Universal Taekwon-Do Federation ITF Teaching You the Art of Life

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Global Taekwon-Do Alliance (ITF) Showing You the Specialty of Life!. Chapter by chapter list. History of ITF Regulatory Structure ITF Congress ITF Governing body Standing Advisory groups Mainland Alliances National Affiliations Acknowledgment of ITF Our Administrations ITF Site

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Universal Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Teaching You the Art of Life!

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Table of Content History of ITF Administrative Structure ITF Congress ITF Board of Directors Standing Committees Continental Federations National Associations Recognition of ITF Our Services ITF Website Promotional Material Services to our individuals Technical Content Fundamental Movements Patterns Sparring Breaking self preservation Philosophy of Taekwon-Do Differencing ITF and WTF

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History of ITF On March 22, 1966 , the ITF was established in Seoul, Republic of Korea, by General Choi Hong Hi with nine establishing part nations. It was the main universal association built up to oversee the improvement of Taekwon-Do. Taekwon-Do turned out to be extremely well known, on account of the entire physical wellness it gave to the individuals who rehearsed it. Its methods are especially refreshing for their adequacy and their style. General Choi created the Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do, a comprehensive 15 volume work initially distributed in 1983 . It turned into the reference standard for educators and understudies around the world. ITF is one of the uncommon hand to hand fighting which are invested with such rich documentation. Since 2003 , the ITF course group has been working hard to modernize its organization and structure. Devices, for example, the new Constitution, By-Laws and strategies are among the imperative resources of this advancement.

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History of ITF Important Dates in the History of the ITF 1955   Taekwon-Do" formally enrolled in Korea, with the name proposed by General Choi Hong Hi.  1966 ITF established by General Choi Hong Hi, the Father of Taekwon-Do 1974 First Senior World Championship, Montreal (Canada) 1985 ITF central station moved to Vienna (Austria) 1993 First Junior World Championship, Moscow (Russia) 2002 Death of General Choi Hong Hi; Mr. Russell McClellan got to be distinctly Acting President 2003 Election of Master Trân Triêu Quân as President of the ITF 2004 First World Cup, Orlando (USA) 2007 Re-decision of Master Trân Triêu Quân for a moment order as President of the ITF First consolidated Junior & Senior World Championship, Quebec (Canada)

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ITF Administrative Structure 1. ITF Congress 2. ITF Board of Directors 3. Standing Committees 4. Mainland Federations 5. National Associations

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ITF Administrative Structure 1. ITF Congress The Congress is the incomparable body of the I.T.F. It is shaped by the representatives allocated by every National Association. The Congress might meet like clockwork. Its majority is 33% of the individuals. 2. ITF Board of Directors Members of the Board of Directors are chosen at the Congress and might serve a four-year order. The Board might comprise of 11 individuals: President Senior Vice-President Two Vice-Presidents Secretary General Treasurer One delegate from each Continental Federation The present order is for the period 2007-2011.

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ITF Administrative Structure The ITF Board of Directors for 2007-2011

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ITF Administrative Structure 3. Standing Committees Each advisory group might comprise of a Chairperson and from two to four individuals, contingent upon the requirements of every Committee, to be delegated by the Board of Directors for a term of two years. 3.1 Technique & Instruction Committee To accomplish consistency and high caliber in educating and in criteria for umpiring. 3.2 Tournament & Umpire Committee To guarantee the nature of the association of World Championships and World Cups 3.3 Ethics & Discipline Committee To guarantee all exercises of ITF and those related with it are done in a moral way

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ITF Administrative Structure 3. Standing Committees 3.4 Masters Promotion Committee To look at and advance qualified contender for seventh, eighth, and ninth Degree Black Belt 3.5 Business Development Committee To help the ITF, its national individuals, and its Instructors to create and deal with their business 3.6 Communication Committee To guarantee the nature of correspondence, both inner and outside 3.7 Welcome Committee To welcome and give help to new individuals

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ITF Administrative Structure 4. Mainland Federations The Continental Federations acknowledge and complete assigned exercises of educating, improvement, and rivalry, guaranteeing that all I.T.F. Principles and Policies are accurately connected. Its Board of Directors fairly chose from among all part nations of that landmass. 5. National Associations The National Association should be the official illustrative of its nation individuals. A National Association is the fundamental unit of the ITF Congress individuals. It Shall compose I.T.F. Taekwon-Do as the sole illustrative of the I.T.F.

