Unit 13 What Life Means to Me

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Jack London. What Life Means to Me Jack London . Jack LondonBorn out of wedlock on January 12, 1876 left by his fatherHis father ,a meandering astrologer(???),his mother ,a spiritualist(??????)poverty

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Unit 13 What Life Means to Me Teaching destinations Appreciating Jack London and his works. Figuring out how to dissect and scrutinize abstract functions Understanding the utilization of non-literal dialect. Ace the dialect focuses.

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Jack London

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What Life Means to Me Jack London Jack London Born with only one parent present on January 12, 1876 forsook by his dad His dad ,a wandering celestial prophet( 占星家 ),his mom ,a mystic( 迷信招魂术者 ) neediness –stricken adolescence at ten years old : an eager peruser, the works of Flaubert, Tolstoy and other real authors.

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at fourteen, moved on from sentence structure school. At 15. Seaman,Prince of the Oyster Pirates 1894 , dissent the pathetic working conditions sentenced to the Penitentiary ( 罪犯 ) 教养所 1896. selected at the University of California kicked out of school for his contribution in the Socialist Labor Party . nineteenth century—Darwinism, Social Darwinism, Nietzscheism, and Marxism.

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Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) German romantic thinker, prof. Of philology.

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1.theory of the "beyond - man" or "superman." idealize in both personality and body, unmatched in quality and insight, not hampered by religious or social mores. 2.Condemning the customary profound quality (esp. the Christian ethic) as the code of servile masses 3. Superman would be above great and fiendish and would annihilate wanton vote based system.

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Karl Marx (1818 - 1883) German communist and savant.

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1.Proponent of logical communism and argumentative realism. 2.History of class battles, each social request in light of class division contains the germ of its own annihilation. 3.Theory of surplus esteem :the estimation of a ware is dictated by the amount of labour(measured in time) required for its produce.

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4.the oust of the industrialist framework by the specialists of the world. 5.Through communism, responsibility for method for creation and dispersion are commonly claimed as opposed to exclusive.

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Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882) English naturalist

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On the Origin of Species , Survival of the Fittest' a peculiar amalgamation (融合) of thoughts: 1.a compassion 2. confidence in class solidarity 3. a profound respect for individual saints.

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1900, the Klondike dash for unheard of wealth , wedded Bessie Maddern. The Call of the Wild(1903), 1903 The People of The Abyss 1904 Sea Wolf 1905, wedded his previous secretary made a trip to Korea as a reporter to cover the war amongst Russia and Japan (1904-05). The Iron Heel (1908) Martin Eden (1909). White Fang, 1906

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Between 1907 and 1909, cruised the world over. never miss his initial morning 1,000-word composing spell, and in the vicinity of 1900 and 1916 :finished more than fifty books. ran twice for Mayor of Oakland as a hopeful of the communist party 1916 of kidney disappointment, a consequence of his genuine and deep rooted issues with liquor. communism as the friend in need of the regular workers author , mariner, gold miner, farmer

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Warm-up inquiries 1. Have you ever perused any works by Jack London? Which one inspired you the most? Why? Impart your thoughts to others. 2. Do you locate any exceptional attributes about the legends made by Jack London in his fiction world? 3. What amount do you think about Jack London, as a social being and as a man of letter? How has he been assessed in the standard of the American writing?

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Jack London's "Credo" " I would preferably be cinders than tidy! I would rather that my start ought to wear out in a splendid blast than it ought to be smothered by dry spoil. I would rather be a heavenly meteor, each iota of me in glorious gleam, than a languid and perpetual planet. The correct capacity of man is to live, not to exist. I should not squander my days in attempting to drag out them. I should utilize my time " - Jack London (1876 - 1916)

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Comments on London's life theory the battle to get by with respect and trustworthiness contentious love of learning affection for the entire mankind Rebellious ,individualism,superman ,solid will,freedom

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Hope for human progress. Father of American proletariate writing Realist,spokesman of communism Great mastermind His compositions propelled later journalists like John Steinbeck and Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Ruark, Sinclair

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Comments on London's life logic his solid drive toward independence and industrialist achievement. a self-teacher, his thoughts needed consistency and accuracy. ladies' suffrage ,free and solid female characters ,patriarchal toward his two spouses and two little girls. his life and works: the disagreements in the American character

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solid man ,idea,will wins. depiction of regular encompassing: risk,man defeats nature,. Old man - suffering,failure.struggle love of life, survive,perseverance. communism, his 'sacred vessel.'

