Urban social strategies and improvement of inventive businesses

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Style, workmanship, nightlife, outline. Creative ability rules. Innovative junction ... Design week. Style - Design. Imaginative commercial ventures of Belgrade. http: ...

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Urban social strategies and improvement of innovative ventures Belgrade imaginative city point of view Milena Dragicevic Sesic

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Cultural strategy professionalization Rutinization of social arrangements Sectorialization Focusing on organizations customary approach If succesful: Orientation on quality accomplishments

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Cultural arrangement as a feature of key program Orientation to market requests Seeing a worldwide pictures Following patterns Initiating new ideas

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Evidence based social approach – plausibility? No convention for confirmation based social arrangement in the locale Relying on considerations, huge thoughts Despising the realities and "commonplace information" Respect for the focal direction (regardless of self-representing framework in ex-Yu) Authoritarian and populist values

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Stimulans for city strategy making Andre Malraux – beat down approach Jack Lang – contracts with districts British stimulans for key arranging (New investigation administrations: Best Value, Comprehensive Performance Assessment)

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assignments of the city open strategies (re)defining city character , in view of: - aggregate recollections of individuals, - social legacy (manufactured and elusive) and - vision of future get-together agreement among: -primary political operators, -general conclusion creators (scholarly people, instructors, media experts… ).

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Cities in decrease – urban areas in movement Politics of blankness Politics of business as usual Politics of holding up Active approaches… Secret urban communities of USSR – engine of military and atomic advancement – non-existent in present day talk about Future of Akademgorodok?

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Palanka - urban areas Substitute for industrialization – little commerc (kioskization) Next stride: Small and medium endeavors Next stride: Foreign speculations Forgotten issues: How to incorporate lost memory in future advancement? How to begin endogenous improvement

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Policies of new "urbazone" Hundreds of utilization of "urban"/in contemporary media, which means: stylish consumeristic situated individual cosmopolite hedonistic introduction fun, stimulation branding as key issue…

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Shortcut to Creative Belgrade? Key specialists: advertisement offices Culture as Design – utilization design Shopping Eating Socializing (cafés) Beaches… (waterway and lake… ) Movies Festivals…

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An easy route to inventive Amsterdam Change as a consistent (letter of the maire) Five stories: Westergasfabriek – social stop Jenifer Tee Viktor & Rolf Zuidas Breeding grounds

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Key words I am sterdam – (un)expected Inspiring stories Fashion, workmanship, nightlife, plan Imagination rules Creative junction Creative tact (lloyd inn) play area

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Creative businesses of communism period (1985 – 2000) Enterpreneurial activities of Ljubisa Ristic: -Avala fest (re-utilization of Film city) -Sugar manufacturing plant recharging (LED craftsmanship intercession against Project X, 1996.) Barutana – restored Kalemegdan powder stockpiling + lagums of Belgrade as coffeehouses Belgrade – Europolis … Sava amphitheater

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Belgrade five stories From imperviousness to innovative ventures: B92 (Radio-TV-video), REX, Samizdat Center for Cultural Decontamination, Skart… Publikum – FIA Independent distributed houses: CLIO, Geopoetika, Rende… Music generation – from shake to Serbia sounds worldwide

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Non business -New minute survey and workmanship exhibition -Grifon prize for visual computerization Commercial: -Pink TV (City records… ) - BK Television + BK sound - Komuna - Fashion week Non-political activities

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Fashion - Design

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Creative enterprises of Belgrade www.izlazak.com/www.krstarica.com http://www.infostud.com http://www.kliknalink.co.yu www.yellowcab.co.yu/dogadjaj . www.virtualnigrad.com

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Cultural arrangement – new activities Business & Art grant: O3one exhibition – plan & regular day to day existence Beton hala – Superspace display Kunsthalle & Museums in old military sleeping enclosure (City gallery) Old Fair – memory stop or disco club

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Old reasonable – see from 30` Fair – high renown int. occasions - 30` Concentration camp 40` Art ateliers – since 50` first Waiting for Godot in the Eastern World (59) What to do now? Dedication stop? Social craftsmanship focus? Club Poseydon? Club New Laguna?

