Understudies with Asperger s Syndrome:

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Understudies with Asperger's Syndrome: Supporting Social Development in Higher Education

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Co Presenters: Kendall Swanson, M.A., LPC Jan Serrantino, Ed. D.

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Learning Objectives Understand the associations between understudies with AS and scholastic and social achievement Explain the idea of Social Thinking/Cognition Learn how to build up a program to advance social intuition open doors for Aspies and understudies with social deficiencies Understand how to create and utilize Social Plans; positive social connection; Interventions Identify effective techniques for Faculty collaboration

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Challenges for understudies with Asperger's Syndrome (Asperger's, High Functioning Autism (HFA) and people with social shortages) Challenges Social observation Social Skills Narrow Interests Impulsivity Emotional Control Time Management Organization Persuasive Solicitors

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Asperger's Types The Learner – unequivocally drew in, may have issues with un-favored work The One Track-contract form of the Learner – may experience issues with gen. ed. then again acclimating with educators

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Types con't The Babysittee – minimal self inspiration, needs scholarly weights minimized and amplified social development The Social Dependant – has found 'a place' in school; sub culture organization; movement Adapted from J. Mayshar, OC Asperger's Group

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Myths Facts Socially withdrawn Often look for contact No eye contact Eye contact differs No inclinations for people Show clear inclinations Manifest odd behavior Most look 'typical', converse, yet… No facial expression Many utilize some expressions No feeling of humor Most look for amusingness Physically inept Some physically capable MG Winner, 2000 FYI

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Overwhelmed by : Campus social requests Who to eat suppers with How would I cooperate with a gathering heading off to an action? Threatened by: Handling novel circumstances Negative reactions from associates Lack of parental mediation The association between AS understudies scholarly achievement and social achievement

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Aspies do have emotions Shame, hatred, disarray & dissatisfaction from: Not fitting in, curiosity of culture, stretch of school life, now in charge of all choices These sentiments oftentimes prompt to nervousness and frequently misery Its less demanding to remain separated, participate in computer games or TV

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Skills that need bolster in Higher Education Social Skills Organizational Skills Time Management Stress Management Identifying Safe Zones

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Small Group Scenarios Break into gatherings of 3-5 Review situation How can DSS bolster understudy? Abilities, undertakings, scholastic & social needs Group reports

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Group Reports Henry/Learner Adam/One Track Jessica/Social Dependant Charlie/Babysittee

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What is Social Thinking/Social Cognition? The intrinsic capacity to thoroughly consider and apply data to prevail in circumstances that require social information (Winner,2004). How people endeavor to see how others think, see, feel, and respond. Building up a comprehension of other's activities, considerations, and emotions is essential for compelling working in the social world (Hala, 1997).

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Techniques to show Social Thinking Creating extraordinary Social Plans Implementing Social Plans Social Skill Training = coordinate direction Tracking Success Supportive Correction Encouraging social inclusion

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Developing an Asperger's Group Identify current needs of AS understudies Academics – association, time administration, classroom areas Assistance with classroom circumstances – with workforce, understudies, and gathering work Facilitate understudy administrations – prompting, lodging, vocation administrations, concentrate abroad Social preparing openings Consistent parental contribution Encouragement – laud, elucidation, criticism

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Next strides Establish Social Club mission and objectives Explicit Invitation to Aspies Prepare Aspies Provide a protected place for gathering individuals to talk and express thoughts

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Next strides cont Have 'lesson arrangements' for first gatherings Set standard procedures for divulgence Explore normal issues Get info and thoughts from understudies Student keep running with DS staff as facilitator of dialog and social activities Connect with Aspie associations Empower mentors Step back

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General Guidelines for Goals Identify a little objective, make little strides Talk to an understudy in class Spend a hour in like manner room Talk to an educator rather than by email Join an association Make a Specific Plan

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The Social Club @ UCI Name __________________Date _____________ Fall Quarter objective _______________________________________ My advance towards my Winter quarter objective : ____ to some degree fulfilled ____ nearly accomplished ____ finished

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General Guidelines cont. Get ready for every single conceivable result including disappointment Track objective advance independently, self report or in gathering Use coordinate direction Wean from detachment (TV, Video recreations)

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General Guidelines cont. Steady redress bunch individuals can give support and criticism Encourage social contribution Group profits by observing others achievement/disappointment results

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Asperger Group discourse themes Examples of dialog subjects Academics Social circumstances amid the week Parents Dating Specific gathering interests, for example, craftsmanship, music, motion pictures, computer games Exercises, recreations, pretenses Case concentrates on

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Social Skills Lesson MAKING GOOD IMPRESSIONS ON OTHERS… . Survey: Making Impressions is truly simply "Contemplating how individuals think" Thinking about how individuals think = Perspective taking By what you Look by like what you SAY By what you DO You make impressions upon others at whatever point you are around individuals! By what you Look like: Clothes & Hygiene By What you SAY 0% _____________________________________________________________________ 100% Communication depends on the words we say and what we do when we are imparting. What we DO 1.___________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________________

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Recruiting Strategies Recruiting Aspies Admissions at St. Edwards Orientation Academic Counselors Majors that draw in Aspies Disability Services Parents Faculty referrals Housing referrals

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Recruiting Peer Coaches DS understudy collaborators DS understudies Psychology & Social Behavior Majors Graduate understudies Campus Staff Volunteer Center

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Training Peer-Coaches Identify potential companions 1:1 Interview Can they Align with Social Club objectives? Alter, cure?

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Mentor Approaches to Intervention Match the approach with individual learning style and needs Scripts Cognitive-behavioral intercession Social Plans

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Collaborating with Faculty Notification – letter or 1:1 Wikipedia Include data particular to understudy Collaborate on arrangements Include the understudy and parent

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Faculty Notification & Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspergers_syndrome

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Small Groups Developing an Action arrange present Groups write about individual Action arranges what number Aspies? S, M, L school/college? Initial steps?

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Small Groups – Action Plan Things to consider: what number Aspies do you have at your college? What size of school/college do you work for – little, medium, huge? What is your greatest worry in supporting understudies with Asperger's? What do you and your understudies require in a care group?

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Resources Aspergers-List@uci.edu – A mailing list for speaking with DS experts, across the country, on supporting understudies with Asperger's in advanced education Autism Society: www.autism-society.org www.aspergerssyndrome.org www.succeedsocially.com (social aptitudes lessons)

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Resources, Cont. Understudies with Asperger Syndrome: Practical Strategies for Academic and Social Success by Bedrossian & Pennamon, LRP Publications, 2007 Inside Out: What Makes A Person With Social Cognitive Deficits Tick?, Garcia-Winner, www.socialthinking.com

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Questions? Kendall – St Edwards, Austin, TX kendalls@stedwards.edu Jan Serrantino – UC Irvine, Irvine, CA jserrant@uci.edu