Uranium mining, handling, transport and waste transfer commercial ventures in the NT

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Uranium mining, handling, transport and waste transfer commercial ventures in the NT ... Atomic waste transport issues. Bundling. Preparing for taking care of ...

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Uranium mining, handling, transport & squander transfer ventures in the NT Reducing the Risk: What are we in the NT doing? MAPW Alice Springs 2007 O. Seared May 07

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Mining : are existing natural approaches & shields sufficient? Existing NT uranium mines Ranger, Jabiluka: disparities between controls/observing & results NT ecological shields: hostage to the requirements of industry? McArthur River Lead/Zinc Mine 2006/07 NT has a poor record on mine recovery Rum Jungle uranium mine 1954/71 Redbank copper mine 1993/96 Mt. Todd gold mine 1994/97, 1999/00 O. Fricasseed May 07

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Olympic Dam Uranium and Copper Mine at Roxby Downs SA: an informative case Controversial since 1975 Bypass of existing enactment Environmental effects Water use from Gt Artesian Basin, Mound Springs Safety impacts Tailings upkeep; Numerous episodes & spills Miners uncovered No checking at Roxby Cultural effects O. Browned May 07

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Recent transport mischances: Ghan crash Dec 06 Road prepare cyanide spill Feb 07 Nuclear waste transport issues Packaging Training for taking care of Accidental pollution Preventing preoccupation LLW no uncommon protecting move by street/rail/ocean in 200 liter drums ILW protecting, & if >30 yr ½ life => enhanced taking care of and transfer HLW both protecting and cooling Transport of atomic materials – is it safe? O. Fricasseed May 07

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Counter-fiasco arranging in the NT: Is it satisfactory? NT Chemical, Biological and Radiological Disaster Response Plan is a " controlled report " Focused on fear based oppression, not mischances Dealing with delirium? O. Seared May 07

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Monitoring of populaces possibly at hazard from atomic industry improvement ? Populaces presented to atomic bomb testing French Polynesia – Maralinga and Fangatuafa atolls Australian Maralinga vets consider NZ Operation Grapple vets ponder NT Study: Aboriginal individuals living close Ranger uranium mine No subsequent research NT Cancer Registry? Not sufficient/centered O. Broiled May 07

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What's required? [well, ceasing any development of atomic ventures… ] Procedures – thoroughness , straightforwardness and responsibility – is that enough? Mining, transport, handling… . taking care of, training, bundling… . Counter-fiasco arranging – an open talk? Wellbeing observing – begin now? O. Seared May 07