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Urban approach activities 60` Skadarlija (+ Kosancicev venac) 70` Payton City - Cubura 80` Knez Mihajlova 90` - without arrangement activities 6. - 13. May 2006 – Week of Architecture. Fontana? Memory of cosmopolitan Belgrade of 60` City Center… Kunsthalle

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Privatization in culture

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Serbian innovative enterprises Film generation – 179 comp. (157 dynamic) Music generation organizations – 46 Publishing organizations – 517 dynamic Radio & Television – 139 Radio&TV stations (105 still in broad daylight possession) -543 radio stations - 73 Tv stations daily papers - 21

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Number of utilized

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Research: overview of Belgrade CI SAIT group: Slobodan Cvejic, M.Dragicevic Sesic…

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Basic attributes 43% ladies and 57% men. 34 years of age in normal, running from 15 to 77, yet with larger part thought somewhere around 20 and 35 (2/3). 62% were conceived in Belgrade, 6% in other huge urban areas of previous Yugoslavia, 30% in moderate size urban areas of nowdays or previous Yugoslavia, and 2% were conceived abroad. 41% finished college training, 29% finished third degree or is at graduate concentrates now, and 21% has spetialization degree. Just 9% has just auxiliary training,. 60% of respondents does just CI work for living, 13% is basicaly depended upon CI work, yet accomplishes something else also (educating or master work outside CI), and 27% accomplishes something else for living and has CI as second decision of movement.

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Economic quality of CI in Belgrade 84% profit out of their innovative work. Their market is profoundly confined: - 82% Belgrade, - 38% in huge urban areas in Serbia, - 27% achieve previous Yugoslavia states, - 16% has showcase in Southern-Eastern Europe, - 25% in Europe - 13% globaly. Normal yearly individual salary made in the specialties was 276,000 CSD (4,600 USD). - 10% has no wage, - 16% somewhere around 40,000 and 100,000 CSD (660 and 1,700 USD), - 19% somewhere around 120,000 and 200,000 CSD (2,000 and 3,300 USD), - 19% somewhere around 240,000 and 300,000 (4,000 and 5,000 USD), - 17% from 350,000 to 600,000. the family unit yearly salary, it is 690,000 CSD (11,500 USD) in normal (family unit financial technique of craftsmen).

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Living conditions 39% of them inhabit their folks', relatives' or companions'. 38% groups an appartment 20% lease for the place they live in. 17% live alone, 26% live in 2 man family unit, 28% in 3 man family unit, 22% in 4 man family, 7% in at least 5 man family. 6% of the specimen lives in studio space, 12% in no room appartment, 36% in one room apprtment, 29% in 2 room appartment. 33% up to 50 sqm, 34% in 51-70 sqm, 25% in 71-100 sqm 8% in more than 100 sqm.

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CI associations review investigation

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Legal status of CI associations 64% of associations/organizations exclusive, 31% were NGOs 6% were state-possessed organizations. number of representatives: 54% has 0-3 for all time utilized individuals normal for the example is 11

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Working space 8 % don't have isolate working space 57% lease their space 13% of cases an individual from the association/organization possesses the space, 15% of cases association utilizes open space with negligible lease, 8% of cases they have another arrangement. The costs identified with the space change from 0 to 4,800,000 dinars (0 to 80,000 USD) every month. Normal is cca 165,000 CSD (cca 2,700 USD) The biggest number of respondents is focused somewhere around 40,000 and 60,000 CSD (650-1,000 USD). Normal size of the space utilized is 160 sqm, (two modular interims): somewhere around 30 and 50 sqm (20%) somewhere around 70 and 110 sqm (25%). In normal, fulfillment with the working space, measured on the scale 1-10, is at the center (6). 72% trust that their association/organization needs more space than they have now (of them).

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Conclusions Small private firms (book shops, exhibitions, and so on.) and NGOs are arranged towards social/masterful market, they need administrative help with drawing nearer clients, assets and different associations. They require more data, preparing in aptitudes required on the move from protectionist to open market framework As for work space, their view of their own position is not sensible: they need more space at lower rates by financed credits or leases. This implies in recreating an old modern site or developing another working for CI, tremendous help would be required from nearby organizations and banks. To make the entire venture economical, CI individuals ought to be prompted to broaden their market and prepared to work under more focused conditions .