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Recognition of ITF In 2007, the 2 nd ITF overview expected to discover the acknowledgment status of its National Associations in their nation. Among them, 52 National Associations have offered an explanation to study. 37 individuals were perceived by a nearby or national government organization or division. Among these 37 individuals: 26 were perceived as a game organization 16 were perceived as a military workmanship association 2 were perceived as another non-benefit association

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Our Services ITF Official Website: tkd-itf.org Information The Websites distributes vital data including news about the organization and the operations of the ITF. Advancement The Website advances universal occasions sorted out by the ITF and its subsidiary individuals, for example, rivalries, educators courses and umpire courses. Neighborhood association can advance their exercises in the Regional News area.

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Our Services ITF Official Website: tkd-itf.org Formation The President Messages are distributed like clockwork and study altogether themes identified with the historical backdrop of ITF, the "Do", instructing, the operations of the ITF and the vision for the improvement of the ITF and. The Way of Life give at regular intervals a progression of citations from antiquated and contemporary savants and masterminds to motivate and identify with the "Do" Do You KNOW? challenge is an inquiries and-answers include that makes it simple for everybody to take in more about ITF Taekwon-Do. This challenge is held at regular intervals. Other New points, for example, Kids Kick segment will keep on being executed to achieve all scopes of individuals.

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Our Services Promotional Material The ITF can give its National Associations and Allied National Associations with authority letters et cetera to help them get acknowledgment from nearby specialists, regardless of whether it is the administration, brandish leagues or other. An expert Media Kit is accessible online to help our educators advance the school and their exercises (notice, date-book, business card, and so forth.) A DVD was created after the last World Championships in 2007 with selective rivalry film and full-length last matches. A narrative on the ITF with selective meetings, activity groupings and film of our Founder General Choi is accessible on our official site for data and advancement. The magazine Taekwon-Do Generation is dispersed at major ITF occasions each year and highlight articles on our operations, our pioneers, our top competitors and different exercises.

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Our Services Promotional Material Calendar from the 2008 Media Kit ITF Official Web website ITF World Championship Quebec 2007 DVD Souvenir

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Our Services to our individuals Standardization of the methods and accreditation Competitions Sanctioned Continental Championships and International rivalries are sorted out each year taking after the principles and controls of the ITF. The World Cup is held each even year and is interested in every one of the clubs individuals. The following two World Cups are planned for Italy 2008 and USA 2010! The bests of the bests are chosen inside their nations for the World Championship held each odd year. The following two are planned for Argentina 2009 and New Zealand 2011!

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Our Services to our individuals Innovative development and specialization exercises International Instructor Course Leadership Camp Coaching Seminar Workshop on educating the Do Administrative Seminar Umpire Course Administrative Seminar Coaching Seminar

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ITF Technical Content 1. Essential Movements 2. Designs 3. Competing · Step Sparring · Pre-Arranged Free Sparring · Free Sparring 4. Breaking · Special Techniques · Power Breaking 5. self preservation

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ITF Technical Content Preamble General Choi built up an exceptionally total specialized framework that has developed throughout the years. At the outset, he utilized numerous karate-like developments that were performed rather firmly. Look into by the General and his understudies, and in addition logical research, prompted to the ebb and flow specialized framework, which keeps on advancing. Taekwon-Do developments regard and work in concordance with the physical laws and the constitution of the human body. This is the reason honing Taekwon-Do is magnificent for physical development, general wellbeing, nimbleness, enhanced co-appointment, and the improvement of solid mental limits. The systems of Taekwon-Do can be spoken to as a circle. Each of the individual strategies for preparing is included bit by bit, expanding on procedures effectively adapted, however the understudy keeps on rehearsing all the distinctive sorts of preparing. Global Instructor Courses and different classes help ITF Taekwon-Do educators to enhance the nature of their educating and guarantee the consistency of procedures.

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Circle of preparing in Taekwon-Do ITF Technical Content

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1. Key developments ITF Technical Content

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ITF Technical Content 1. Basic Movements There are more than 3,000 crucial developments in Taekwon-Do, and General Choi was extremely glad for this. These developments are fundamental components that can be compared to melodic notes; when connected, they deliver