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The White Paper . . Why do we need FTP?.

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Understudy Fitness To Practice Ruth H Chadwick RHC

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The White Paper

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Why do we require FTP? " We require a framework that comprehends the weights and strains under which all experts work and shows comprehension, sympathy and bolster where these are suitable. It likewise implies a framework that is better ready to recognize individuals at an opportune time who are battling – maybe with individual issues of psychological well-being or habit – supporting them, demonstrating a similar care to them that they have appeared to their patients… " page 2; segment 4 Trust, Assurance and Safety – The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century . February 2007. Cm 7013. The Stationery Office, London.

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The Code The Code

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Alignment Professionalism and direction ought to keep running as a creating strand of the educational programs over the span of study. Measures ought to be set up between the Regulatory Body and Higher Education Institution for the understudy to build up a careful comprehension of polished skill and the motivation behind direction … CHRE 2008

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Student Guidance

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Student Guidance Aggressive, fierce or undermining conduct Cheating or appropriating Criminal conviction or alert Dishonesty Drug or liquor abuse Health concerns Persistent wrong demeanor or conduct Unprofessional conduct

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Impact of understudy conduct and lead 24/7 expert and individual life Student wellness to practice Student's capacity to finish the program The readiness of the college to sign the announcement of good wellbeing and great character for the understudy to wind up distinctly an enrolled nurture.

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NMC Good Health and Good Character HEI's entrusted with guaranteeing Fitness for Practice, amid and up to the point of enrollment Good Health Good Character

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Good character NMC state "A people character must be adequately bravo to be fit for sheltered and viable practice without supervision" NMC direction CHRE approach

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University strategy Fitness for Professional Practice Procedure Fitness to Study Procedure for Dealing with Academic Misconduct Academic Appeals Procedure Student Disciplinary Procedure Student Complaints Procedure

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Challenges confronting the usage of Fitness for Practice Procedures Identifying Fitness for Practice (FFP) cases Investigating FFP cases Consistency of approach

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Identifying Fitness for Practice (FFP) cases Who distinguishes issues of concern? What sort of concerns are raised? What ought to happen when concerns are raised? At the point when will the distinguished matter be explored?

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Investigation Follow FFP arrangement Remember these are charges not demonstrated truth Why may the recognized matter influence FFP? What is the confirmation to bolster the charge?

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Consistency of approach Application of the arrangement to all affirmations raised against understudies Proportionality and hazard Equity and decency Advice to understudies

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Cases An examination that did not bring about a Fitness For Practice (FFP) board An examination was alluded to a FFP board An examination was alluded to a FFP board and accordingly to a FFP Appeal Panel

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Things to consider Are the charges clear? Will you relate them to The Code? Is there confirmation to substantiate the affirmation? Have purposes behind choices been given? Standard of Proof

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Student setting Student development Ethnic and social variables Educational foundation Personal issues understudy encountering at the time

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Justice and reasonableness Found unfit for practice by FFP, yet scholastically stable NMC express that understudy might be conceded scholarly honor BUT this must not at all derive that the understudy is a qualified medical attendant or birthing specialist.

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Sign off for enlistment If not content; for direct or wellbeing reasons, to sign the understudy's supporting presentation or the understudy has charges pending The supporting assertion of good wellbeing and character ought to be come back to the NMC UNSIGNED and obviously denoted that the nursing program pioneer or birthing specialist for training can't sign it NMC H & C

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Should controllers get each result? CHRE SFTP

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References CHRE 2008 Advice on the common standard of confirmation London CHRE 2008 Advice on understudy enlistment London CHRE 2008 A typical way to deal with great character over the wellbeing callings controllers London CHRE 2010 Fitness to practice review report Audit of wellbeing expert administrative bodies' underlying choices London CHRE 2010 Student Fitness to Practice Should the controllers get each result? London CHRE DoH 2007 Trust, Assurance and Safety – The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century London The Stationery Office NMC 2008 The Code Standards of lead, execution and morals for medical caretakers and birthing specialists London NMC 2008 Good Health and Good Character: direction for instructive foundations London NMC 2009 Guidance on expert direct to nurse and maternity care understudies London NMC School of Nursing & Midwifery 2010 The Nursing and Midwifery Workbook Salford School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Salford 2010 Fitness for Professional Practice Procedure Salford University of Salford

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Raising and heightening concerns: Guidance for attendants and birthing assistants The new direction will help attendants and maternity specialists to remember their commitments – T he code: Standards of direct, execution and morals for medical caretakers and maternity specialists stipulates: Acting immediately in the event that you presume a partner or any other person might put somebody at hazard Informing somebody in specialist on the off chance that you encounter issues that counteract you working inside the code Reporting any worries in composing if issues in nature of care are putting individuals at hazard