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Organization and advancement: 1.time adverbials 2.description of his enlarging contact with different individuals from the upper society. 3.the truth about the so –called upper society and continuously changes of his viewpoint.

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Organization of the content 1. Investigation of the content The content is a self-portraying depiction of Jack London's journey for the significance of life ; the dissatisfaction and thwarted expectation he encountered during the time spent discovering the importance of life; and his ideological change . The adjustment in his viewpoint was intense, however the way has been long and naughty

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For a superior comprehension of the content, we may follow sequentially the beneficial encounters of J. London and perceive how he comprehended the importance of life at various phases of his life: A guileless kid Anxious to move up into the upper society (having energy, aspiration, ideals; cherishing sentimental thoughts regarding high society ) ↓ to enter

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Newsboy (at 10) climbing the primary rung of "business step" ↓ Oyster privateer (16) trusting in the law of the wilderness ↓ A hard worker (muscle vender) session of free enterprise; the survival of the fittest (cruelly misused) ↓ A tramp, hobo (at 18) slipping back the rung of stepping stool,

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Be terrified into intuition realizing reality of "wares" in the public eye "muscle dealer" versus "cerebrum merchant" ↓ A learning follower resolved to end up distinctly a mind seller ↓ An effective author frustrated with the privileged:- realism, - lip service hardness (moral loss of motion ) - mentally obliviousness defilement

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(down in the basement, underneath the time when had begun) decided socialist with a common standpoint setting out to topple over the general public he had once been so excited

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Dictionary work: 1.crude: lacking consideration, refinement, or taste. 粗野的缺乏机智、文雅或品味的 2. harsh: portrayed by rough movement; turbulent: 狂暴的具有猛烈运动特征的 . 3.raw: disagreeably soggy and crisp: 阴冷的, 阴潮的又湿又冷使人不快的: crude climate. 干冷的天气 4.travail: work, particularly when burdensome or including difficult exertion; drudge. 艰苦劳动工作,尤指费力的或需要作出巨大努力的工作;辛劳

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5. forsooth :in truth; for sure 6.a pitiful presence of scratching and rationing—a poor existence of thrift and cheapness small - inadequate, poor, sparse. He drove a from-hand-to mouth life on his pitiful wage. It was close to the finish of the month and Johnny could just bear the cost of small dinners. scrimp:vi.(=skimp) 节俭 , 节省 , 吝啬 , 克扣 reward.

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They rationed margarine as well as can be expected. 他们尽量节省奶油。 节省 , 节缩 , 过度减少 :ration one's family unit, 节缩家用 7.remunerate: to pay (a man) an appropriate equal as an end-result of products gave, administrations rendered, or misfortunes caused; to adjust for; make installment for: 赔偿;酬报: compensate his endeavors. 报偿他的努力 compensate a man for his inconvenience 给某人的辛苦以报酬

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8.by method for a refund—by getting a discount 9. blast: to issue a booming verbal assault or reprimand: 大声呵斥,谴责发出大声斥责或谴责声: exploded against political deception. 强烈谴责政治欺骗 To detonate or explode. 爆炸或爆发 10.pitch in: 开始大干特干 ; 拼命地干起来 begin to work excitedly ,esp. in a gathering . How about we contribute and complete the work before dull.

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11.replenish - top off (store of merchandise )again ( a formal word). to fill or make finish once more; include another stock or supply to: 补充把 … 再装满或再备足;给 … 新添备料或供给: recharge the larder. 给食橱重新装满食物 to motivate or sustain: 鼓舞;使充满活力: The music will renew my fatigued soul. 音乐使我疲惫的精神充满活力

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12.a muscle bankrupt: a man who is no longer sufficiently solid to do anything . A man may likewise be ethically bankrupt, Shutter: : 装上百叶窗或以百叶窗关闭: bolted the entryways and covered the windows. To bring about to stop operations; shut down: covered the store for the occasion. 节日期间商店关门 13.vender: one that offers or distributes: a road seller; merchants of shoddy stock. a candy machine.( 投币或自动售货机 )

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Language focuses: 1 .both of the fragile living creature and the soul - both of the body and the psyche above me towered the titanic building of the general public - The enormous structure of society stood high above me. Numerous high rises tower most importantly different structures in Shanghai.

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titanic: enormous, colossal, tremendous. This word can be utilized to portray a building, a measure of cash, a statue, and so forth resolve: settle on a decided choice. She set out to win first