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What you will realize:. The definition of:Academic ProbationProgress ProbationDisqualification. What is an understudy on favorable terms?. An understudy who has endeavored 12 or more units and has earned a 2.0 or aboveA Student who has finished more than half of the courses endeavored with 12 or more units.

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´╗┐Understudy Success Workshop Counseling Department Summer 2010

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What you will learn: The meaning of: Academic Probation Progress Probation Disqualification

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What is an understudy in great standing? An understudy who has endeavored at least 12 units and has earned a 2.0 or over A Student who has finished over half of the courses endeavored with at least 12 units

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Academic Standing An understudy who is not in great scholastic standing will have a hold put on his/her record until he/she goes to an on the web or in person Student Success Workshop. The hold will anticipate enrollment.

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Remember: By effectively finishing this workshop and procuring no less than a 70% on the test will just clear the enlistment hold for the present semester . You should finish this workshop EVERY semester until you are on favorable terms.

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How to Calculate Your Grade Point Average (GPA) First figure review focuses. A=4,B=3,C=2,D=1,F=0 Multiply review focuses by number of units the class is worth. Take add up to review focuses and isolate by number of units you are enlisted in.

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Example Course Units Grade Points Grade Points x Units Math B22 (5) A 5x4* 20 History B17A (3) B 3x3* 9 English B1 (4) C 4x2* 8 Art B2AB (3) A 3x4* 12 Total 15 49 49 Total Grade Points 15 Total Units 49 isolated by 15 = 3.26 Grade Points-A=4*, B=*3, C*=2, D*=1, F*=0 * review focuses

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Grade Point Average Calculation For more help figuring your review point normal, go to this enlightening site: http://www.back2college.com/gpa.htm

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Academic Probation Attempted at least 12 units and earned an aggregate review point normal beneath 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average incorporates all coursework taken at BC

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How would I get off Academic probation?

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Repeating courses you fizzled is the speediest approach to get once again into great standing BC permits understudies to enlist a moment time for a course. You should record a Course Repeat Form with the Admissions office once you have earned a "C" review or higher in the wake of rehashing the course (you printed this frame toward the start of the workshop)

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For each unit of "F" evaluations, you should gain a unit of "An" evaluations For each unit of "D" evaluations, you should procure a unit of "B" evaluations

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Repeat Policies for Special Student Populations EOP&S understudies need to go to their EOPS guide or consultant for counsel about rehashing courses. Veterans need to check with Linda Cordoba in the Admissions office about conceivable rehash confinements. DSPS understudies ought to go to the DSPS office to get data about rehashing courses.

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Three time Repeat Policy If you come up short or pull back from a similar class twice, you should get the division director's mark on the Request to Complete a Course Beyond the Limit shape . This shape can be found at: http://www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/affirmations/frames/repetition.asp

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IMPORTANT You will just get three opportunities to rehash a class.

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Progress Probation If the rate of all units endeavored comes to or surpasses half of "W", "I" or potentially "NP" "NC sections subsequent to finishing at least 12, the understudy will be set on Progress Probation.

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Example Progress Probation Math B22 (5) A History B17a (3) W English B1 (4) W Art B2ab (3) W Total 15 10 units of W, 5 units passed GPA = 4.0

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Remember: Student's must go no less than 51% of the units they endeavor to remain on favorable terms.

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How would I get off Progress Probation? Finish 75-100% of all courses you endeavor Know where to discover vital drop/withdrawal dates Remember that "W's" never leave Earn more reviewed units than you have units of "W's"

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For a rundown of imperative dates go to the BC Home page, www.bakersfieldcollege.edu See your educator for Drop/Withdrawal dates for here and now classes.

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Academic Disqualification Students set on scholastic probation for three sequential semesters of enlistment, should be precluded for admission to classes the accompanying semester, unless amid the last semester of enlistment the understudy earned a 2.0 or higher, in which case, the understudy might be place on proceeded with probation.

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Progress Disqualification Students who are set on advance probation for 3 sequential semesters of enlistment should be excluded for admission to classes the accompanying semester, unless amid the last semester of enlistment, the rate of units with sections of "W", "I" "NC" or "NP" was under half, in which case the understudy might be place on proceeded with probation.

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Reinstatement Policy Disqualified Students All excluded understudies must go to an up close and personal Disqualification Workshop. Contact the Counseling office for more data on workshop dates and times (661-395-4221) Depending on individual conditions, you might be approached to sit out for a semester

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Academic Renewal Maximum of 20 units of substandard grades (D, F, NC or NP) might be slighted in the estimation of the g.p.a., for courses taken at Bakersfield College under the accompanying conditions : (allude to the current BC inventory for more data) 5 years have slipped by 12 units of attractive evaluations were earned Academic Renewal shape is finished and submitted to Admissions and Records Click beneath for the Academic Renewal frame : http://www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/confirmations/frames/pdf/Academic_Renewal_Request.pdf

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By taking this workshop and passing the test with no less than a 70% pass rate and finishing an online refresh for the following semester, the hang on your enrollment will be lifted all together that you may enlist.

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Important You should finish an on the web or up close and personal probation workshop each semester until you are on favorable terms. Great standing is characterized as an aggregate review point normal of 2.0 or higher AND finish of no less than 51% of the units you endeavor .

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What are the results of probation? Understudies on scholastic or advance probation will have an enlistment and unit hold put on their understudy record every semester until they are back on favorable terms.

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Other Consequences of Probation Visit the Financial Aid office to check whether your trial status will impact your guide. In the event that you are an understudy competitor, see the Athletic guide in the exercise center for qualification status.

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