Utilizing Distance Learning Methods For Petroleum Industry Technical Training In Baku, Azerbaijan

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BP Baku Expansion Plans. Quick development in Projects

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Fortifying Tertiary Education Through University – Industry Relations Using Distance Learning Methods For Petroleum Industry Technical Training In Baku, Azerbaijan David Maggiori BP Exploration – Baku Azerbaijan Hamlet Isaxanli – Khazar University – Baku Azerbaijan Knowledge Economy Forum III, Budapest, Hungary March 25, 2004

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BP Baku Expansion Plans Rapid development in Projects – up to 13 stages by 2013. Fast development in People Needs – building disciplines. Advancement required for staffing and improvement needs Education framework in Azerbaijan kept from financing for a long time Good hypothetical instruction – poor connected Poorly-spurred instructors because of extremely poor compensations.

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Heriot Watt University - Scotland BP/Amoco/Arco – commitment to set up of P.E. Organization in Heriot Watt. Numerous Technical Training Classes taken by BP workers for most recent 10 years (+/ - ) – Drilling Engineering, Casing Design, Petrophysics, Production Technology and so forth. BP workers Graduates from Heriot Watt Offering new alternative for BP to create Nationals in Developing Countries. Demonstrated DL approach with MBA. BP – University Relations Khazar University - Azerbaijan Sound Private University – 1 st Private University in Soviet Union Many BP workers from this college – business related Have a cutting edge Pet. Eng. Undergrad & graduate program Have Western QA framework for college organization BP enthusiasm because of no defilement arrangement and "understudies can come up short"! Broad associations with Western Universities – Georgetown, Harvard and so forth

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BP Baku P.E MSc. Modules Sustained Program Heriot Watt Uni. Khazar Uni - Baku Approved Support Center BP Azerbaijan DL Approach Heriot Watt to Baku mid 2003 "Personality Mapped" an approach Contract concurred per course Delivered DE Module Engaged Khazar University Approved Support Center Contract concurred - continuous Delivered G&G/PLA Module

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DL Pet. Eng. MSc Modules A one-week course given by a Heriot Watt instructor in Baku. Full Module course notes for each designer. 6 sets of Challenge activities to be finished in groups and evaluated through a Web Board connected to a Heriot Watt Tutor in the UK and a Khazar Tutor in Baku. Heriot Watt module exam in Baku under protection of British Council. All courses affirmed as a major aspect of BP Early Development Program for D&C disciplines. Khazar University is formally an Approved Support Center for Heriot Watt University. Convey remote instructing of UK educational programs.

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Successes Proven DL capacity – Drilling Engineering, Petroleum Log Analysis & Geosciences modules Engaged nearby University ( Khazar ) as Approved Support Center. Executed 2 week "Prepare the Trainer" time frame for Khazar University Lecturers – utilized neighborhood BP material for course conveyance. Good course documentation. Financially savvy current & future approach for BP Exploration Baku. 1 st time in Azerbaijan where Industry has gotten a nearby college to give instructive support on a long haul premise. Guides procure extra pay for BP work.

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Future Azerbaijan Plans Continued DL necessity for D&C disciplines for next 10 years Recent BP Pet. Eng. Peer Review demonstrated underestimation of assets expected to oversee more than 300 wells – potential to build scope to PE for next 10 years. Up to 20 new designers every year for next 5 years – up to 60 in program Need convey full MSc. to engineers – extends in remote areas. How does HW bolster Khazar University with change of undergrad/experts programs free of BP?

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Industrial Scholarships Fall 2004 – Start of BP Engineering Scholarship Program. Khazar will have 16 BP supported understudies ( 4 in every time of study ) – 8 in 2004 ascending to 16 in 2007. Long haul program acquiring up to $40,000 every year for Khazar with connections to Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara ( Also BP Scholarship University ) occupied with joint practice of discovering, testing and registering BP Scholarship understudies. Potential for understudy trades between 2 comparable Pet. Eng programs. Upgraded co-operation on western accreditation for Pet. Eng. Degrees. Opens up extra research openings between Khazar, Heriot Watt & METU.

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Expansion on a Global Scale? Connects with nearby training suppliers Increases level of instruction by and large offered at bolster Universities. An extra and manageable wellspring of assets for the Institute New BP multi-site approach. Offers predictable way to deal with certain center preparing for Early Development Pathway How does BP convey this? Present Doc on bolster program ? BP corporate sponsorship?