Urban Settlements Development Grant USDG Policy Framework Workshop 6 April 2011

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Urban Settlements Development Grant USDG Policy Framework Workshop 6 April 2011

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PRESENTATION OUTLINE USDG POLICY FRAMEWORK Built Environment Context Approach & Objectives Built Env. Execution Plan & Intermediate Results Indicators Eligibility & Participation Funding & Financial Arrangements Institutional Arrangements DISCUSSION ON USDG POLICY FRAMEWORK WAY FORWARD Assessment and Evaluation Process USDG Panel National Treasury Process Payment Schedule

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TERMINOLOGY IN RESPECT OF USDG Human Settlements Urban Settlements Built Environment Infrastructure Development Built Environment Performance Plan – BEPP

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HUMAN SETTLEMENTS Human Settlements - all around oversaw elements in which monetary development and social advancement are in adjust with the conveying limit of the common frameworks on which they depend for their reality and result in economical improvement , riches creation and neediness lightening and value (Housing Code). There is a continuum of settlements from provincial to urban. The USDG identifies with urban human settlements.

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URBAN SETTLEMENTS 8 Metro's + Mogale City Msunduzi Newcastle/Umtshezi Polokwane Potchefstroom Rustenburg Stellenbosch Sol Plaatjie Steve Tshwete uMhlathuze City of Matlosana Drakenstein Emalahleni George Govan Mbeki Mafikeng Madibeng Matjhabeng Mbombela

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BUILT ENVIRONEMNT Built Environment – alludes to the human creation of space inside the setting of urban settlements including framework that backings administrations required for quality living, both from the social and monetary viewpoints. The manufactured condition incorporates foundation administrations, lodging, open transport and land utilize administration hones . It additionally incorporates group offices, for example, sports fields, expressions and recreational offices, group corridors and other social framework that are as basic to building strong, firm, protected and solid groups.

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INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT Infrastructure Development incorporates tending to the improvement of new administrations, redesigning, recovery , and where essential substitution . While it is an immediate reaction to the protected privileges of access to fundamental administrations , it additionally accommodates financial development . It is a key wellspring of income for Cities % Towns.

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BUILT ENV. Execution PLAN - BEPP Built Environment Performance Plan – alludes to the arrangement that a city aggregates and submits to national government in regard of the USDG method, the substance of which is centered around the approach of the city in dealing with its assembled condition to add to the national result of incorporated foundation arranging and execution .

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1. Manufactured ENVIRONMENT CONTEXT " Sustainable Human Settlements and Improved the Quality of Household Life" Consolidation of subsidizing a key issue for acknowledgment of the human settlements order The arrangement of Bulk and Link Infrastructure keeps on being a matter tormenting the ideal execution of the human settlements part

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1. Manufactured ENVIRONMENT CONTEXT MIG Cities was set up to advance incorporated arranging and financing of the urban fabricated condition motivation in the vast urban areas. Bureau choice in December 2010 that USDG be set up, and financing be assigned from the HSDG and the disestablished MIG Cities allow. USDG expects to coordinate the arrival of very much found land to the capacity of arranging and financing of the constructed condition.

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2. Goal OF USDG "Extra" R 21 billion for human settlements work over the MTEF assigned specifically to Cities & Towns USDG will enlarge and bolster allow designations from territories to regions under the HSDG ; it should likewise bolster joining of HSDG undertakings into standard city advancement. Ought to urge change being developed arranging and furthermore enhance between administrative co-appointment (each of the 3 circles) of improvement.

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2. Plan OF USDG intends to urge urban areas to be proactive engineers of framework by preparing local capital while in the meantime tending to and re-dressing the area of improvement. It ought to urge Cities and Towns to deal with their capital consumptions in a coordinated way , over all administrations in great areas and covering the life expectancy of tasks (advancement, M&R, updating, restoration, substitution).

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2. Purpose OF USDG ought to address PRO POOR BIAS INCLUDING ECONOMIC GROWTH financial development, and in the meantime disparity and destitution easing and annihilation Not either or, however both : USDG center ought to be one-sided towards bringing down the expenses acquired by poorer family units in getting to adjusted urban land with secure residency.

