Utilizing Digital Media to Engage Young Citizens

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Utilizing Advanced Media to Connect with Youthful Nationals. ~ Spear Bennett Place for Correspondence and Urban Engagement College of Washington, Seattle, USA ~ Arranged for OECD - INDIRE New Millennial Learners Gathering Florence Walk 5-7, 2007. Metro Engagement - Learning .

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Utilizing Digital Media to Engage Young Citizens ~ Lance Bennett Center for Communication and Civic Engagement University of Washington, Seattle, USA ~ Prepared for OECD - INDIRE New Millennial Learners Conference Florence March 5-7, 2007

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Civic Engagement - Learning Cognitive aptitudes: - political thinking - grow/express open voice Social esteem way of life: NML successful individual expression - character Learning results: information about government - how to take an interest Educational accomplishments: educated residents who take part out in the open life

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What are the difficulties? What schools specialize in - (showing reading material learning about government) is the slightest powerful/persuading for NMLs What offers to NML individual personality and advanced ways of life is difficult to bring into schools Solution A) comprehend the generational changes in subject characters among NMLs (1980- - ) B) see how to utilize advances to spur a change from private to open life

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Research Findings: Generational Declines in Traditional Participation

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Electoral Activity Low DotNets conceived 1977-1987 Source: PEW U.S. Urban Health Survey

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Research Findings: Rise in Direct Personal Action

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Personal Direct Action High

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Generational Citizen Identity Differences Youth: Actualizing Citizen (AC) Older: Dutiful Citizen (DC)

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Research and Education Policy: Competing Views of Citizenship Two ideal models or schools of thought Disengaged youth? - yes, if concentrate is on voting, information about legislative issues & government (accentuates DC resident personality) Engaged youth? - yes, if concentrate on group work, customer legislative issues - online groups (underscores AC national character) Result - clashing & ineffectively created ways to deal with urban engagement & training

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Most municipal instruction planned by more established DC residents - offering little for ACs

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The Policy Challenge Civic Engagement Programs that Appeal to AC subjects - dynamic/individual contact with genuine issues and issues Support DC values, yet … maintain a strategic distance from course book government abstain from showing citizenship as obligation Offer individual ways to government Using recognizable long range informal communication media

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~ Use Interactive Technologies to Bring Democracy into the Classroom ~ Use intelligent advancements to help youthful natives: Communicate with each other Build a political motivation Organize and act adequately Communicate with government Learn open relational abilities

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Create Communication Environments out in the open space - outside of schools Link both schools and individual life to those spaces by means of systems administration IT Build educational modules to help understudies find group issues Teach computerized media proficiency in schools - to create PUBLIC VOICE Make it fun - deliver & share content

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But How to Motivate Gen Next? I. Perceive resident character moves less aggregate obligation/municipal obligation solid enthusiasm for having any kind of effect in the public arena II. Utilize new learning & comm. inclinations make learning: intuitive, experiential, assemble utilize computerized media to customize data utilize online apparatuses to connect political information & activity III. Connect classroom to government & society Use media to draw in understudies in broad daylight circles

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Center for Communication & Civic Engagement Lance Bennett, Director www.engagedcitizen.org Information ~ Technology ~ Community @