UNBC Retirement Savings Plan Defined Contribution Pension Plan DCPP

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UNBC Retirement Savings Plan Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP)

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why spare? Beginning my arrangement Your arrangement leverage my ventures Investment survey Choosing your assets my record Get included

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Saving for Retirement

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How much cash do you requirement for retirement? Canadians require 65% to 80% pre-retirement wage substitution

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Where will your cash originate from? Retirement salary supplement CPP/OAS Home auxiliary Other Savings Personal RRSP essential UNBC Defined Contribution Pension Plan

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Government benefits Request your CPP/QPP commitments & advantage articulation from: www.servicecanada.gc.ca * Rates above as of April 2009

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Benefits of beginning early Assumes a 6% rate of return

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Sun Life Financial Investment Managers You/part UNBC Your Account Making commitments Understanding speculations Choosing ventures Monitoring reserve funds and ventures Filing individual data overhauls RRSP limits Paying venture management expenses Paying withdrawal charges Sponsor the arrangement Pension Committee Plan outline Selecting Investment Managers Selecting stores Selecting the record guardian Monitoring the arrangement Record continuing Preparing explanations Developing devices Member training Tracking your ventures Tax receipts Funds Performing research Creating the store Selecting the stocks or securities Buying and offering Responsibilities Insert Slide Title Here

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2008 $21,000 2009 $22,000 2010 listed DC Plan commitment limits Lesser of 18% of momentum years income or $22,000 Includes : Your commitments UNBC's commitments Additional willful commitments DC Pension Plan Contributions are a piece of your Pension Adjustment, appear on your T4 slip and influence the sum that you can add to your RRSP

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2008 $20,000 2009 $21,000 2010 $22,000 RRSP commitment limits Lesser of 18% of earlier years profit or $21,000 Pension Adjustment (PA)* Unused RRSP Room (assuming any) - + For your data about your own cutoff points visit www.cra.gc.ca Pension Adjustment (PA) appeared on T4.

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2009 Plan Contributions UNBC Registered Pension Plan Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) UNBC Employee Compulsory 3% of income up to the YMPE 5% over the YMPE Additional Voluntary (no match) Transfers-in permitted 8% of profit up to the YMPE 10% over the YMPE 2009 YMPE = Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings = $46,300.

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Doing the math Assumption: Mary wins $65,000 yearly. Enrolled Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Mary $46,300 x 3% = $1,389.00 Mary $18,700 x 5% = $ 935.00 UNBC $46,300 x 8% = $3,704.00 UNBC $18,700 x 10% = $1,870.00 Total Benefit = $7,898.00

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When do you possess the assets? Vesting alludes to when you claim the University commitments. You are vested following 2 years of constant administration with the University. In the event that you leave UNBC preceding 2 years of consistent administration, commitments are not yours to bring with you. You generally claim your commitments. Securing Once you have been contributing into the DCPP for a long time, the assets get to be secured which implies they are not accessible for you to use until you resign. Enrolled Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Mary $44,900 x 3% = $1,263.00 Mary $ 7,900 x 5% = $ 395.00 UNBC $44,900 x 8% = $3,368.00 UNBC $ 7,900 x 10% = $ 790.00 Total Benefit = $5,816.00

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What happens on the off chance that you… . What happens on the off chance that you… . What happens on the off chance that you… Leave UNBC Transfer your DCPP to: Locked in record with Sun Life Financial - CHOICES Locked in record at another monetary establishment another business (if allowed) Retire from UNBC Transfer your DCPP to: A LIF (Life Income Fund) with Sun Life Financial - CHOICES A LIF at another money related organization Purchase an annuity

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You get it all when you spare through your organization arrange ×  ×  ×  ×  ×  ×  ×

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Your means to contributing Understand the nuts and bolts sorts of assets hazard versus returns significance of broadening Determine what sort of financial specialist you are Choose your assets allude to the Investment Reports area through your online record

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Understand hazard versus return Money advertise Federal government obligation Short term, under 1 year Bonds Promise to reimburse obligation Receives premium Various terms to development Government and corporate Balanced Mix of money, security and values Automatic enhancement Equities Ownership in organization Share in organization benefits Canadian or remote