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3. Directing PRINCIPLES Cities & Towns to lead administration of Built Environment Recognize & bolster limit in Cities & Towns Reflect adjust between destitution lightening and monetary development in capital use National financial bolster must give a results centered supplement to capital spending plans of Cities & Towns Cities & Towns must record for execution of fabricated condition

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BEPP SUBMISSION FORMAT Human Settlements Development Plan to be addendum to BEPP Submission for arrangement and incorporation of Housing/Human Settlements into standard city improvement Spatial coordination Increase densities Development of Public Transport Location of land, Zoning and Land Use as apparatuses

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The BEPP Panel will comprise of the individuals presently serving on the Human Settlement Basic Services Task Team and others according to the TOR (Annexure C) 3. Arrangement of the BEPP Panel National Dept of Human Settlements, Dept of Cooperative Governance National Dept of Sports and Recreation Respective Prov Dept's of Human Settlements Respective Prov Dept's of Co-agent Governance Department of Water Department of Energy Department of Transport Department of Environment National Treasury + Two to three specialists chose by accord of the Panel

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3. Appraisal Process The BEPP Panel will get the main drafts of the USDG BEPP's put together by the 8 Metro's seven (7) days before the evaluation thereof. Furthermore the audit of the 1 st drafts will happen as a component of the Annual Budget Reviews directed by National Treasury with designated regions ( Benchmarking ) Evaluation criteria (Intermediate Results Indicators) will be utilized for appraisal

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3. Assessment Criteria Intermediate Results Indicators DORA or draft for dialog today

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3. BEPP Submission dates & systems First Draft BEP Submission of 1 st draft Consultation with Metro's Panel workshop and survey arranges Alignment of Benchmarking for spending plans and assessment for USDG. Second Draft BEP Submission of 2 nd draft Panel survey arranges Final BEP Submission of last BEP Dates Submit by 31 March 6 April 2011 18 to 21 April 2011 4 to 9 May 2011 23 may 2011 6 to 15 June 2011 24 June 2011

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4. Qualification & Participation 8 Cities & 20 Towns Alignment with Human Settlements Accreditation AND requests confronting urban settlements Meet USDG allow conditions – DORA Reporting and M&E Section 71 Reports ( revised )

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Report on execution against the objectives accommodated in the BEPP Intermediate Results Indicators and in conjunction with the revealing prerequisites of MFMA Section 71 : "The bookkeeping officer of a district should by no later than 10 working days after the finish of every month submit to the chairman of the region and the pertinent common treasury an announcement in endorsed arrange on the condition of the region's financial plan mirroring the accompanying particulars for that month and for the monetary year up to the finish of that month" and Section 72 : "The bookkeeping officer of a region should by 25 January of every year—(an) evaluate the execution of the region amid the principal half of the budgetary year, present a provide details regarding such appraisal to—(i) the leader of the region; (ii) the National Treasury; and (iii) the applicable commonplace treasury" Reporting Requirements, M & E

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Reporting Requirements, M & E Municipalities must consent to announcing necessities according to DORA Section 9 (1) & Section 11 (2) The stream of the primary portion relies on upon the accommodation and endorsement of BEPP including concurred Intermediate Results Indicators; The stream of the 2 nd , 3 rd portions will be restrictive upon accommodation and endorsement of closed down quarterly reports

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5. Defense OF GRANTS Rationalization of different segment particular subsidizing streams to advance more compelling arranging and execution of the constructed condition by Cities and Towns USDG + ? NDPG; INEP 1.  Water Services Projects 2.  Community Based Public Works Program 3.  Local Economic Development Fund 4.  Urban Transport Fund 5.  Building for Sport and Recreation Program MIG-Cities MIG

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5. USDG GRANT FRAMEWORK Grant reason: Supplements the capital incomes of chose Cities & Towns to bolster the national human settlements advancement result – Sustainable Human Settlements & Improved Quality of Household Life Flow of Funds Schedule 4 – allotment to regions to supplement the subsidizing of capacities from metropolitan spending plans Directly from NDHS to Cities & Towns 3 installments according to Payment Schedule (HSDG keeps on streaming as should be expected until Level 3 Accreditation)

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Delivery Agreements (USDG particular) will be political responsibility to reflect Grant Framework/DORA. Limit Support from National (and World Bank) gave subsidizing Link to systematized planning and re