Connectivity Description OV-3: Operational Information Exchange Matrix System View SV-1: System Interface Description Technical View TV-1: Technical Architecture Profile TECHi2, MCSC

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System Design & Development: Known Hurdles Acquisition is organized to buy instruments in light of arrangements of capacities Users require support of business procedures No single hierarchical gathering settles on every single vital choice and controls a wide range of assets Success or disappointment of the framework and program relies on the intangibles of handiness, ease of use, pertinence TECHi2, MCSC

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Errors to Avoid "Wrong" gathering doing: Requirements Technical particulars Program administration Systems building Debating the above issues crosswise over authoritative parts and obligations Relying on seller or expert writing for specialized plan Focusing most exertion on systems, equipment, programming rather than business prepare, operational abilities TECHi2, MCSC

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Success Factors to Promote Clear parts and duties Maximize utilization of industry and government benchmarks Business centered Measures of Effectiveness Constantly rehash part of innovation as supporting not driving outline of abilities TECHi2, MCSC

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How does EA Help? Keeps individuals mindful of requirement for cooperative energy among human process-innovation Highlights operational abilities as wellspring of plan and advancement not by-items Forces express meaning of data needs, by whom, when, … . Requires express proclamation of hierarchical parts and obligations TECHi2, MCSC

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Example: Who Defines Requirements Operational Views demonstrate the objectives and significant data prerequisites System Views demonstrate the design and associations of system, equipment, programming Which see states necessities? Who characterizes the necessities? Reply: Different parts for various necessities TECHi2, MCSC

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DODAF Views Requirements aggregate, e.g. CIO Systems designing gathering: e.g. MCSC Standards gather, e.g. Obtaining, strategy, industry TECHi2, MCSC

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DODAF OVs From Software Productivity Consortium TECHi2, MCSC

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DODAF SVs From Software Productivity Consortium TECHi2, MCSC

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for instance, an entrance was intended for the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC). As this OV-1 appears, the aim of the entrance is not to send only a gateway but rather to give the Marine Corps senior authority with one secure instrument uniting applications, databases, and metadata to give key data and information. TECHi2, MCSC

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The OV-2 for the Commandant's gateway demonstrates the real partners and how they are associated as far as data needs. A different item (i.e. SV) will demonstrate how the framework parts are associated for every partner. TECHi2, MCSC

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CMC Portal OV-3: Information Exchange Requirement TECHi2, MCSC

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The SV-1 for the Commandant's entryway demonstrates the real framework parts and how they are associated as far as equipment needs. TECHi2, MCSC

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United States Marine Corps Enterprise Architecture Ms. Elizabeth Sedlacek Director Information Systems and Infrastructure Marine Corps Systems Command

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What is an Enterprise Architecture? TECHi2, MCSC

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What is an Enterprise Architecture? Endeavor Architecture – Is a train for surveying and suggesting applicant Information Technology arrangements in an incorporated setting with business and mission operations Translates to – Significant increment in the Warfighting Capability Takes the… Baseline Architecture Utilizes… an Integration Plan To build up… a Target Architecture TECHi2, MCSC

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How would we utilize the Enterprise Architecture? - Operational Requirements Provides the premise from which we characterize operational abilities Describes the linkages among frameworks, which transform isolate frameworks into Warfighting Capabilities. EA is the taught way to deal with accomplish a Network Centric Warfare Capability TECHi2, MCSC

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How would we utilize the Enterprise Architecture? – Systems Engineering It gives an instrument to frameworks architects to convey so that the different framework outlines get to be distinctly incorporated to deliver required Operational Capabilities. TECHi2, MCSC

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How would we utilize the Enterprise Architecture? – Modeling and Testing It gives a device to test specialists to create scripts which are operationally applicable and doctrinally stable that goes past design demonstrating. Office Level View (OV-2) Architecture Cube Roles & Chores (Composite View) TECHi2, MCSC

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How would we utilize the Enterprise Architecture? – Analyses It gives a typical structure to assess, break down and report linkages and sensitivities among the DOTMLPF variables. Outline & Chores to Systems Map Chores to System-Operator Steps Assess Consistency of Doctrine, Organization, Training, and Materiel TECHi2, MCSC

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Roles and Responsibilities MOA HQMC, C4 CIO - Define and issue IT benchmarks and strategies - Participate in the community oriented condition - Develop the Roadmap for upgrading the EITA - Address designs in AIS/IT prerequisites MCCDC - Develop and keep up the operational models and ideas - Participate in the shared condition - Address structures in AIS/IT necessities MCSC - Develop and keep up frameworks and specialized designs - Create a cooperative situation to create and keep up the EITA - Ensure all IT projects are consistent with the EITA - Lead the determination of contentions between operational, frameworks, and specialized perspectives TECHi2, MCSC

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Marine Corps Enterprise IT Services (MCEITS) A glance at the Marine Corps EA in real life… … .. TECHi2, MCSC

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What is MCEITS is imagined to end up distinctly the Marine Corps answer for: Infrastructure (block and concrete) IT Centers – Physical area of equipment, programming and PC applications Services Data Management – Access to information expected to settle on choices Application Management – day in and day out accessibility of PC applications Governance Policy and Engineering Management – Standards and Systems Engineering Acquisition Support Governance Services Infrastructure TECHi2, MCSC

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Beginning of Marine Corps Net-Centric Enterprise Services Implementation MCEITS and NCES Infrastructure The IT Centers will contain a trained and institutionalized equipment, programming, and firmware pattern which will outfit the MC with demonstrated, dependable, flexible, and survivable generation, testing, and advancement situations. Administrations This pattern will have numerous database frameworks and application in a N-level design and will likewise give the essential managerial and administration Services to completely bolster the facilitated frameworks. Administration The abilities of the IT Centers and Services will be tackled and expanded by a reliable and taught Governance handle. TECHi2, MCSC

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Overall Benefits Harmonizes ITS/NSS Assets - Cost, availability, interoperability Enables Marine Corps to react to DoD IT business prepare change and change activities Facilitates Mar