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$35,000 $30,000 $25,000 $20,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 Dec 98 Dec 99 Dec 00 Dec 01 Dec 02 Dec 03 Dec 04 Dec 05 Dec 06 Dec 07 Dec 08 TSX DEX 91-Day T-Bill Index TSX DEX Universe Bond Index S&P/TSX Composite Index Consumer Price Index Growth of $10,000 (January 1999 – December 2008) $18,000 $17,200 $14,400 $12,500 Source : Morningstar.ca

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Ways you can broaden Asset Class Manager Style Foreign Markets Sector Diversify your speculations Diversification: holding distinctive sorts of interests in your portfolio Lower your general hazard by: not putting all of your investments tied up on one place

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Think about contributing outside of Canada Revenue Agency now permits 100 % outside substance in your enrolled accounts Canada speaks to just 2-3% of the world securities exchange Some outside business sectors have verifiably beated Canada over the long haul Consider contributing outside of Canada as one approach to differentiate

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Your venture choices

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Investment Manager approaches Active Objective is to outflank a market record in view of research of ebb and flow economic situations and organization prospects Actively purchases and offers securities in individual assets Passive or Index Simply purchases and offers resources for match attributes of a file, finance execution ought to be like the list, i.e. S&P TSX Fund Manager applies an Investment "style" to their approach BonaVista, Beutel Goodman McLean Budden, PH&N, CI Fund Management Fees have a tendency to be lower than an Active Fund Manager BGI

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Investment styles Value Focuses on stocks that a reserve administrator believes are at present underestimated in cost and will in the end have their value perceived by the market Growth Believes that the absolute most imperative thing driving stock costs is quickly rising corporate income - and that is the thing that they search for If the director is correct, the stock will increment in cost as others in the market perceive the genuine estimation of the stock CI, BonaVista, Beutel Goodman If the supervisor is correct, the organization's stock will increment in cost as the organization accomplishes business and profit development McLean Budden

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Investment styles GARP Growth at a sensible cost - searches for loads of development organizations that they can purchase at a sensible cost This is a blend of significant worth and development contributing McLean Budden Global

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Dollar cost averaging Dollar cost averaging Market Value = $3,557.96 Rate of Return = 18.59%

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my cash Investment Risk Profiler Your manual for picking stores Complete the survey in the Investment Risk Profiler online www.sunlife.ca/part Review your reserve decisions online through Morningstar ® Select your assets as indicated by your risk resilience

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Your venture alternatives

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Building your own advantage blend Example: A score of 36 to 85 focuses - Moderate 15% Intl. Value 10% Money Market 15% U.S. Value 40% Fixed Income 20% CDN. Value

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after 1 year Starting point 5% 10% 45% 35% 60% 45% 60% Stocks Transfer: 10% Cdn Equity to Bonds 5% Cdn Equity to International Equity Rebalance regularly to coordinate your hazard resistance Starting point 10% 35% Bonds 45% Bonds 45% Stocks International Equity Canadian Equity Bonds

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Fund Asset Mix

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Fund Asset Mix

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Fund Performance Data through 31 Dec 2008

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Fund Performance Data through 31 Dec 2008

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Example $10,000 Fund Management % 0.70% Annual Fees $70.00 To see your expenses visit www.sunlife.ca/part Understanding Fees Fund Management Fee (communicated as a % of store resources you hold)

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Fund Management Fees at February 28, 2009

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Fund Management Fees at February 28, 2009

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Investment administration charge Annual commitments Years of commitments 2% $5,000 20 1.5% $5,000 20 Ending equalization 2% $148,588 1% $167,568 1.5% $157,752 1% $5,000 20 Total commitment: $100,000 Low Fund Management Fees (FMF) have any kind of effect * Assumes a 5.75% genuine rate of return

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Retirement Planning Tools

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Plan Member Website Select Resource Centre Click on My Money Tools Sign into www.sunlife.ca/part

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my cash retirement organizer my data This is the main screen of the retirement organizer Some of the data on this screen is pre-populated

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my cash retirement organizer my advantages Enter any extra resources or income you have You can incorporate benefits from previous businesses

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my cash retirement organizer my way of life A way of life is proposed based on your own data You can see data on other ways of life Select your way of life and get your individual activity arrange

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my cash retirement organizer Your own activity arrange

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Keeping you included Read your own announcements Quarterly (Available Online) Easy to peruse Personal rates of return Summary of all arrangements Transaction history Plan data Bulletin board

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Keeping you included Internet www.sunlife.ca/part Customer Care Center 1-866-733-8612 Receive forward record parities View exchange history Make inves